Ukraine had given him his scarf.

Raivis had seen the moment from a distance, seen the way that Ivan's eyes lit up as he wrapped the material around his neck – once, twice. Then the large man smiled and swept his sister into his arms, twirling around. It was a perfect little dance, and Raivis felt dirty for watching it. Not because it was Ivan's perfect scene, but because of the mini welt of jealousy in his heart. He had turned away from the room and tried to run, but Eduward had been coming the other way – they collided with a smash, a plate falling and breaking, much like Raivis' spirit.

Ivan walked out into the hall, a mixture of anger and worry on his face, distorting it into a dark frown. Seeing Raivis on the floor amidst the broken plates, his frown grew, before falling into a broken smile.

"Thank you, Ukraine!" The large man said cheerily. "I am to talk to Raivis alone now!" The woman nodded and scurried off – Eduward did the same, sparing his brother a worried glance over his shoulder. Raivis shook dramatically, but followed Ivan into his dark study. The door shut behind him with an ominous echo. Walking to the centre of the room and turning on his heels, Ivan giggled in his dark, frightening way, and Raivis' eyes filled with tears. A large hand lifted and an equally large finger motioned him over. Shakily, the young boy wandered into Ivan's reach, bright eyes filled with terror.

When he felt a large shadow cross his vision, Raivis was sure that he was going to be hurt for spying, and for breaking Ivan's precious china plate. But when he felt the silkiness of fabric wrap around his neck, drawing him close into a warm embrace, he was shocked. His bleary eyes looked up and he almost gasped at the softness written on the other nation's face. He had only seen that look used for Ukraine, never for little Latvia who was more scared than happy. It seemed to him as though Ivan was straining for words, but nothing left his mouth. Just the gentle movement of his arms as he wrapped the trailing ends of his new treasure around his newest pet.

"Look, Raivis, look!" Ivan whispered with a childish excitement. "It is true, da? We are one now?" Raivis looked at the scarf, following the trail up to Ivan's neck, his eyes finding the other nation's easily. He looked... At peace, the worries of war and rebellion wiped from his face. Still, there was the echo of insanity deep within them, and the fear choked Raivis' throat. All he could do was nod, hoping it was the right thing to do. Ivan beamed; a bright smile was lighting up his face.

"Good, Raivis. Good. For soon everyone will be one with Russia, right?"

All Raivis could do was nod.