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Sixteen year old yugi motou walked down the snowy forest path, she had tri-colored hair, which spiked down in the middle-back range, and golden bangs framed two amethyst eyes. She was wearing tight blue levies, and a black tank-top with a blue jacket. She was short for her age, looking like she was fourteen instead of sixteen. But shortness is in her blood. She liked walking through the woods she would go with her friend Joey, who was also a girl. But mostly she walked alone to clear her thoughts. While walking and thinking she didn't even see the crimson eyes watching her from the darkness of the trees. Picking up some snow she made a perfect snow ball, she trough it at a nearby tree, watching as the snow fell off slowly, frowning she sat down.

Heba, doesn't under stand, he's always so protective. I mean that's nice that he'd do anything for my happiness but some times it gets annoying. She thought to herself, about Heba her twin brother. He had the exact same hair and eyes as her. He always protected her because he was the older brother, he was older by a year and looked exactly like her. He always thought that she was so fragile and would brake at any moment, since she was so small. He was taller then her by 3 inches . She sighed burring her head into her knee's she cried she only had friends that her brother deemed to be right, and she tried to get a boyfriend but Heba always chased them off. She was so in her own world that she didn't know there was a wolf staring at her in the trees. The wolf came closer, but as he did a twig snapped, causing Yugi to look up. "W-who's there?" she said fearful, "show your self." then the majestic wolf came out in the open growling, slightly incase she did any thing to harm him.

The wolf had thick black fir with streaks of gold and crimson, and it had two beautiful crimson eyes staring at her, then at once it was off, it ran though the trees with surprising speed and diapered into the forest. "Well that was weird." yugi said to herself, then she looked at her watch, "Crap! Heba's going to kill me!!" she got up and ran, back up the path,


When yugi arrived she hoped that heba wasn't home from work, but her hopes were squashed when she saw the old green ford pick-up truck, it was rusting at the fenders and had a dent in the windshield where a rock hit it. She crept silently up to the door, hoping that her brother was sleeping and not sitting there and reading the newspaper like he always did. But yet again her hopes were squashed , for when she opened the door, he looked up from the paper he was reading. "Where have you been?" Heba asked, frowning. He looked down at her "Well?" he asked again patients growing thin. He was wearing the same thing she was only in male form. He was well built considering his size. He had the same eyes as her, only his were hard as stone, and rarely showed emotion. Yugi gulped.

"Um I was err, walking through the forest, and I-" but before she could finish heba interrupted. "You went where?" he exclaimed, "Yugi do you know how dangerous the forest is? Wild animals could be hiding and would attack you at moments glance." He said with a scowl. Yugi gulped,

"I-I know heba, I just wanted some fresh air, I didn't think that it would cause any trouble if I just went for a little while." she said still looking at her shoes. Then dreaded what he asked next "did you go alone?" she slowly nodded knowing full well what would happen if he found out if she went alone. "why did you go alone? couldn't you have gone with Joey? Or Ryou? I'd be okay if you even went with Marik. And you went alone!" he said his voice rising, "Heba calm down, I didn't get hurt, no animals came, well except a wolf-" again Heba cut her off. "There was a Wolf? Are you hurt? Did it come close to you?" yugi just shock her head. 'It didn't come close to me, it just looked at me then ran off." she said sighing.

"okay if you're sure your fine." heba said, then seeing her sad face, he asked "Yugi what's the matter? Something happen at school?" when she shook her head and left to go to her room he sighed.

Yugi was in her room, on her bed drawing. She was like a natural even though she said that she didn't do well. Sighing she put her drawing down, it was of the wolf she saw in the forest, she was thinking of how to do the shading when her cell-phone rang. Answering she said "Hello?"
She smiled when her friend Ryou's sweet voice rang though the phone. "yugi, I heard what happened, are you okay?" she was always watching, "yeah ryou I'm fine, there's nothing to worry about." she said

"you're sure? Cause me and Joey could come down and see if you were okay."

"no I'm fine Ryou, I don't want to talk about it." Yugi said with a frown, she was talking about what happened today at school,


It was the end of school, she was currently waiting for Joey, Ryou, and Marik. She waited around the corner. Just then a big guy came up to her, and said "hey shrimpy do you want to make -out?" when she declined he said "look ether you make-out with me or I'll beat you up." her eyes widened in fear, her body started to shake, "do what you want with me but I will not kiss you ." she said then she gasped in pain when he punched her in the stomach.

"Aww." she gowned , trying to get up. Only to be pushed down again. "you want to kiss me? Cause once you kiss me the pain will stop." he said smirking down at her, watching as she tried in vain to get up. "Help!" she screamed but she was so scared it only came out as a squeak, "that's right keep screaming, no one will hear you." he sneered. She knew she had to get away before he pulled a knife on her. But he had his foot on her chest. So she couldn't move, and also she couldn't breath. "Help!! Help me some one!! Ryou! Joey! Marik! Help!" she screamed again, she desperately hoped that they could hear her.

Marik was walking home by herself, she would walk home with yugi normally but for some reason yugi wasn't there waiting for her like always. After checking with Ryou and Joey if she was with them and conformed that she wasn't she started to walk to yugi's house. Then stopped when she heard her name being called. "T-that sounded like Yugi!" she said fearful to herself. Then she set off to were she heard the screaming.

