The group was sitting in the headman's house which was currently very crowded. Because of the headman's quick recovery, there was to be a party held in his honor. His saviors, of course, were invited as well. People were having a great time, laughing, dancing and singing. There also happened to be many beautiful women and men in the village, who approached Kagome, Sango and Inuyasha, who often were asked to dance. Kagome sometimes got up, but the other two decided to stay down. Miroku was stuck in a throng of women who were all trying to drag him off to private corridors to fulfill their wishes.

Inuyasha watched them irritably and turned to Sango, wondering about her strange expression. Looking up from her food, Sango turned and glanced at Inuyasha, surprised. "What's up?"

Amber eyes pierced her coffee-colored ones. "Why aren't you stopping Miroku?"

"Hm?" Sango answered, she looked around to see Miroku carrying off a pretty woman with dark brown hair and honey-colored eyes who was weakly protesting. She blinked in astonishment and continued eating her meal.

Inuyasha cocked his head slightly. She's not going to do anything? He gazed around for Miroku again but realized he had gone off. He narrowed his eyes and glanced dully about him.

Sango placed her food bowl on her lap, she fiddled with the chopsticks. "Inuyasha, do you remember what happened a few days ago?"

"Where I turned into a full demon? Yeah, why-?" That day flashed before his eyes. He couldn't believe he'd almost forgotten! Sango had kissed him!

"About the kiss..." Sango raised her eyes from her lap. Her dark eyes pierced Inuyasha's light ones, trying to fool him into believing her false words. "I was just, so glad you were alright and free of you're demon self once more. I guess, I almost thought you were a goner and the sheer joy of you being back made me kiss you. Really, it meant nothing otherwise."

"Okay." Inuyasha answered. He couldn't help but feeling slightly disappointed. What? Where did that come from? Must be the sake. The dog demon gazed down at the cup in front of him which was half full of the alcoholic beverage. I've already downed two cups of this stuff. His mind buzzed slightly. He stood up in a daze. "Going to bed."

"Already?" But Sango's question wasn't heard, he was already out of the entrance. She raised her eyebrows and was about to get up when Kagome came to sit beside her. The young girl's face was flushed with exhilaration, her light blue eyes shone with satisfaction and her black hair was slightly tousled. She peered around Sango, obviously looking for Inuyasha.

"You look happy, what's up?" Sango asked curiously. She felt a tap on her shoulder and glanced behind her to see a handsome man beaming down at her.

"Would you like a dance?" The man asked politely.

"No, I'm great" Sango said. "Thanks anyway though" she added hastily as the man began to turn away. The demon-slayer turned back to Kagome who was twiddling her thumbs anxiously and who appeared to be at a loss for words.

"I was dancing with a guy that's all" Sango opened her mouth to add in her opinion but Kagome beat her to it. "I-I still love Inuyasha though..." She murmured.

Sango nodded faintly, remembering the encounter with Koga earlier that day. "Speaking of Inuyasha, have you seen him? Miroku too? I was thinking he might have gone to where Shippo and Kirara were..." She decided not to explore the Inu/Kag subject. She was hesitant at adding her own say and was often confused about both of their feelings.

"Shippo and Kirara are sleeping. Miroku went off with some girl and Inuyasha went to sleep outside." Sango replied.

"Inuyasha went to sleep outside? That's odd..." Kagome said. "What about Miroku, aren't you going to go after him?"

No...Sango chuckled. "Kagome, Miroku never actually fulfills his promises, you know that right?" She tried not to sound too nervous.

Kagome nodded quickly. "Y-Yeah I know" She felt rather foolish for asking her friend that. "Anyways I'm going to bed, I'm really worn out" She yawned widely. "You coming?"

"Yeah, just got to finish my dinner" Sango mentally scolded herself, the empty bowl lay beside her and she prayed that Kagome didn't notice. She had another reason why she wanted to stay up later.

"Alright, goodnight Sango" Kagome replied, eyes now heavy with weariness. She made her way into one of the back hallways and disappeared into the sleeping quarters.

Sango gazed about her. Many of the people were beginning to thin out. The tired ones were going home for some much needed sleep and others still dancing the night away. The demon-slayer slung her trusty weapon across her shoulder and picked her way through the crowd, many people stared at her strangely as she made her way through them with her rather large weapon. She never returned the stares though; she was only focused on her destination. She assumed that Inuyasha was probably still awake, gazing at the sky or everything around him.

