Have you guys ever been in the mood to just write? Well, I was in the mood to write something POTO…something new! My other POTO story sucks butt so that's why I began writing this. I am truly having some major writer's block issues with my Twilight story which really sucks. So, I apologize to all of my Twilight readers and ask to just give me some time. I've began to fall in love with Phantom again lately and I'm stuck there for a while. : P

In this story, I'm trying my best to make my characters as close to the originals as I can. But I am changing some things, such as I am going to make Christine a little more fearless and Erik and Christine will end up together. I picture the 2004 cast in my head when I write, but you can picture whoever you want.

Please review as long as you're not like "this is the worst POTO fanfic I've ever read" even though you may think that. I know in my last POTO fanfic, I got one specific review about how completely OOC they all were. So, I'm going to try and improve on that (even though the reviewer wasn't very nice.) Please review nicely.



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Christine's POV:

Joseph Buquet was dead. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him fall to the stage. The worse part was was that my Angel of Music killed him. Father always raised me to be very religious and murder was one of the biggest sins a person could commit.

I slammed my dressing room door and locked it behind me. I was grateful that Firmin and Andre finally decided on canceling the performance altogether after this tragedy occurred. I knew Angel was watching above the rafters of my room or he was hiding behind the mirror. I needed to tell him my thoughts and feelings.

"Angel… I don't know where you are right now, but I want you to listen. What you did tonight was not nice to poor Buquet. Angel, I don't want to be—but I'm almost scared of you! I'm afraid I will anger you enough to do the same to me…" I spat out sadly into the air. I began to choke up at the thought of him killing me.

"Oh, Christine—I could never do that to you," his voice echoed softly and sincerely throughout the room. My heart smiled at the sound of his voice, even though my brain told me that I should be angry with him. I COULDN'T be angry with him was the issue.

"What was your reason for murdering?" I asked quietly, sitting awkwardly in my vanity chair. "Take me to your lair" I exclaimed bravely, knowing that he wouldn't tell me while he was hiding and projecting his voice throughout my room. Somebody could overhear him.

"Christine… I don't know if that's the best idea," he murmured, suddenly sounding not as powerful. "Not after this ruckus up here. People may get the wrong idea and think that I killed you too."

I wiped my tear stained cheeks and stood up boldly, "I could tell Madame Giry that I was taking a vacation for a week or two! I could be in 'such a state of shock' that I needed to get away!"

"Good idea, Christine. But…are you sure you want to stay…with me? This abhorrent, murdering beast?" he boomed through my dressing room sadly.

"Shush! You'll get caught!" I hushed him.

"Sometimes I wonder if that's such a bad thing," he said quietly to himself.

"Don't say that, Angel! They will surely kill you and I don't want that!" I shouted at him angrily. "Angel, I don't know how you are feeling right now but you sound upset. I'm rather upset with you myself. But, I will not judge you until I hear your reasons (if you have any) for killing that man!" In my mind, I felt like that would be the right thing to do and my father would be proud. I prayed that I was right.

"Christine—" someone from outside the door called. The tenor voice sounded a lot of the Vicomte. I sighed and rolled my eyes. He was not the person I wanted to see at the moment. He banged on the doors with all his might. I heard a light chuckle echo across the room, and then slowly disappeared.

I unlocked the door and let him in lazily. He rushed in and found me standing there, not in a state of panic anymore. Raoul's normally perfect hair was now frazzled and his eyes were frightened.

"Christine! I'm so glad you are safe! We must go before the Opera Ghost comes to get you!" he yelled frantically.

"Raoul, I'm safe," I tried to assure him calmly and sweetly. I still held the door open.

"No, you're not, Christine! He will come to get you and murder you just like he did that innocent stagehand," said Raoul.

"He wouldn't hurt me, Raoul. My Angel will protect me always," I told him truthfully. I knew that the Phantom of the Opera and my Angel were the same man, but I knew that he wouldn't hurt me and wouldn't let anyone hurt me.

"Are you certain that your Angel may not be an Angel at all, Christine?" Raoul asked, sounding disgusted at my words. "You should come with me. I will protect you more than any Angel could ever imagine."

"Raoul, you have no idea what you're talking about. I wouldn't care if my Angel turned out to be the Phantom of the Opera house; I know I would still love him and trust him. I've known my Angel for many many years and he wouldn't hurt me," I told him. I finished the sentence in the logical part of my brain: I think…

"Christine, the man is simply mad! He murdered a man! He's a sinner!" Raoul exclaimed, surprised at my words. "Lotte, I am just worried for your sake."

"I am Lotte no longer, Raoul. My name is Christine and it's time I started making my own decisions," I stated. I wanted to be treated like the 19-year old I was.

"You should make the right decision and come with me! I can protect you and shower you with all the gifts you deserve," he tried to woo me once more. I blushed at his obvious attraction to me, but I couldn't return the favor.

"I am sorry, Monsieur. But, I cannot accept your offer. My home is the opera house and this is where I'm going to stay. Good evening," I insisted.

"But, Christine…" Raoul tried to protest.

"Please leave, Raoul. Find a girl that deserves you," I tried to send him off. He grunted in defeat and then slammed the door behind him. I looked around the room and said into the air, "Angel, I will be back. I am going to speak with Madame Giry."