As they spoke to Carlisle, Jasper could feel the nervous and worried energy radiating from everything in the room. Carlisle lead everyone up to his study to research these strange happenings. As he scanned the leather bound books , dust scattered everywhere. Edward could 'see' all of Carlisle's discoveries in his mind. An ongoing conversation which Jasper and Alice could only hear one half of was going on between Carlisle and Edward.

"Do you really think...Well I suppose that might...No, your right." that was all Alice and Jasper heard from Edward.

Edward turned towards Alice slowly.

"This has only happened one other time in recorded vampire history." he said slowly before continuing he let her speak.

"What happened?" her voice went up an octave when she asked this, but still sounded beautiful.

"There was a man." he started out slowly as if to understand the story he was telling more deeply. "He lived in Australia, and he had the same gift as you. One day while he was hiking, he had what he called 'a vision into the past.' In this vision he saw his brother whom he hadn't seen since ten years before his transformation. He pondered over what he saw for a week, then a knock came at his door and it was his brother, who had also been transformed into a vampire like his brother." when he ended this story he stared far into space looking for something, but at the same time nothing he could name, just something.

Jasper was the one who broke the silence by asking, " So his past warned him of the future?"

"Well, if that's it then will I meet my 'friend', or my parents?" alice asked

"We can't know for sure, we'll have to wait." Carlisle answered softly, obviously deep in thought.

So they started to wait. They had all the time in the world, didn't they?