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It was a very normal day, the birds were singing, Charlie was already up and if you looked through the window you could see those darks clouds that warn you that by the end of the day you would have seen the rain a couple of times. Yes, definitely a what I would call a normal day in Forks.

However I was happy. Not the kind of happiness you feel when you get a good grade or when you arrive home after a very long trip and you're gad yo return to the every day routine. No, it was the kind oh happiness a little kid may feel on Christmas Eve just after placing the cookies and the milk on the living room table but before falling asleep and not getting to see Santa Claus. Add to that the joy given by the presents found underneath the tree the very next morning. That's exactly how I felt. Actually it seemed as if Alice usual excitement was rubbing off on me, and to be honest it scared me a little bit. The hyper pixie behavior was definitely not my style.

Finally holidays were around the corner, and summer break was the only thing I could think of, since it was only a week away. It meant only one thing : I could spend my whole day with Edward as I pleased. Well, I could spend as much time with Edward as I wanted if, and only if, Charlie pre-approved our dates. He said he didn't want me to turn into one of the obsessed teenagers that can only think of their boyfriends. Only if he knew, but what he doesn't know can't hurt him right? I was so delighted that I could be dancing around my room now if weren't such a klutz.

I reached for my desk to grab the notepad that was lying on top. I had spent the whole night, and part of the morning, writing down a list of all the things that I wanted to do for the rest of the summer. Starting with a picnic planned by me in our lovely meadow. Even though it was not summer yet, I thought that an early treat was exactly what I needed to keep my spirits up. I know that going picnicking with a vampire is not the smartest of things, specially if you are aware of the fact that theoretically you can be considered as the main dish, but the whole point is spending the day together and not have six other persons hearing to whatever we say.

The best thing of the plan was that he didn't have a single clue about because he was hunting with Emmet and Jasper near the border between the States and Canada. Carlisle was in Chicago attending a medical conference related to some new discovery in the field of cancer, and Esme being the dutiful wife she is decided to do with him.

Right now the one and only flaw I could foresee was an annoying little vampire pixie and her stupid visions. Actually it was not the visions I hated, it was the fact that it seemed she couldn't keep the things she regularly saw we do to herself. I could only hope that at least this time she could keep away from Edward long enough to in order to not make him suspect that something was going on. Exactly In that moment my cellphone started ringing cutting my train of thought. It was Alice. Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.

"Hi Alice"


"Gosh, breath Alice. I'm human remember, no super hearing."

"Har har, very funny. But oh, Bella is wonderful. I can see it. That meadow is beautiful, no wonder Edward always wants to go there with you. You'll have such a lovely day together"

"Really?" I said with a smile playing on my face "I'll be able to do it all by myself? No, wait that's not the question I wanted to ask. Will I be able to resist his charm and not tell him once he is set on forcing the secret out of me?"

"Jeez Bella, yes I already told you so. Everything will be perfect and once he sees the mood you're in he'll try to humor you. And since the only missing piece of the puzzle is him right now I'm waiting for Edward to come home and tell him about this"

"No Alice no, I forbid you to tell him" - I said with a bit of panic and annoyance hinting in my voice. Noticing the tone I was using and knowing that I had no right to talk Alice that way I started again. "Please don't tell him anything about this little trip. I want this to be a surprise. Could you keep this thing out of your mind so he doesn't find out. Please?" - I begged, trying to have the same effect on her as I had on Edward but knowing that the chances of her doing what I said were minimal.

"You're not fun at all. Well I'll do it, but only because it's you and you know how much I love you"

"Thanks Alice, you know, you are my favorite best friend" I said smiling.

"That's because I'm your only best friend" she growled.

"And I love for that" I smirked, and with that our phone call was done.

After I finished talking to Alice I headed to the hallway closet to retrieve some blankets and pillows and then went to the kitchen to pack some food for the human, knowing that Edward would be angry with me if didn't bring anything to eat. I could already hear his words distinctly in my head. Once I arrived to the kitchen I found Charlie reading the local news and sipping on a cup of coffee.

"Hey Dad" I said acknowledging his presence.

"Hey kiddo what are you doing?". Oh no, he was trying to start a conversation I when I definitely was not in the mood to talk.

"Nothing, just gathering some thing for a picnic. I just want to surprise Edward."

"Ah, good luck with that" I sighed in relief knowing that this conversation was over.

Not wanting to appear rude I decided to stop for a little in the kitchen and make Charlie fried eggs with bacon so he could have a proper breakfast before going to work. Once I was done I

got the basket that was on top of the freezer and put some snacks and two or three bottle of juice in it. Making a mental list in my head I tried to check if I was taking all the necessary things and some other stuff I could need for the day. Not having thought of anything else I kissed Charlie goodbye and left the house. I got into my beloved truck and as I turned it on, the engine roared with life. Even if most people hated the sound, for me it sounded like a purring kitty. I was very comforting.

Half an hour later I reached the trail that headed to the Cullen manor and a few minutes later the house appeared in front of me. Initially I had planned to go to the meadow, leave the basket and fetch Edward but midway I decided it was better just to wait for him in front of his house and just drive together to the meadow. Besides I wanted to torture him a little bit with my granny driving abilities. God knows how funny it is to hear him curse the truck under his breath thinking that no one can hear him.

Being in the middle of my mental rant I didn't notice the three shadowy figures approaching the house until I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. A little shriek escaped my lips and then I instantly heard the booming laughter of Emmet.

