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"Melanie Kana Reali!" Yugi yelled out the window of her small house. "Come here right now young lady."

"Okay Momma." Young Melanie called running to her mother.

She had long black hair with her mother's height and amethyst eyes, and her father's teasing smirk and mischievous ways. Another thing that she had inherited from her father was the ability to turn into a wolf.

Yugi smiled at her daughter and ruffled her hair. "Your cousins are coming over so I need you to clean up the family room."

Melanie nodded and headed off to do as she was told. Yugi watched her go with a smile caught up in memories. It had been ten years since the fight with Dartz. Ten years since Atem had accepted Yami and Yugi's love.

In that time the girls finished high school and went to college. Yami had surprised Yugi by asking her to marry him in her junior year of college. Marik and Malik were the next to marry and were soon followed by Ryou and Bakura. Then finally Seto and Joey. Atem and Heba finally met and became good friends. As Malik had predicted.

Yami and Yugi were soon blessed with a baby. It was a girl. They named her Melanie Kana Reali. Melanie after Yugi's mother and Kana after Yami's mother. Bakura and Ryou followed soon after with a son. They named him Arthur after Ryou's twin brother that had died. Marik and Malik were next and they had twins. Cody and Max. They were two little devils. Joey and Kaiba, the last to get married were also the last to have children.

"You are so beautiful when you think intently about something." Yami's voice broke Yugi from her thoughts. He wrapped her arms around her waist making a blush bloom on her cheeks.

"Hush you," She muttered smacking him lightly on the arm.

Atem laughed coming in through the door. "Hey Yugi." He said smiling at his sister-in-law. "Where's Mel?"

Smiling she turned, still in her husband's embrace, and addressed Atem. "She's in the family room cleaning up."

He nodded and sat down at the table. His face turned serious. "Did Yami tell you that we found Pegasus?"

Yugi gasped and looked at Yami, causing him to look down sheepishly. "No he neglected to mention that fact." She said then turned to Atem. "What happened?"

Atem shrugged. "Nothing much, he just wanted to make a truce with our tribe."

Yugi looked at him for a second. "Yeah, nothing much." She commented sarcastically. Then smiling she continued. "That's really good. Now we don't have to worry about him anymore…right?"

Yami laughed. "As long as he keeps to the treaty yeah." He said confidently.

Just then Melanie ran in and hugged Yami's legs yelling "DADDY!"

Yami smiled and picked her up and twirled her around. "Hey Beautiful." He said giving her a kiss then put her down.

Melanie giggled and went to hug her uncle. "Unca 'Tem! Unca 'Tem!" She said as way of greeting.

"Hey squirt, you're getting big. How old are you know? Two?" He asked teasingly.

Melanie pouted cutely. "No Unca 'Tem. I'm fowa." She said holding up four fingers. "And my name s'not squirt. It's Melanie, silly Unca 'Tem."

"Oh my mistake, I'm sorry." Atem said with a smile.

"Yeah silly 'Unca 'Tem'." Bakura and Malik's voices came from the door way.

Ryou and Marik rolled their eyes and went to hug Yugi nodding in greeting to Yami and Atem.

Atem's face flushed in embarrassment. "Bakura. Malik. Call me that again and I swear I'll kick your-" He stopped at the look he was getting from Yugi.

"You will do no such thing." She said a scowl on her face. "There is no violence in my house." She looked around at the men in the group sternly.

"But Yugi…" Atem muttered in a childish tone. "They started it…"

Yugi looked at Atem in exasperation "Really Atem?" She asked with a teasing smirk. "Sometimes I have to wonder who's the toddler and who's the adult."

Bakura, Malik, and Yami snickered at Atem's face.

"That goes for you guys too." Yugi said with a smirk. The girls all laughed at their expressions.

Yami's mouth dropped open. "Ouch. That hurts babe that hurts." He pouted.

Yugi just smiled sweetly. "Love you." She said kissing on the cheek.

"Euuu!" Several little voices said at once. It looked like all the kids had arrived.

"I agree, that is quite disgusting." Kaiba said with a teasing smirk. "You guys should get a room."

Yugi blushed making everyone else snicker.

"Come on," She said still slightly pink. "Heba's outside making hamburgers."


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