Estonia has learned that it's not unusual for Latvia not to sleep.

He always thought that it was just on those odd nights were Russia came to see him, once, maybe twice a week. In the house it was always the same – Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia. Like a rota. One, two three and he could hear, being in the middle, the cries from Lithuania – 'don't hurt them, don't—' and the sobs from Latvia, heart wrenching and tear-pulling in their capacity.

They also had an order for comfort. Lithuania would go to Estonia and make sure his brother was fine, make sure he knew what to do to fix everything, before he fled to the side of the youngest. Most nights Lithuania slept by his side, comforting him and helping the boy fall asleep. Estonia sometimes dipped into that comfort, listening to his elder brother's words to fall asleep himself. Promises of liberty and happiness and warmth filled his mind as he drifted off, but not tonight.

Tonight, his bed creaked as he moved out from under his blankets, his feet touching the cold ground. He shivered and it was nostalgia, washing over him like a tidal wave. He was often the odd one out, the one who suffered quiet while his brothers suffered torment. He was smart and he knew words and countries and nations and Russia knew that he knew and it made Russia angry. He's smart and his country is pretty, but he is quiet and he is lucky and he is left alone. Russia seems to like breaking what is left of Liet and he likes creating sin in Latvia, but Estonia is boring, Russia doesn't care.

The door creaks like his bed as he opens it, and he pauses, heart rushing. Why was it tonight that Lithuania escaped? He couldn't remember why, he hadn't been listening, but Latvia knew and Latvia was sobbing fear, Latvia cried out when he heard footsteps by the door. Pressing it open, Estonia walked in and held up a hand, smiling weakly. Latvia looked up from his little bed, his eyes wide and his cheeks stained with tears.

"... E-Estonia?" He whispered, curled up in a blanket. His brother nodded and walked over. He felt awkward, trying to be Liet, trying to comfort and sooth, but Latvia was gazing at him with large eyes and he moved carefully, laying down beside his brother and bringing his head against his chest.

"... It's alright?" Estonia asked, more of a question than a soothing voice. He hears a whimper and his brother curls up more, eyes closed. What would Liet do? It's the only question in his mind. What would Liet do- what could he do to ease Latvia's pain? The cries in his ears were painful, and he lifted his hand, brushing it through the boy's hair. He whimpered again and he pulled his hand away faster than he dared to take a breath- but Latvia reached out for it.

"... I-I like it... I-It was nice, Estonia..." The older brother blinked, but lowered his hand again. Anything - anything to make his brother feel better. The young boy moved into his touch and sighed sadly. Was he doing a good job? Was his uncertain intelligence when it came to comfort paying off? Looking down at his brother again, Estonia blinked.

Instead of the shaking mess he was used to seeing after nights like these, he saw a quiet, serene face, peaceful and happy. In awe, he moved his hand to brush the hair out of the boy's eyes – they were closed, relaxed. Estonia had... Never seen this look on his brother's face, not when Liet wasn't around... He felt as though he had performed a miracle.

He only wished it would last forever instead of just one night.