The First Cut is the Deepest

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Author's Note: Sam is 14 going on 15 in this story. Dean has just turned 19.


Sam was beyond pissed. Not only was he having problems with two bullies at school, he was also having to practice combat training for the fifth damn night in a row. His dad had been complaining about how his fighting skills were sorely lacking and he needed to suck it up and get with the program. "You need to be more like Dean" his dad kept saying. When would the man ever realize that he wasn't Dean, that he was his own person and should be treated as such?

He had tried to talk to his dad earlier about taking just one night off. He had a big exam coming up and the test would be half of his grade. He couldn't afford to mess up on this one since he was secretly hoping to go to college one day. "Yeah, like that's ever going to happen" he thought with sadness as he pulled on his sneakers after hearing his dad holler at him to get his lazy ass in gear, that he had two minutes to be down the stairs or else.

Stalking down the steps, he walked into the living room to see his dad impatiently tapping his foot. "It's about damned time you got your ass down here boy. You think we've got all damned day?" John asked as he cuffed Sam in the back of the head before pushing him out the door. Go get in the car boy, you've kept your brother waiting long enough.

Sam trudged out to the car and climbed in the back as he pulled his jacket around him, the cool autumn air causing him to tremble. He saw Dean look at him through the rear view mirror and rolled his eyes before focusing his attention out the side window. He just couldn't understand why Dean seemed to love the practice sessions so much when all it left them with was sore muscles and aching limbs. As they made the long drive into the hills, Sam became even more frustrated. He just didn't feel like listening to his dad's putdowns for the fifth day in a row. He allowed a tear to trail silently down his cheek before discretely wiping it away.

"So dad, what are we going to practice today?" Dean asked as they made their way to the isolated woodlands of Iowa where they wouldn't be disturbed.

"I think it's about time Sammy worked on his knife skills is close combat" John answered his oldest with a smile. "You know how important it is to be able to handle a silver blade when it comes to some of the supernatural creatures we face."

"Yes sir, can't take any chances with Samantha accidentally stabbing himself can we?" Dean said with a smirk as he glanced back at Sammy.

"Actually, that's just what I am afraid of" John stated. "You know how clumsy your brother can be. We've got to work on training him to become a better fighter."

"Dad, I was just picking, I didn't mean what I said" Dean intoned after seeing the hurt look that crossed Sammy's face after hearing their father's remark. "Sammy's doing better, before you know it, he'll be as good or better than me."

"I sincerely doubt that Dean, but hopefully he'll gain enough skill that we won't have to worry about him watching our backs" John said while glancing at his youngest in the rearview mirror. He sighed as he noticed the way that Sammy was brooding again. "I swear it will be a miracle if we survive his angsty teenaged years" John thought dejectedly.

After twenty more miles of tension filled driving, John pulled into the dense wooded area of an abandoned park. He climbed from the car and instructed his boys to do the same. After walking his boys over to the clearing they had been practicing in for the past few nights, John pulled two knives out of the sheath strapped to his leg. "Okay boys, today you are going to work on your shield hand technique. Now if you remember what we talked about yesterday, your shield hand is used to protect the vital organs in your body. You keep your hand placed to protect your heart as well as other vital organs when your opponent makes a stab. Never forget, it might hurt to get your hand cut, but it won't kill you like a knife to the heart could."

Looking at his youngest child, John said "Alright Sammy, I want you to take offense this time. Remember the stances and jabbing techniques we've worked on over the past few days. And for God's sake, don't forget to pull back at the last minute to keep from actually stabbing your brother."

"Yes Sir" Sam replied as he took the basic fighter's stance which would allow him to move in any direction at a moment's notice. He then started practicing the moves that John had taught with Dean deflecting the blows using a Kevlar device to protect his arm. They had been training for fifteen minutes when the unthinkable happened. Sam shifted to his right and his foot landed on a slippery stone causing him to trip and fall into his brother with the knife extended in his hand. Dean automatically raised his hands to catch his brother as Sammy began to fall forgetting to protect himself in his need to protect Sammy. Dean gasped aloud as the knife entered his stomach and felt his knees go weak. "Oh shit" he groaned as he felt the knife go deep into his stomach before falling to his knees. He placed his hand over the stab wound and bright red blood quickly bubbled through his fingers.

"Dean" screamed Sammy realizing that he had just accidentally stabbed his brother. He immediately began to shiver as his body went into shock over what he had done. "Oh God, I didn't mean to…I'm sorry….Please Dean" Sam cried as he placed his head in his hands and screamed "NOOOOOOOO!"

"Holy shit" gasped John as he witnessed Sam falling and Dean reaching out to catch him. He watched the knife in Sam's hand descending towards Dean's stomach in what seemed to be slow motion. He froze for just a minute as he saw the stunned look on Dean's face at having been stabbed by his baby brother. He suddenly became alert as he saw his oldest begin to fall and quickly fell to his own knees and caught Dean just before he could collapse to the ground completely and force the knife in deeper.

