Me: So, hey there, everyone.

Fang: If you can still bear reading our dialogue, after that 'review'.

Me: Tell me about it. So, I warned that there would be another 'chapter'. And this is it.

If you can call it a chapter.

What I'm about to do here is something I've been giving a lot of thought to. I'm not the writer I used to be, I'm not the writer I could be. I'm not the person I could be And this bothers me.

It's finally occurred to me that something needs to change.

And I've finally worked up the guts to make some changes.

Let me start at the beginning.

When I first started writing on here, I was nothing. At least, I felt like it. I was so... Mediocre. Mundane. I never tried to be anything special. Never wanted to be anything special. Didn't think I was capable of being anything but 'normal'.

And definitely not brave enough to think of trying.

But then, fanfiction. The Maximum Ride fandom.

Being on here gave me passion. It gave me purpose. It made me realize that I could dare to dream, needed to dare to dream bigger than just 'living'. I could do more than just grow up, work, get married, pop out a couple kids and die.

I could change my fate. I could change the world.

All I needed to do was write.

But with good, came bad. Like an ego the size of Uganda.

Seriously, who did I think I was? 'St. Fang of Boredom', with her followers, her fansite, her petition. That stupid contest.

I'm not as popular as I used to be. The name 'Saint' doesn't suddenly cause uproars in chatrooms and forums anymore.

And I'm kind of glad.

...Ok, I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted some of that back. I liked being liked, for once. That taste of popularity, even, dare I say it, fame.

But I did exactly what I swore to myself I wouldn't do. I used it. Used it for my own selfish reasons.

And so, I fell from grace, so to speak.

Ok, it wasn't all that. I'm also too busy to update regularly. And my motivation sucks.

I've got too many fics going.

But the way I've acted is what I'm embarrassed most about. Is what I regret most.

And when, yes when, I finally publish a book, I hope I'll remember what I learned from this experience.

But for now, I need to fix what I can. So I'm making some changes that I believe will:

-Make updating easier, therefore more frequent

-Motivate me to write and love what I write

-Cut my ego down to size a bit

-Cut down on Fang's bitching (maybe)

-Help me to improve on my writing rather than have it stay at basically the same quality

-Make me a part of this fandom, that I love so much, again.

Fang: Make me stop bitching?

Me: Well, you'll have less to do.

Fang: Fair enough. Saint's talked this over a lot with me. I think, for the most part, you'll all like what we have to say. Though this first announcement might sting a bit.

Me: Our first change...

This is the last Poetry Corner chapter.

I'm done with this. It's not writing as much as just... Fang and I talking. Which I know was once requested by a lot of people, a fic of just us talking. But, jeez, that's why I have a Tumblr. Follow me there.

Fang: I don't appear there as much.

Me: Still. This is another thing I feel obligated to update as long as it's active and... It's too much for something that isn't writing.

And, on that note, I'm ending Fanfiction Meets YouTube as well.

It's just too much.

Fang: And, since I don't use it, Fang's Journal will be meeting its end soon, too.

Me: Fanfiction Meets YouTube and Fang's Journal will each be getting a farewell chapter, of sorts before being marked as complete.

I will NOT be taking any of these fics down, for the simple fact that people may still enjoy reading them. So they stay. Want to argue the whole 'they're not real fanfics' thing with me? Don't bother. I honestly don't care.

I have enough stress in my life without fighting with self-appointed 'Fanfiction Police'.

That said...

I can't thank all of you enough for following along with this insanity. And for all the kind, helpful, and entertaining reviews I've gotten on this fic and others over the time I've been on here.

You people inspire me.

I'd like to take a second to also thank all of you again who were so awesome towards me when my mom passed away. Maybe you thought you weren't doing much when you left that simple little comment, sending your condolences, but it meant so, so much to me. Thank you.

Fang: Despite the fact that I think you're all crazy, hey, it's been a fun kind of crazy for me, too. I might actually miss coming up with ridiculous rhymes and stuff. We've got some awesome memories catalogued here.

Me: That we do. But I think it's time we catalogue them elsewhere. Like Tumblr.

Fang: You'd have to use your actual blog, not you rp blog, to do that.

Me: Yeah, I know. I have an addiction. Sue me.

Fang: But we have more news.

Me: I've made a decision. When I first started out on here, having a sort of 'secret identity' was necessary for me. I didn't want people to know the real me because the real me kinda sucked.

After a while, though, it was almost a gimmick, adding mystery to this popular fanfic writer.

Another little ego boost, basically.

Well, to start off, I am, in no way, done being Saint.

I love this part of me, this part of my life. I just think it's time we connect these two pieces and make them whole.

Fang: Figured, with Maximum Ride ending, so should the mystery.

Me: I'm done hiding behind a screen name. If I'm going to keep writing on here, it's going to be all of me here.

Besides, keeping secrets is too much work.

So, let's start small.

For starters, I live in New Hampshire.