When she finally got outside, she was able to see only the faint lines of people going home. She clutched even more tightly on Hiraikotsu, just in case a pesky demon decided to make its appearance. Sango waited for a few moments while her vision adjusted to the darkness before she began trying to track Inuyasha. A cluster of trees was placed around the large village, the sounds of many nocturnal animals were heard and Sango peered into the darkness at a particularly tall tree in the not so far distance.

As Sango made her way closer she could see Inuyasha's form bathed under the pale creamy moonlight. The light cast down by the moon seemed to enhance his features even more so then normal. Sliver hair gleamed eerily in the weak light, a light breeze ruffled the long strands; sometimes blocking out his defined facial features. A gentle frown was placed on his face, almost out of place upon the beautiful features of the half-demon. Eyes colored molten amber shot open as Sango moved towards the base of the tree and for a moment a clawed hand gripped his family possession before going back to it's former position. After recognizing the person standing below his tree the eyes relaxed, but only slightly.

"Sango what are you doing here?" Inuyasha commanded. Why is she staring at me like that? Of all people, he was surprised to see her.

The demon-slayer seemed to realize that her expression was a bit strange and almost remembered that she had forgotten to take a breath. Taking a deep gulp of air, she shook her head and an almost impassive expression remained on her face. She let on a bit more friendliness as she spoke her reply. "I don't want you to be alone out here"

"Keh!" He grunted, "You know as well as I do that I can take care of myself"

"I know" Sango assured him "I wasn't denying that, but I thought you might want some company"

Inuyasha's tone softened. "Why don't you go back inside? I'm fine really..." He leapt down from the tree to talk to her, she really did look tired.

"No, I want to sleep with you" She whispered.

"W-What?!" He yelled, blushing furiously. Expect the unexpected...

Sango blushed equally maybe even more so then Inuyasha. "You know what I mean, don't get the wrong idea..." She said reprimanding thanking the gods that it was dark outside. "Listen, nothing's going to make me go back inside so whether you agree or not I'm staying here!"

Inuyasha paused before saying anything, he knew how determined the demon-slayer could get and it was unlikely that she would pull out. "Alright, come"

"Huh? You're actually agreeing?" Sango asked tentatively.

"Yeah, with someone as stubborn as you, I don't think I can win" He smirked grabbing a hold of the girl's arm.

"Look who's talking" Sango replied as she was hoisted into the air, she closed her eyes briefly and opened them once more when she felt herself land. She steadily walked towards the end of the branch and placed her weapon upon the one above her before coming to sit beside Inuyasha. "Wow it's beautiful up here, no wonder you like it" Even in the weak lighting conditions, Sango could see a couple miles around.

"Yeah, it's alright"

This is a perfect time to confess my feelings. No one else is around and I won't be interrupted.

Before Sango knew it though, she could feel her eyelids drooping and she fell asleep. Inuyasha suddenly felt a weight on his arm and glanced there to see Sango snoring peacefully. The sudden surprise almost made him yelp out in astonishment and he wondered what Miroku might've thought if he saw Sango lying against him. He's wanted this for quite a while... He smirked at this thought and stared briefly at the girl as she switched her position on his arm, gripping the material of his haori lightly. Not remembering the last time he had felt at ease like this, he lay his head against hers and fell into a deep sleep.



"Inuyasha...Wake up"

Inuyasha eyes shot open and he grabbed the hilt of Tetsusaiga. He then realized where he was. A small meadow surrounded the half-demon which carried the heavy scent of lavender plants in full bloom. A stream gurgled a couple of feet away from the teenager and minnows jumped every few minutes, relishing their freedom. And in one of the clusters of trees stood a woman. He could not see her face but she wore an elegant kimono of sorts. He was in one of his dream worlds.

"You are awake" She stated.

"Who are you?" He pleaded, he had been plagued with this woman for a few weeks now and he figured that he would get the same answer as usual. But he was wrong...

Her laughter twinkled merrily throughout the serene clearing. "I'm not supposed to tell you that...But" the mysterious woman added as she caught the look of disappointment and anger on Inuyasha's face. "We are closer than ever before"

"K-Kagome?" He asked almost hopefully.

"Guessing will do you no good, you will get the same answer regardless" The woman said petulantly.