"What the hell have you done Sammy?" John yelled in anger as he helped Dean to lay back on the ground.

"I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to" Sam replied over and over as he fell to his knees and began to rock back and forth. He began to shiver violently as he looked at his brother with pain filled eyes. He soon felt bile rise in his throat and gagged before quickly emptying his stomach of its contents.

"Get over your damned self and help me" John shrieked as he pulled the knife out slowly to avoid doing more damage and removed his shirt. He quickly balled up his t-shirt and applied pressure to get the wound to stop bleeding. "Go get the first aid kit Sammy. I need some pressure bandages and gauze. I also need a thermal blanket to keep your brother warm. Now Sammy Go!"

Hearing the strict command shook Sam out of his daze and he ran to follow his dad's order. He returned just a moment later and watched as his dad administered first aid to his brother. Once he got the bleeding stopped and the wound bandaged, John picked up his oldest and carried him to the car making sure to cover him with the thermal blanket to keep Dean as warm as possible.

"Get your ass in the back Sammy and see if you can take care of your brother long enough for me to get him to the hospital" John spat out harshly at his youngest who was standing beside the car like a statue.

Sam hurriedly climbed into the car and reached out to pull Dean in close as John gently and tenderly slid him into the car. He kept his eyes focused on Dean's wounded stomach area to watch for any bleeding. He soon felt the car shift as his dad climbed into the front seat and gunned the engine. Sam could immediately feel the hostility in the air as his dad glanced at them in the rearview mirror before pulling out. He knew he would be in deep shit as soon as his dad got him alone in a private place, his father would tear him a new one.

As soon as they were out on the open road, John verbally lashed out at Sammy not thinking about the damage his words were doing to his baby boy's self esteem. "How could you be so frigging stupid Sam and not drop the knife when you felt yourself falling? Hell, with you as a little brother Dean will be lucky if he lives to see twenty one."

John heard the swift intake of breath emitted by his youngest and knew how much his words had hurt Sammy. He refused to take them back however thinking that it deserved Sam right for being so careless. Maybe the words would give Sammy some pause to think and he would be more careful in the future, that is if Dean even had a future now. Fearing for his oldest, he pushed the pedal to the metal driving at top speed towards the nearest hospital. Luckily he had scouted it out when they started training in case of an emergency.

Ten minutes later, John pulled up to the ER bay. He saw two paramedics standing outside talking near an ambulance and called for their help. As they jogged over towards him, he pulled open the back door of the Impala. "My oldest son was accidentally stabbed in the stomach with a knife" he informed them shakily as one of the men leaned into the car to check out Dean.

"Hey Barry, we're gonna need a gurney" Jacob called as he checked Dean's pulse and respirations. "This kid needs help quick." Jacob watched as his partner ran in through the ER doors and returned his attention the boys in front of him. He wasn't only concerned for the kid with the stab wound, but also for the kid cradling his head in his lap. The younger kid looked much too shocky for his liking and he was extremely pale. He had to listen closely to hear the words that the younger boy kept whispering---I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry, S'all my fault.

Once Jacob returned with the gurney, Barry gently pulled the oldest child from his brother's arms and placed the unconscious boy on the gurney. As he covered Dean with a blanket, he said "Jacob, you need to check on the kid in the car. If I'm not mistaken, the kid is in shock. Barry then pushed Dean inside the ER with John following behind as Jacob took care of his youngest. Dean's gurney was soon swarmed by doctors as they started assessing the unconscious young man before them.

"Let's get him into treatment room five" Dr. Early called out after finding a very weak pulse. As they approached the swinging doors to the treatment rooms, John found himself stopped by a firm hand to his shoulders. "Sorry sir, you'll have to wait out here" Barry informed John as he led him over to a waiting room chair. "The doctor will be with you as soon as possible."

John sat down despondently and lowered his head into his hands. He couldn't believe that things had went so bad so quickly. He looked up as a nurse approached him with some forms.

"Sir, we need you to fill these out so we will have your son's history. Make sure you list any known allergies on the forms please."

John took the forms into his hands and then looked over to see Jacob leading Sam into the hospital. "Sammy?" he questioned as he saw Jacob leading him towards the treatment room doors.

"I'm just going to have him checked out by one of the physicians" Jacob informed John. "I think your son might be suffering from shock and I just want to make sure he is okay. You're welcome to join us if you'd like."

John stood up to go with Sammy knowing that it would lead him that much closer to Dean. He couldn't believe that Jacob was making a fuss over Sammy's insignificant state of mild shock when it was Dean he should be worried about. As soon as he got Sammy alone, the kid would be lucky if he didn't take off his belt and spank the crap out of him with it for the mess he caused.

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