Yugi was screaming, screaming for her life. The guy was kicking her sides again and again, with every kick she got weaker and weaker, then when she thought that all hope was lost, some one came to her rescue. Looking up she saw Marik's face, "hey you okay yugi?" she asked helping her up, she hugged her tightly, crying "oh marik I'm so happy you came," when her sobbes turned into hiccups she asked "yugi what happened?" concern etched into her face. "the guy w-wanted me to make out with him, and he said if I didn't he'd ….." but she couldn't finish Marik's grip tightened on her. And she rubbed circles into her back. Then they headed to the hospital, to Yugi's dismay. Then after the doctor checked her and found nothing was wrong except a badly bruised back. They left, heading to her house, but half way there she stopped them saying "Marik I'm fine, I can make it home. You don't need to worry." yugi said at first she protested but in the end she agreed.
-end flashback-

"yugi, YUGI!" Ryou's voice rang through the phone, bringing yugi back to reality. "Sorry Ryou, I spaced out." yugi said sheepishly, "that's okay yugi, you sure your okay? Maybe you should tell Heba." Ryou said thoughtfully "no I don't want him to worry. Hey Ryou did I tell you about the wolf I saw today?" Ryou gowned she knew that yugi loved animals, sometimes she even got in trouble one time. "did you tell Heba about that?" she asked "Yes." yugi said sadly. "any way I got to go Ryou." Yugi said she hated lying to her friends, but she didn't want to talk about it. "okay yugi call me if you need help." Ryou said feeling sad that her friend wouldn't confined in her.

"Yugi come here for a sec." Heba yelled from down stairs, sighing yugi came to him, slowly then usual because of her back, hoping that he didn't notice. But unfortunately he did "Yugi what's wrong with your Back?" Heba asked concerned "Nothing.." Yugi said, Heba wasn't easily fooled "Yugi let me see your back," he said when she hesitated he added "Now!" sighing she walked over to the couch and lifted her shirt to revel a big bruise across her back "When did this happen?" Heba gasped looking at the black and blue skin that was normally pasty. "T-today…" she said looking down at her feet. "What? When did this happen? Did the Wolf do it?" she shook her head "N-no….when I was walking home a guy came and asked me if I wanted to make-out with me and of coarse I said no so he kind of…..beat me up?" she said still looking at her toes. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" Heba asked her looking at her with wide eyes.
"I…err.. didn't want you to worry." she said still looking any ware but at Heba, "didn't want me to worry? Well if you don't tell me tell the last minuet, of coarse I will worry! We got to take you to the doctor." Heba said pushing her towards the door. "but I already went to the Doctor today, Marik took me the doc said that I only had bad bruising nothing to serious." Yugi pleaded, not wanting to go to the doctor twice in one day, she hated the doctor's. "well fine if you're sure." Heba said stopping. Then he went into the kitchen to make dinner. After dinner they went to bed, Yugi had trouble sleeping, and when she finally went to sleep she had nightmares, waking Heba up in the process.


"so Yugi, what happened yesterday?" Joey asked looking at his best friend. She had long blond hair. And was wearing a green t-shirt with butterflies down the side and blue tight pants. She had Honey brown eyes. They were at lunch and she was curious as to what happened yesterday with Yugi and the guy. "Look Joey I don't want to talk about it," Yugi said frowning, her friends -besides Marik- kept asking her what happened. "You sure your okay Yugi?" Ryou asked looking at her friend concerned.

"Yes Ryou, I'm fine, I just don't want to talk about it. So don't worry your little head off." Yugi said looking at her albino friend, she had white hair, framing two beautiful doe, brown eyes. and was wearing a black and gray striped shirt that came down to her knees. She also was wearing levies that had rips -that were there porously- in them.

"Look Guy's if she doesn't want to talk about it then she doesn't want to talk about it." Marik said looking at them she had waist length platinum blond hair and violet eyes. She was wearing a gray hoodie with black pants, she had gold jewelry. She was well known for her short temper, she would get in trouble for it.

"Thanks Marik," Yugi said leaning back in her chair. "So err Yugi where did you see that wolf yesterday?" Ryou asked flipping her white hair out of her eyes. This question caused Marik to spit out her milk, and Joey to drop her apple, also causing Yugi to grown. "Thanks a lot Ryou did you have to ask?" She said putting her head down. "Wolf? What wolf? Did it hurt you?" Marik and Joey said as one. "No it didn't hurt me. It just looked at me. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," Yugi said dreamily.

"ah guys? I think we lost yugi, she's in lala-land now." Joey said smiling, this caused yugi to look up "uh?" yugi asked, which caused them all to laugh. "so yugi you never told me. What did the wolf look like?" Ryou asked, still giggling. "I drew a picture of it, if you'd like to see it." Yugi said pulling out a sketch pad. She showed them the drawing, it was of the wolf taking a drink from a pond with mist swirling around it, and the trees casting a shadow over the pond and wolf.

"Yugi it's beautiful!" Ryou said "yes it is you should enter that in the art show next week." Joey said, everybody looked at her "What?" she said "and how the heck would you know that?" Marik asked eye brows raised. "I know things." Joey replied

"I don't know guys," Yugi said looking at it. "it's not blue ribbon material." She said then glared at marik when she took it from her "give it back!" she whined "Not until I show it to Mrs. Cadbury." She said smirking "You wouldn't!" yugi said her eyes wide. "oh yes I would." Marik smirked "fine" yugi said defeated.

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