"Ok, get to the point then"

"Inuyasha, I'm...She's in danger"


"I can not tell you" The woman said.

"Is Kagome in danger?" Inuyasha barked.

"I can't tell you!" The women yelled, she seemed to compose herself once more. "You must figure out who"

"Who?!" He demanded getting up from the ground and pushing against the barrier that separated him and the woman. The woman seemed to tense fearfully as she could feel Inuyasha start to break her barrier.

"Stop it!" Inuyasha was forced to the ground, "you have proven yourself slightly worthy; I shall show you a part of me"

Inuyasha glanced up eagerly as the woman stepped partly out of the closely knit trees. She wore a pure white long kimono with strange gold symbols embroidered onto the sleeves and legs. Her form was clear through the shirt but Inuyasha couldn't, wouldn't, turn away. He had to figure out who this woman was. But her face was never revealed, black hair cascaded down her back.

"Tell me who you are!" He commanded, reaching for the woman but she disappeared into the shadows.

"All in due time Inuyasha, now wake up"

"I am awake..."

"Inuyasha!" A female voice cried.

Inuyasha suddenly felt himself being tugged. He opened his keen eyes to find himself almost suspended out of the tree. Sango? Using his upper body strength and with Sango's help he made it safely back in the tree. He gazed at Sango who was staring worriedly at him and still held onto his arm. "Are you alright? You were yelling in your sleep, so I woke up and you began moving towards that part of the tree reaching out as though you were looking for something..."

"Yeah, I'm good" He panted, though not entirely sure that he had convinced himself.

"Alright" Sango nodded. "I better get down or Kagome and Miroku might be suspicious, we should also get ready for breakfast" she added, taking note of the fiery globe that was making it's way up in the sky.

"Need help?" He was reaching for her arm but she had already grabbed Hiraikotsu and was leaping down onto the ground.

"Come on Inuyasha!" She giggled. "I'll race you to the hut!"


"So, you're here" A man stated from the back of a very lavishly decorated room, his muscular form hidden in shadow.

"Of course, didn't you get my message?" The other man taunted, his trademark smirk plastered on his handsome face.

"I might have..." He chuckled evilly and flicked his fingers; Drops of thick crimson blood spattered onto the white marble floor, staining the once clean surface. "Your messenger seemed to lose his head after my reply."

The metallic scent of the blood hung in the still air. "Too bad..." The other man replied, although he clearly wasn't depressed about the loss. "You should know why I'm here."

"I don't, and you can leave now if it isn't about women" The first man seemed to pout, "I'm running short"

"Hehe Kresuki" The second man teased, "I think this deal I have, might suit your fancy" He closed his eyes and opened them, red and gleaming. A figure clad in white appeared from the shadows holding a mirror, the fog in the mirror swirled temporarily before coming to a stand-still and revealing four figures walking steadily and two waving behind at a village. "Kill them"

"No, I don't make deals unless I can gain something from them" Kresuki growled.

"This might convince you" The second man held out an almost complete sacred jewel, its pink light radiating on both men's faces.

"Nah, I'm not interested in some stupid jewel" Kresuki replied, purple eyes dull with boredom.

"You never cease to amaze me..." Naraku said almost to himself. "What about one of these?" He gestured towards the mirror zeroed in on the group.

"I already told you..." He stared intently into the mirror as the two figures finally turned around. "Who's that?"


"No the one beside her"

"Interested in Sango?" Naraku asked but he already knew the answer. "She's a demon exterminator, supposedly one of the best"

"She's got quite the weapon there" Kresuki grinned, admiring Hiraikotsu.

"Sure you can handle her?" Naraku almost taunted.

"What do you take me for? I can handle any woman" Kresuki scowled at the man opposite; he tossed his black hair out of his face. (Think Leon from Kingdom Hearts...)

"Kukuku....Don't be so sure" And he disappeared, Kanna momentarily wavering.

"Sango; you're mine" Kresuki stated, remembering her face in his mind's eye. The rest of them are dead! He called loudly and a human woman appeared, bowing low. Her kimono was pure black and two sizes small, three identical red slash marks shown clearly against the skin of her pale neck. The marks seemed to pulse and glow as though they were controlling the girl's life force.

"Yes, your majesty Kresuki?"

"Send for the assassin and make it quick or you'll suffer"