Inner Demons

By Ash Kaiba

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Note from the Desk of Ash Kaiba: Agh. Too many ideas and plenty of fics on hold. I hope that I can get some ideas for them soon. And I apologize that this chapter is a little confusing. And for not updating the ones that haven't been updated in over a year.

Chapter 1: Aftermath- Part 1

An Entry from the Diary of Mokuba Kaiba

Seto's falling apart. Dr. Mazaki increased his medication. He has to take it twice a day now, and it's a new prescription. She tried to comfort both me and Roland by saying it would take Seto a while to get used to the new regiment. But, the medicine has drawbacks. He's getting thinner. Ni-sama has not been eating as much any more. Plus, he zones out and is clueless on what happened in that time frame. But, that's not all.

He can't really go anywhere. Even if Roland and I are with him. Two days after the incident, I took Seto to the arcade. The parents there with their children attacked him. Seto didn't bother fighting them, and I know the reason why.

He was afraid that he would injure them.

Afterwards, he refused to step out of his room. Roland and I got him to walk around the house, which he does a lot. But, he refuses to go to school. Seto's depression continues to get worse. I try my best everyday to remind him that he should really graduate. Yet, I fail every time. Ni-sama… What do I need to do to get your attention? What if your 'friend' isn't the only one who can help you?

Tea Gardner's Journal Entry

It's been almost a week and a half since we got snowed in at school. Since then, it's been quiet. School opened up a couple days later. I remember all the other students complaining about it. But, in the back of the room, it seemed empty. At first, I thought he had business things to take care of. One day, two days, that is understandable. But, I spent a week of school watching Yugi's worried expression get worse.

Seto Kaiba hasn't been here. Why?

I can only think back to the last time I saw him. His eyes were wide with fright. Wait…Kaiba afraid? This is the guy that was willing to bet his life just to get Yugi to surrender the duel. Kaiba's never afraid.

Yet, there's so little we know.

Over the year that he was just a classmate and the several weeks that we've been actively involved with the guy, all I've learned is that he has a step father and step brother; both now reside in cyberspace. Kaiba has to be hoping that he doesn't have to deal with them again. And the Duel Tower was actually constructed out of the remains of the former Kaiba Corp. era. That's it. That's all…

Tristan Taylor's

Kaiba hasn't been here lately. For a couple of days, I say 'thank goodness' because then I don't have to listen to him insult Joey repeatedly. But, a week? I don't know what to think. All I can say is that a week is too long for the Seto Kaiba to miss. I wonder if he got himself abducted for once.

I suppose I can't hope. Kaiba is one to end the problem. And though I don't like his ego, the last snow storm makes me wonder… Why does Kaiba push us away?

Yugi Mutou's Journal

The school bell rang around its usual time of 8:00 AM. First hour starts normally with the usual teacher walking in. Yesterday, Nagasaki-sama checked everyone's desk. He stopped in the back left corner. I watch him lean and reach his arm in. The teacher pulled out one thing. A book with a blue cover peaks my curiosity. Nagasaki-sama pulled the cover open and began thumbing through it. I watch his face pale as he snaps it closed and continue his routine.

Today, he walks in and announces that he's doing role call. I listen to him call out names and the owners yelling "Here" in response. Again, however, when he called Kaiba's name, there was no grunt or snort to announce his presence. There was nothing and I can't help, but to get worried.

Something happened to him. Not in the present, but I think in that mysterious past of his. Kaiba and I still bicker back and forth about Duel Monsters. Plus, our, or his, rivalry still lives. But, as winter progressed closer, Kaiba puts more distance between my friends, myself, and him. The few times I manage to get close, I think I saw something unusual…for him. I think Kaiba was concerned about me.

And that's he's not coming to school has me worried.

Grandpa is worried as well. Ever since the snow in, Kaiba has been the top story on every news channel at every programmed hour. Mokuba hardly calls the shop or pops in for a visit either. I can only hope that they're both okay. Same with Grandpa. The younger brother is a good friend and I wish Kaiba could see that I could be his friend too.

Why can't you see that, Kaiba…?

Joey Wheeler's Journal

Rich bastard… Always on the news. Always the teacher's pet. Always gloating that he's richer than all of us. Damn prick deserves this kind of attention. Mr. "Take a look at my Ego" deserves to taken down a couple notches.

I don't care if he's not showing up at school. I can care less. He's no longer calling me a "mutt", "deadbeat Duelist", and who knows what he has in store. Kaiba's not here. It's more a vacation. An answer from the heavens that Kaiba has locked himself away from the world.

You must be ashamed, Kaiba. That you attacked Yugi and then play innocent just to get closer. I don't care what I said to you. I don't care what happened to you.

You think your past is bad. Mine's worse, "Moneybags." Much worse…

A Cry from the Journal of Seto Kaiba

What the hell is wrong with me? I've lost my fierce will to endure the media. But, they'll take me away eventually…

Father, does this mean I lost? Do I deserve to die as much as you did?

Wait, I'll linger here. At least here, I still have Mokuba and Roland. Agh, I need to get a hold of myself. Maybe I should talk Adam…

Yes, I'll talk to the only friend I have…

Again, sorry if it is confusing. But, I kind of wanted to get the Yugi Gang's first thoughts down. The next chapter will be up shortly. This is basically what happened before the end of Now They Know.