I don't own any of the Twilight characters, but Lila and her father are my own characters. Hope you enjoy!

Chance at a Normal Life

High school is a new experience for anyone. It's a chance to make new friends, to find out what you want to do with your life, and to have loads of fun.

I was sure that my high school years held all of those possibilities and then some. Highschool, with all of the people and places and things to do, would make it easy for me to disappear-to blend into the background. Even though Forks was a small town, I was hoping that I could soon become invisible. I wouldn't be that "strange, home-schooled ... girl" with no friends. I could be the plain, unnoticed girl who everyone knows but no one is close enough to her to care. My dad wouldn't be the "poor, sad old thing who has to care for that troublesome girl all on his own". He could be a normal parent-get involved with the PTA or something. Spend the weekend fishing and watching those sports games that I refused to even glance at.

I wanted so much for my dad, but for me, I just wanted peace. I didn't need to be popular- I wanted to avoid it. I didn't want friends-they could ask all the wrong questions. I had too many secrets to get close to anyone at all.

My father banged on my door, making it rattle in its frame. We lived in an old, two-story house near the edge of town. The woods started near us-down the street near the Swan residence.

"You're going to be late to school!" he shouted through the thin wood. I groaned and rolled over. All of my expectations didn't mean much to me this early in the morning.

"Get up! New town, new schedule!" he shouted, with a last thump on the door. I knew he didn't like to be this harsh with me-we were actually really close to each other. But after years of experience, he knew this was the only way to get me up.

I finally got out of bed, nearly falling flat on my face when my foot caught on the edge of my blanket. Straightening, and glad that no one had seen that, I hurriedly put on old jeans and a blue t-shirt. No serious fashion was to be found in my closet. I went into my bathroom, running a brush through my hair.

I raced downstairs, almost running into Dad, who had been coming back up to shout for me again. He grinned when he saw me. "My little girl, heading off to school. I thought I'd always be stuck with you."

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks Dad. That makes me feel great."

His grin widened, and didn't disappear as he handed me breakfast-a bowl of cereal. My dad wasn't exactly a master chef.

"Remember, Charlie said he could get Bella to give you a ride to school if you ever need one," Dad said, watching me wolf down breakfast. "I'll drive you when I can, but if you're running late, I can't wait for you."

"I know, Dad." I threw my bowl and spoon into the sink. Dad and I had met Chief Swan the weekend before. He had come to welcome us to Forks, and had seemed comfortable enough at our home. I was glad-now maybe Dad could have someone to watch his games with. We hadn't had a chance to meet Bella, his daughter, though. She was away, Charlie said, at Edward's house.

Apparently, Edward was one of the adopted children of the Cullens, a family that lived just out of town. From the rumors we had heard, they were a strange family, mostly keeping to themselves.

I shrugged into my jacket, grabbing my backpack from where it waited on the kitchen chair.

Dad was already starting up the car when I got outside. I opened the door, hesitating for a moment before I shut it. This was it. I was really going to school. I would really be surrounded by all of these people, strangers that I'd never known, people that would never realize the danger they were in, now that I was in town.

"Think you'll be okay today?" Dad asked.

"Yeah," I said, shrugging to make it seem like I wasn't worrying. "I won't let anyone get too close."