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What Leah Forgot

Leah is free.

Free of La Push, free of Sam, free of everything she knows.

The only noise is the quick, quiet thumping of her paws hitting the forest floor.

The only things Leah can see are the trees standing ahead of her, an obstacle easy for Leah to avoid.

A sudden realization hits Leah, and she stops dead in her tracks.

She stays there, considering the problem.

Should she turn back, fix her mistake, or keep going?

After a moment of thoughts cluttering Leah's brain, she turns around, and runs.

She doesn't stop running until she gets to Jacob Black's house.

"Leah?" he sounds surprised. "What are you doing here? Seth told everyone that you left…"

"I did leave," Leah says. "But I came back."


"I forgot to say goodbye."

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