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One of the Boys


"Videl, Videl wait." I turned around as he came jogging toward me. It's been half way through my freshman year and I've been stalked by nearly every boy in our class.Of course let's be real. When you're the daughter of Hercule Satan, theHercule Satan who defeated Cell, you're used to this kind of attention.

I spun around quickly. "No, I will not ask my dad to personally train you and no I will not go out with you. My dad doesn't let me date anyone who can't beat him in a fight anyway." I huffed turning my nose in the air. I waited for a response and when none came I opened my eyes. It was the new kid in our class. He was staring at me with an amused smile on his face. Almost as though the thought of what I said seemed absurd. He chuckled lightly. "What!" I demanded.

"I just came to tell you that you left your book behind." I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks and took the book from his hand. I eyed him suspiciously. I never trusted anyone. That was the first rule of fighting. Trust no one. I'd been training my whole life to be ready for the World Martial Arts Tournament in four years. My senior year I would be competing and coming home with a trophy.

"Well, I uh…guess I should go now." His voice brought me out of my strange trance and I locked eyes with him again. He was thin, and somewhat weak. Definitely not bigger than Sharpner. Ugh, but I don't want to think about him right now. Then again his clothes were somewhat baggy and the way he stood was very self-assured.

"Videl!" I peered around him and found Erasa running up to me. "Hey Gohan." She giggled. She took a deep breath adjusting the backpack on her shoulder. "Are you ready to go, Videl?" I nodded. "See you later, Gohan." And with that she tugged on me to continue on.


The sand bag swung close to my face and quickly I punched it. I must've been there for an hour giving it everything I had. The last kick to the center of the bag caused it to split open spilling all the sand onto the floor. I turned around to find a small crowd of men training with my father standing behind me.

"What are you all staring at?" They quickly closed their mouths and parted ways to go lift weights. "Hey you." I called to one of the guys. He looked quite intimidated by me and seemed fidgety. "Um," I paused feeling uncomfortable myself. "Will you replace it for me?"

He eased slightly and smiled. "Sure. I'm Mark by the way." It was a nice smile.


"Videl," Erasa squealed. "You have to go to the dance!"

"Erasa…" I groaned putting my hair in pigtails. "There will be more dances later while we're in high school. We're only freshmen." I reasoned. I turned on the sink and began washing my face.

"But Videl if you worm your way out of this one then you'll find an excuse to get out of all of them." She had a point there. I most definitely would. I slid off my shirt.

"Help me, Erasa." I began winding the sports tape over my sports bra and down my torso.

"You know, you really should dress more like a girl Videl." She commented as I slid my baggy white shirt over my head.

"Yeah? Well…" My voice trailed as I put on my spandex shorts and laced up my shoes.

"Yeah," Erasa's eyes lit up. "We can do your hair all pretty, we'll go shopping for dresses, and we'll put make up on you. Videl, you'll look gorgeous please go!" She pleaded with me.

"You lost me at pretty." She groaned and a smile appeared on her face.

"I'll get you one of these days Videl Satan. You'll eventually like a boy…"


"Hey Videl, nice job catching those criminals." Sharpner slung an arm over me.

"Yeah Videl," Mark came striding up to me throwing me a high five. I had always had a crush on Mark. He was strong and nice, but I didn't trust him. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't different. He stalked me just like all the other boys, but I guess because I had feelings for him I kind of hoped he stalked me for me and not just for my dad.

I laughed. I turned around facing them walking backwards to school. "You guys should have seen their faces after the police called for backup and a sixteen year old girl showed up." They all laughed in response.

"Yeah and the moment I hit the first guy's face the oth-," BANG. I felt as though I just slammed into a brick wall. I toppled forward feeling myself fall towards the ground, but just as fast as I had hit that brick wall someone caught me.

"Sorry abou' that."

"It's okay, it's no big deal." I muttered. I brushed myself off and looked up at the solid wall. In front of me stood that scrawny kid from freshmen year Go…ah…Gohan! That's right. He looked alarmed as we locked eyes.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He asked picking up a book that had fallen out of my back pack.

"She's fine." Mark cut in socking my shoulder. "It's Videl Satan we're talking about. She's not going to get hurt by a scrawny nerd like you. What's your name again?" Mark paused. "Gohan, right? That dweeb who got in because of his really high test scores. Move along then."

Gohan simply nodded in response and it amazed me how he didn't even seem fazed by anything that Mark had said. "Well it was nice ah talking to you guys I guess, but I really gotta get out of here!" Why was he running the other way? Suddenly a red blur pushed past me and I realized it to be Angie.