God, let me relish in this moment.

Fang: You ok there?

Me: You know how much I love this state of mine. NH is an awesome place. Ok, so not much happens here and our taxes suck, but I love it here. I'm proud to be from here.

Fang: I hate the weather here.

Me: Wait five minutes-

Fang: I know, it'll change...

Me: So, yes. NH. It's why I love that whole "We can't get married!" "You could in New Hampshire!" quote. I'm like "I KNOW A JUSTICE OF THE PEACE!"

Fang: Mrs T...

Me: Correct. She loves doing weddings.

Fang: Let's take another step here.

Me: This one... It's hard...

Fang: Just say it.

Me: After all this time. This one piece of information I've guarded more closely than anything else...

Fang: Saint, it's no big deal. Just-

Me: You say it.

Fang: ...What?

Me: Say it.

Fang: Stop-

Me: You need to say it. It's only right.

Fang: Saint-

Me: Please. I can't.

Fang: ...Neither can I.

Me: ...

Fang: ...

Me: Just say it.

Fang: No.

Me: Fang, come on!

Fang: -sigh- Alright.


I can't.


Fang: This is hard! I'm, like, trained not to say it!

Me: Could you help me out a little here?!

Fang: I don't see why you can't-



Me: ...Thanks.

Fang: -gulps-

Me: What?

Fang: Pretty sure The Powers That Be will strike me where I stand for that. Any minute.

Me: Oh, chill.

Fang: It's worse than saying 'Voldemort' in the middle of the Ministry of Magic.

Me: -eyeroll- Alright, everyone. Now you know. Rebecca. Rebecca Marie. My last name I get from my father, so is therefore unimportant. Though I'm sure, as time goes on, you'll all find it out eventually. I'm not keeping it a secret. I'm letting you guys take your time to hunt me down on the internet. :P

But Rebecca Marie. I love my name. The name my mom dreamed up for me before I was even a thought. Five years old and telling my grandmother that she wanted a daughter named Rebecca.

I've gone by a lot of names and nicknames. But today, I get to officially combine my three favorites, the three that define me.

As far as you all need to be concerned, my name is Rebecca St. Marie.

...But you can all continue to call me Saint.

Seriously. Get all your 'Rebeccas, Beccas, Becks, and Beckys out now. I have a rule. I don't care what you call me, but once you start calling me by one form of my name, or by one nickname, you need to stick with it. There are only a few exceptions to this rule, and none of you are one of them.

Basically, if you all start calling me, like, Becca on here, it's gonna weird me out. Stupid, but that's me.

Fang: So, now you know. A fandom's curiosity is satisfied.

Me: I will next be changing some things, such as my profile and stuff, to fit this new bit of info.

Fang: Meaning?

Me: My real name and state plastered in places. Oh, and pictures.

Fang: Now, that'll be new.

Me: Very. And that's fine. No more mystery. Just me.

Fang: And me.

Me: Yeah, and you. :) Shall I post pictures of you, too?

Fang: I actually have perfectly good reasons to be paranoid on the internet, so that's a no.

Me: -eyeroll- Alright... Oh, a note! Please, if you find, like, my actual Facebook, unless I actually know you as more than just someone who reviews my fics sometimes, DON'T add me. I have an insane amount of people on there as it is, people who I barely know and don't talk to. I'm sorry, but I'm trying to cut it down to people who I actually consider important pieces of my life, and though my reviewers are important, well... You guys catch my drift, right? Just stick to following my Tumblr and stuff, 'kay?

Speaking of which... May not be posting my updates to Twitter as much anymore because I barely use it anyway. Just sayin'.

Fang: That said...I think it's time to end this, Saint.

Me: End this chapter, anyway. And start a new one.

Fang: -nods- Right.

Me: So, on that note...

I've loved my time here.

It's been fun.

But this corner's journey is done.

It's time to move on, it's time to change.

Time for the stars to rearrange.

There are some things I will miss,

But I'm eager to start

Writing again

And following my heart.

I invite you to stay

For this new journey I'm on.

It won't be the same.

But it'll be just as fun.

Fang: See you all in the Author's Notes. :)

Me: And thank you. Just... I'll never thank any of you enough.

Fang: It's been awesome.

Me: McAwesomene.

Both: Bloody Wicked McAwesomene.

Me: I love you people.

Fang: And, again, thanks.

-Saint and Fang

Spiffy: What? We don't get to say goodbye?

Pooky: Quick! Before they notice we're here...

Spiffy: It's been fun! Catch you in other fics!

Pooky: Haven't seen the last of us, no way.

Spiffy: ...Why do you think Lady Saint and Lord Fang are in such a hurry?

Pooky: Uh, NaNoWriMo? She's doing it again this year. Plus all those fics that need updating. And the MaxRideRP on Tumblr.

Spiffy: Oh, yeah!

Pooky: They're coming! Quick! Just post it!

-Spiffy and Pooky