Inner Demons

By Ash Kaiba

DISCLAIMER!! I don't own Yu-gi-oh. Man, I sound like a broken record.

Note from the Desk of Ash Kaiba: The manga is better than the anime in some ways. One reason is that the guns are still in it. Kaiba looks very good with a gun in his hand. The other is that some background information is only found in the manga format. It would help though if I weren't missing the majority of the Duelist series (Yu-gi-oh: Duelist or also known as Yu-gi-oh! Volumes 8-31).

For those wondering about Kaiba referring Gozaburo as 'father', he does call Gozaburo that in the fourth volume of the original series. In this story, for him, it was a slip of tongue.

Chapter 3: Concern

"Ding ding."

"Come on, Roland!" A voice sounds downstairs.

The teen jumps to his feet. His grandfather glances up at him and pats his back. His eyes speak his request before it leaves his mouth. Yugi nods as he jogs to the stairwell. He peers down at a boy with raven hair. A dark blue coat hangs open on his frame. Vibrant violet eyes plead for another set of steps behind him. The boy looks up at him and cries out, "Yugi!"

"Mokuba? Roland?"

From behind the young teen, a deep voice sounds, "Some assistance would be nice. I'll deal with your mouth later."

"If you're going to wash my mouth out, you have to do Seto's too." The boy snaps as the adult finally comes into view.

The silver covering of the duralumin case shines. The glasses covered eyes remind Yugi of a brown mineral with a gold glow. A cocoa brown turtle neck covers his chest as khakis protect the legs. He sighs and shifts his gaze up.

"Ah, Mr. Mutou. Thank you for the call," he greets as a smile forms on his face.

"Not a problem," Yugi replies as he sprints down, "Here, I'll carry something for you."

Roland's smile grows as he surrenders the case. "You'll need two hands."

Yugi complies and lumbers up the steps with the two guests behind. As they get closer, Mokuba struggles to stay close to Yugi, but surrenders to his instincts and springs up. Roland's body tenses and follows the young boy's up. His mouth cries out Mokuba's name over and over again. Yugi struggles to keep up, but the case restricts him to a limp. His lungs burn as he swallows more air. As his foot discovers no more steps, he forces his arms to carry their burden for a little longer.

"Thank you," the body guard replies as the case announces its presence next to him.

Yugi musters a smile before plopping down on the couch. Roland lays the case on its left side. Carefully, the man opens it, revealing the red lining and a fresh set of clothing. Yugi looks back at his rival. His chest barely rises with each breath. The towels were replaced by the maroon comforter from his mother's bed.

Roland tenderly removes a teal dress shirt, sending Yugi back to the days of Duelist Kingdom. He unwraps the young man's torso, revealing a bare chest. Yugi tries to look away, but is drawn to the faint markings on the pale flesh. Some appears to be thick lines that crisscross at random intersections. Others resemble more of circular pattern. What on earth? What happened? Kaiba, how long have you been hiding these? He wonders as the black-haired slips the shirt over them. Then, he processes to button it shut.

"It looks like hypothermia. If I remember my training, it's best that we don't move him too much. I'll call his doctor to make sure that I'm remembering things correctly." Roland whispers.

Mokuba grips his knees tighter. "What can I do?"

"Snuggle close to his chest," Roland sighs, repeating the same process with a fresh pair of pants.

Yugi watches the adult with worry on his face. Again, he notices thick lines on his rival's slender legs. Kaiba's also thinner… Man, I don't want to watch him waste away.

As Roland finishes rewrapping Kaiba's legs, Mokuba unties his shoes and slips into the blanket. He tucks his head under his older brother's chin and waits.

"I'll be my room, Grandpa," Yugi reports as the bodyguard rises to his feet and flips open his cell phone.

Solomon nods as he replies, "I need to watch the shop. Alice, can you help them if needed?"

Yugi's mom turns around; a latte in her hand. "Of course. If they want, they can use the dryer to dry the soaked clothes."

"Thanks, Mrs. Mutou," Mokuba says from his brother's side.

She smiles and nods. Knowing his mom had things taken care of, he slides off the couch and retreats into the hallway. He turns left and places his hand on the door frame. His concerned violet eyes stare out into the living room. With a heavy sigh, he steps into the small room. His bed lines the right wall. In front of him, his desk stands. It carries the burden of all his school books, lamp, pencils, pen, and most of all, his deck in a pure gold box.

Yugi looks up at his shelves, lined with books on games, history, and magic. He calmly approaches the desk and sits down in his swivel chair. He picks up the gold box and traces the Eye of Horus on the front panel. He then traces the hieroglyphs on the entire box. Something you can see, but can't see.

He opens his top drawer and fishes out a black ball point pen. He fetches a small notebook with a pyramid drawn on papyrus on the front. Thanks, Marik, Odion, and Ishizu. You're right. I am making use of this journal since Atem left. He thinks as his opens it, flipping the pages to a blank page. He uncaps the pen and begins to write.

It's me again. For almost a week, no one has seen him person until now. Seto Kaiba was out in this awful weather. I spotted him outside the shop door. I grabbed my coat and led him inside. He lasted until we made it up to the living room and passed out. I called Mokuba, who brought Roland with him. Now, they're taking care of him.

Kaiba seemed to have a little blue tint to his skin at first. While waiting for Mokuba, Grandpa and I wrapped him up with some towels to absorb the moisture. Then, Mom retrieved her comforter from her bed. At that moment, I tended to the shop as Mom and Grandpa removed all the wet clothing.

Once I got the okay, I finished my business with the only customer in. Then, headed back up the stairs. Mom was back in the kitchen. She was probably preparing dinner for us and possible guests if needed. Grandpa had taken up his post near Kaiba's head. He started pushing the stubborn bangs back like he did when I was little.

We waited and eventually Mokuba and Roland arrived. Roland placed fresh clothes on Kaiba's now skinny body. It was thin before, but now… He's a freaking twig!

I want to help him, but Kaiba won't let me. His pride won't allow it.

I wish he would just stop pushing us away…


Sorry this chapter is shorter than the first two. I look at it now and covered what I wanted to cover. Thanks for reading. I'll try to get the next chapter typed for you all. I'll try to work in a cute Kaiba Mokuba moment from Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist Volume 23 too.