"Why did you have to be so mean Mark?" Erasa screeched. "He was just trying to get away from Angie. Don't you remember when Angie stalked you? You can't be mad at him." She giggled lightly. "Besides, I think he's kind of cute." She smiled at his disappearing figure.

"Erasa, please. He's a nerd. He's not worth anyone's time." Sharpner snorted and continued walking. I rubbed the back of my shoulder that was slightly aching from running into him. I must've hit his rib cage pretty hard because it hurt like hell.

"So, are you excited?" Erasa jumped up and down. "Videl gets her own copter tomorrow." Erasa's face lit up. "No more walking…" She stared dreamily into the sky. We filtered into the room sitting in our seats in a high rise lecture hall. Several minutes later Gohan occupied the seat to Erasa's left.

"I'm excited about being a Junior next year." I closed my eyes leaning back into my chair. "Only two more years left."


"Videl," My watch beeped and the chief's face appeared on the screen. "Videl we need your help with a bank robbery. They're holding the owner hostage."

"I'll be right there chief." I responded running out of the classroom. "I'll be back, ma'am." I jumped into my copter and headed towards the scene. I saw a blur pass me and instantly knew him to be Saiyaman. It's not like me to feel all giggly inside over a super hero, but even as dweeby and nerdy as Saiyaman was you couldn't help but smile at him. It was after all…impressive, but I'd never tell him that.

As I landed on the scene I saw Saiyaman attacking a few of the robbers. One held a gun to his face and I watched in amazement as he bent the gun upward and twisted the other bazooka into a knot. I took on the leader punching him in the face and in the gut a few times. I kicked his cheek hard with the top of my foot sending him flying backwards. I dusted off my gloved hands.

"Good work, Videl." Saiyaman complimented.

"Who are you?" It had been bothering me the moment he rescued that tour bus at the beginning of the school year. I had to know. I mean, it was suspicious to me that he was as young as I was and his voice was so familiar yet I couldn't figure out who he was. I mean, at first as crazy as it sounded I thought it was Gohan, but after watching him fight once I realized that it couldn't be.

"I-I'm a friend a buddy of yours Videl. Think of me Miss, as your older brother helping you fight your battles when I'm needed." I blinked at him.

"A-an older brother?" The paparazzi came flooding towards us at that moment. I couldn't help but feel disappointed and it must've shown.

"What's wrong, Videl?" His voice was softer and I stared up at his mask. His voice drowned out after that for camera flashes and microphones were thrust in our faces. People began bombarding me with questions and I shoved my way out and got towards my copter. If I remember right I think I even might've heard Saiyaman shouting for me to come back, but I'm sure it was just my imagination.

"You should go out with Saiyaman."

"What?" I gaped at Erasa. "That's the dumbest thing you've ever said and you've said some pretty stupid things Erasa."

"Well you should." She huffed crossing her arms. "You guys are made for each other." She flicked a chunk of her hair over her shoulder.

"He doesn't like me." I found myself confessing.

"Doesn't like you? Videl, he came to your rescue even though you didn't need it." I stared out the summer window. It was barely beginning.

"Erasa, he said I was like a little sister."

She gasped. "He didn't." She rose to her feet. "Videl, we've got work to do."

Over the summer

"I don't know about this." I scrunched up my nose staring in the mirror.

"Oh come on. We're just going tanning on the beach Videl."

"Exactly. So why do we have to curl my hair and put make up on. We're just going to sweat it all off." I groaned rubbing my face.

"We will not, Videl. I mean we're going to do other things besides tan at the beach. We'll walk around and stuff to some of the shops by the beach." Erasa began parting my hair and curling it.

"Wait, we're going to walk around in bikinis?" I scoffed. "I think not."

"No Videl," Erasa sighed. "I promise we'll bring clothes to put over them. Here." She shoved a Seventeenmagazine in my face. "Study."

Within a few months I got the hang of it. Don't be fooled though. I spent my entire summer training. I had just finished training the last Friday of my summer when Erasa came barging in.

"You will never guess who got gorgeous!" She squealed grabbing my arm and running me out of my father's training gym.

I chuckled wiping my face with a towel. "Who?" She smiled broadly at me.

"Gohan Son."


I inhaled deeply staring at the school steps. "Erasa, I feel silly."

"Videl," Erasa patted her nose in her compact. "You look gorgeous." She reassured. She slipped her compact in her purse and smiled over at me. "Are you ready?"


"Great, let's go."

It felt like everyone was staring at me as I made my way down the hall. I could hear some of my peers muttering to each other.

