Author's note: I was board and came up with this. It's bad but it's the truth. Daleks are scary, but are imperfect. Sorry it's so short! If I feel like it and get POSITIVE feed back,
I might do another... (CoughtSontarensCough) AND NO FLAMES!

Hello people of Earth, I'm Generated Anomaly, but just call me Jenny. I'm here to express my opinion on a certen alien race.

The Daleks.

And by express, I mean mock.

My father, The Doctor and his companion Martha Jones have told me all about the Daleks and how evil they are.

But seriously! And I'm talking to you, Darvos, if you want to make a terifing race of alien death Machines, don't steal the design from salt and pepper pots!

And really, great weapon choices! A plunger and a egg beater! Wow, terrifying. Now Cybermen, that's terrifying and slightly sexy, I mean c'mon! Who doesn't like a guy in armour? Even if he is a murderous computer...

Anyways, back on topic, also, work on you aim! In my father's ten lives, you've only shot him once! You've been chasing him how many years? And he's still alive.

Oh and Donna Noble! That's another story! She can't even change a flippin' fuse and she killed all of you! Okay...she had Dad's mind but still.

So Daleks, still thing you're Superior now? Didn't think so.

As my final statement, Daleks reign suprime? More like (in a Dalek voice) DALEKS ARE AN EPIC FAILURE!

The End