I turned around and kissed Edward softly one, two three times before hearing Jasper and Emmet doing gagging sounds in the back.

"Hello love, missed me much?" said Edward with that crocked smile of his plastered on his face. Instead of answering I poked my tongue out which earned me some laughs.

"What are you doing here so early in the morning?" he asked and that reminded me of my plan.

"Actually I want you to come with. Sorry guys but this vampire won't join you in your coffins this morning" I said with a smile.

"Aggh, Bella! How many times do I have to tell you that I do not sleep in a coffin, and even if I did would never ever share it with Emmet."

"Shut up Eddie, besides why should I share a coffin with you if I can share it with that sexy bombshell I call my wife"

"Stop it you two". Even though they could be my grandparents sometimes I felt I was the older one and not them. "Now you two be good boys. Emmet go inside and you Edward come with me"

We got in the truck and surprisingly he didn't asked once where we were going. Note to myself: next time give Alice more credit when she says a thing. A little while after, I parked in front of the trail and we got out of the car.

"Can I know now where are you taking me my love" - said Edward eyeing the trail towards the meadow.

"I suppose that since you'll be the one keeping me from harm you should know." - I was smiling so much that for a moment I thought that my face muscles were going to block themselves and stay that way forever. "We are going picnicking!" I said pointing to the basket I had put in the back of the truck before leaving my house.

"Oh really?"- he said with an amused smile. "Then what are we waiting for?".

And with that he picked me up bridal style and so our fantastic day started.


I couldn't wait to go home. I missed my Bella so much. Somehow, deep inside of me I know that she was planning something. I smirked at the thought. I was going to beat her at that. I started laughing like a maniac.

"Hey Eddie boy, what's with the maniac laugh?" Emmet asked.

"Nothing, I just have a feeling Bella is up to something and I'm still deicidng wheter I should humor her not."

"Giver the girl a rest". This time it was Jasper speaking. "The poor girl tries everything within her power to impress you. Let her have her fun."

"I guess you are right. Besides, if I'm lucky, Alice will let it slip before she has the chance to surprise me."

"Hey that's my wife you're talking about"

And so we kept running in silence. I couldn't get Bella out of my kind. The only thing that I needed right now was her in my arms and nothing else.

Tonight I was gong to held her in my arms as if my life depended on it. And maybe if I was lucky I would find out her little secret. If there's something to know. I will know it. Thinking about that I rushed to the house and got there in less that a minute.

It seemed that we arrived silently because she was already standing near the porch but was still somehow off in la-la land. I surprised her by hugging her from behind and was rewarded by a little shriek and three lovable kisses that not enough if you ask me.

"Hello love, missed me much?" I said smiling. Instead of answering she poked her tongue out which made me let out a small chuckle.

"What are you doing here so early in the morning?"

"Actually I want you to come with. Sorry guys but this vampire won't join you in your coffins this morning" She said smiling silly.

"Aggh, Bella! How many times do I have to tell you that I do not sleep in a coffin, and even if I did would never ever share it with Emmet."

"Shut up Eddie, besides why should I share a coffin with you if I can share it with that sexy bombshell I call my wife"

"Stop it you two". She said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. She could easily giver her Esme a run for her money."Now you two be good boys. Emmet go inside and you Edward come with me"

We got into the truck and remembering my resolution from earlier I decided not to pester her with questions. This was surely related to her little secret. After a little while we arrived to trail that headed to meadow and eyed it suspiciously.

"Can I know now where are you taking me my love" - I asked trying not to let a small laugh

"I suppose that since you'll be the one keeping me from harm you should know." She was beaming by this point "We are going picnicking!" In that moment a basket a hadn't noticed before appeared in her hands.

"Oh really?" I said with an amused smile. "Then what are we waiting for?".

And with those words I picked her up bridal style and started to walk towards the meadow


I heard Bella starting the truck. Lord know how long she will be out. And everything just to please this guy Edmond. As if anyone was worthy of my baby girl. I was wary of him after the whole Phoenix accident. I knew that Bella was clumsy, but there was a difference between clumsy tripping all the time and clumsy I fell out of window. I was sure Bella is not the second type. I got lost in my thoughts trying to find way to keep my daughter from that boy that I was only slightly aware of the sound of the phone ringing in the background. After the fourth ring I was able to snap out of the thoughts and answer the phone.

"Swan Family" I said lazily. I heard a chuckle and I know instantly who it was.

"Hey Billy, how are things going?"

"Hahaha and yet I was thinking you weren't going to recognize me. Everything is fine down here. How about you. Have gone fishing lately?"

"Good, good," I said chuckling " Actually I was meaning to ask you if you wanted to go fishing tomorrow? The fish season is getting good right now.I can call Harry and let him know."

"Actually, there's so meeting I need to tell you."

"Go ahead"

"Well..mmm… it is not a very good idea to say it over the phone. Care to come here tomorrow to see your old friend Billy?"

"Sure, sure. Would you mind if I bring Bella and some beers? We can watch the Sea-hawks vs the Patriots game while she spends some time with Jacob. It would do her good to get out tomorrow."

"No, it would be better if she doesn't come along. Grown up issues are not for children to hear".

"OK see you tomorrow":

After that I hung up I realized that things surely sounded weird but I knew that Billy was being serious and it rally sounded important and when being that way he was not one to start messing around.

I guess that my plans to go fishing tomorrow just went down the toilet.