"Is that Videl Satan?"

"No way."

"Oh my Kami, she isa girl."

"Whoa Videl." Mark gaped at me. "You look…" He paused. "Delicious." Okay, so that totally wasn't the comment I was looking for, but for that to come from Mark, I'd take it.

I felt silly with my hair curled and the light make up on my face and of course Erasa insisted that light pink lipstick would look great with my dark hair. I felt stupid. I didn't have my sports tape and baggy shirt and shorts, but instead I had a simple blue tank top with jean cut offs and navy blue shoes. Ironically as silly as I felt I loved the attention more than the attention I got from being a fighter.

My eyes met Gohan Son's and instantly I understood what Erasa meant by gorgeous.


I ran outside the school doors and headed into my Copter. It was a month into school and already there was a liquor store robbery for me to go help out with. I groaned. Great, let's fight crime in low inch heels.I most definitely had to put a change of clothes in my copter.

I rushed to the scene just as Saiyaman touched down. I lingered a bit remembering what Erasa said about making him feel important and needed. I watched as he fought off most of the guys and then came into help out. I took out the last remaining guy and helped handcuff them to a few poles.

"Officers you can come get them when you're ready. We have them hand cuffed and captured." I notified into my watch.

"Alright, sure thing Videl." I clicked closed my watch and caught Saiyanman walking over to me.

"Good work Videl." His voice was deep and heroically cheesy.

"Thanks." I smiled up at him. His mask teased me. I inched closer. "Who…are you?" My voice seemed so quiet and misplaced in the noise of police sirens heading our way. I could hear him swallow hard. I raised my hands ready to remove his mask. His hands stayed to his sides not objecting to me getting closer.

He muttered something and leapt back taking off.


The following day in class my eyes locked with Gohan's and I turned away feeling the heat rise into my cheeks. His smile was rather…contagious. I fiddled with the pencil in my hands and smiled to myself.

Mark slung an arm around me and pulled my chair closer to me and instantly I felt misplaced. I shrugged him off and sat quietly staring at the board. He rolled his eyes and rubbed my arm. Normally I let him, but lately I'd been wanting to be everywhere but with him.

I didn't want anyone to assume we were together. No, my eyes were drawn to someone else. I looked at Gohan.

I smiled.


A week later I found myself in the same situation with Saiyaman. Only this time we met under different circumstances. I was walking alone through the park on my way home. I suddenly noticed that Saiyaman was nearby examining a tree.

"Hey Saiyaman." I said as casually as I could.

"Hey Miss Videl." His smile broadened and he fell into step with me.

"Nice job the other day." I laughed. "Those criminal guys…I mean…"

He rubbed the back of his neck which looked strangely familiar. "Ah, it was uh, no big deal."

"So," Silence fell. I felt self-conscious smoothing out my sweater. "Why are you walking? Shouldn't you be flying?"

"Actually," His cheeks turned pink under his helmet. "I heard a little boy crying while I was flying. I touched down to make sure everything was alright." He paused chuckling. "It turns out his cat was stuck in a tree." I laughed along with him. "I got him down, but I was just examining the tree and making sure that no damage was done."

"How very daring of you Saiyaman." He eased a bit and smiled down at me. I paused at the park gates. "I turn down this way to get home." I pointed to a street to the left.

"Oh…" Silence fell again.

"Saiyaman…" I softly addressed him and he turned his head my way. "Tell me who you are." I demanded. "I don't want to call you Saiyaman. I want to know you're real name."

"Videl I-," He took a step forward and placed a gloved hand on the side of my face and instantly took a step back. "I have to go."

I stared at him and suddenly I threw a punch at him. He dodged it quickly and before I knew it I was throwing lots of punches at him and kicks and he was dodging each one. "What do you think you're doing?" He shouted.

"Tell me who-you-are!" I demanded. I aimed a punch towards his face and at that moment he took flight.

"Tell me who youare Videl." I stared at him questionably. "I'm sorry." He apologized. "That came out wrong. What I meant was... I like you're new look Videl. But...well. If you're doing this for Mark..."

"How do you know about Mark?"

"The cops..." He answered quickly. "They uh...they know things."


"I mean to looks good on you Videl. But I don't want you to lose sight of who you are. Like that fighting just now. That'sVidel Satan. Try to remember that and if Mark doesn't like you as a fighter then he's not worth it at all Videl. Anyone who keeps you from being the Videl Satan that I know isn't worth it."

I watched him fly away in the afternoon air. I watched until he disappeared into the clouds.

I bit my lip. What did he mean?

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