Chapter 35: Content

Right when I turned the corner to the back yard I saw Bella laying on the ground. My feet moved faster and faster. The closer I seemed to get to her, the more I thought of what I saw between her and Johnny. The kiss burned in my brain. "Edward," Bella heaved. "It hurts." She groaned. "Where?" I asked, trying to figure it out. She wrapped both hands around her stomach. My heart dropped, the baby. "Edward, what's wrong?" Carlisle's hand was on my shoulder. "I don't know, something happened…the baby…I'm not sure." I groaned, panicky. Bella screamed. "We have to get her to the hospital, Edward." Carlisle said, staring at Bella worried. I nodded, I already knew we would have to, but hearing it made it seem more real. I picked Bella up, and headed to Carlisle's car. Everyone was standing outside, their faces a mask of fear and anger. Bella met my eyes and touched my cheek, I shuddered under her touch and hoped she didn't notice. From the look in her eyes, she did. She opened her mouth to say something, before she could another scream escaped her. I put her in the back seat and sat with her, as Carlisle sped out of the driveway. Somewhere inside me was still devastated about her and Johnny, but this was my Bella, the love of my life or so I thought, seeing her hurt still killed me. Guess some things never change.

I paced around the waiting room. My whole family was here, I'm not sure if they were here for Bella or the baby or me, either one, there they are. "You're gonna put a hole in the floor if you don't stop." Alice voice broke the quiet of us all. I rolled my eyes and continued on, not stopping. Ever since we got to the hospital it seemed like Alice wanted to tell me something but for some reason she didn't. We've been her two hours now and we have yet to hear anything. Not even Carlisle has come out to update us. "Edward, can I talk to you." Alice said, before I could answer she grabbed my arm and led me away. "I have to tell you something, and I'm not sure how you'll react. I should have told you earlier but there was just so much going on…" Alice was rambling, which is something she hardly ever does, she usually always has a point. "Ali, what is it?" I asked, putting my hands on her shoulder. "You didn't see it but I did. Bella really did-" Alice began to explain. "Edward." Carlisle cut her off. I turned and saw him standing there, there was a look in his eyes that looked a lot like goodbye. I shook my head. "I'm sorry, son. There was nothing," Carlisle paused and swallowed, I saw the tears in his eyes, Alice grabbed my hand, I glanced at her as tears fell from her eyes. "She started bleeding internally, we couldn't stop it." His words echoed in my head, we couldn't stop it. My world came to a sudden stop. "The baby?" I heard myself asking. Carlisle shut his eyes as the tears readily fell down his cheeks. Alice fell to the ground next to me, shaking with sobs. "Carlisle, what's happening?" I heard everyone approaching, but I couldn't move or talk. I was semi aware of the fact that Carlisle shook his head, then there was more crying, first Esme, then Rose, and I'm pretty sure Emmett was too. In that moment, there was no need for me live, I felt empty.

"No." I screamed. My eyes shot open and I looked around. I was in a room, more specifically I was in my bedroom. "If you keep screaming like that no one is gonna ever sleep in this house." The familiar voice came from beside me. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I took in the beautiful figure laying next to me. She rolled over to face me. "Bella?" my voice was barely audible. "That's Mrs. Cullen to you." In the moonlight I saw her smile. "Bad dream again?" Bella asked her voice soft, as she laid a hand on my bare chest. "It felt so real." I admitted. She frowned slightly. I touched her cheek, making sure I was really awake. It felt the same. Her chocolate brown eyes watched mine, she put her hand on top of mine and held it there. She kissed my palm and rolled on top of me. "Well, I'm not going anywhere and neither is Renesmee for that matter." Bella told me and she leant down and pressed her lips to mine. Everything I saw in the dream seemed to vanish from my memory, and all that mattered was this amazing woman. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, only to be pleasantly surprised. She kissed my neck and I looked at her stomach. She groaned after a minute or two and pulled away. "Stupid hyperactive hormones." She rolled her eyes. "I don't mind." I smiled crookedly at her. "I never said I did either." Bella winked at me. She leant back down and I met her halfway, I flipped us over and kissed her lips, her neck and her stomach. A crying down the hall broke the moment. "You woke your daughter up." Bella told me. "Oh, sure, now she's my daughter." I teased and kissed her lips once more. "Only from midnight to 8." Bella said, as she tried to get up from under me. "You stay and sleep. I'll get her." I told her. She laid back down and closed her eyes. I kissed her forehead for good measure, and made my way down the hall to our daughter.

"Nessie," I said as I entered her room. Her cries immediately stopped at the sound of my voice. "Whatcha doing?" I said as I bent down and picked her up. I smiled as her eyes slowly closed. I'm not sure why I had the dream, it doesn't even matter it was only a dream. Still, for my own peace of mind I remember what really happened about a year ago. Johnny did come that day, and he and Bella went to the back yard to talk. They did kiss, I sighed, if only I could have made that up. I was gonna go outside and pound his face in, but Alice told me to wait, she said that Bella was a big girl and could take care of herself. Alice was right, as always. Bella had pushed Johnny back and she punched him, just like that. I'm glad I married a strong woman. Bella walked back to the house her expression one of anger. The first thing she did when she entered the house was tell me she loved me then she hugged me. Her water broke at dinner and here we are. I wouldn't changed anything for the world. When I was sure that Nessie was sound asleep, I headed back to Bella and my bedroom. She too was fast asleep, I smiled, like mother like daughter. I laid down next to her, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulled her close. Perfectly content.