More rejected scenes yay!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my oc's.

Scene 13: (A/N: this is a scene from a rejected cosplay skit where America and Japan get England hooked on kingdom hearts and well England gets a bit obsessed.)

England: Hey America-

America: save it England, I'm not gonna hold your tea and crumpets so you can go on a date with Riku. I'm just not gonna.

England: …Japan-?

Japan: Sorry England-san, but I agree with America-san.

Scene 14: (A/N:…yea I don't know.)

America: *crawling around on the floor trying to remain unseen.*

England: America what are you doing?

America: *pokes head up just enough so the others can see his eyes* What amn't I doing?

France: *smirks* you're not raping Angleterre.

England: *glares at France*

America: *cheerful voice* That's next! *slowly moves head back below the table*

England: *eye twitches*

Hungary: *pulls out camera*

Scene 15: (A/N: rejected from a harvest moon fanfic I'm working on.)

Claire and Jill: *watching Naruto*

Jack: What the hell are you two watching?

Claire: Naruto. It's one of the best animes ever.

Jill: Well…I don't know about that but it's great.

Jack: oh yes Naruto. Let me give you my first impression of it. "I have fire!" "I have earth!" "I have water!" "…I can kick you?" "…You get the F*** out!"

Scene 16: (A/N: also rejected from my harvest moon fanfic.)

Mark: Hey Chelsea, I'll be back in a bit. I'm just gonna go turn this milk into cheese.

Chelsea: *sounds bored* Cheese is a myth.

Mark: No its not. I have tasted it, smelled it, held it, and if you listen quietly you can hear it sleeping in the fridge.

Chelsea:…the same thing applies for meatloaf but that doesn't mean it exists either.

Scene 17: (A/N: More harvest moon! :D)

Sara: *Ships some spinach*

Pete: Hey Sara.

Sara: Yea?

Pete: That spinach had 5 leaves.

Sara: and?

Pete: so does marijuana.

Sara:…oh. *stares at shipping bin awkwardly* well then…

Scene 18: (A/N: from one of my Hetalia fanfics, I don't recall which one though.)

Mann: *playing Harvest moon animal parade, looking for Luke* I will find his house.

Guernsey: I'll find your house.

Mann: …Guernsey…you're in my house.

Guernsey: Mission accomplished.

Mann: riiiiiiiiight…Jersey, what're you doing?

Jersey: *Holding a music theory text book* what? It's hug sized!

yea...those are all the rejected scenes for now.