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The woman approached Edward slowly and gracefully.

She was not afraid, she knew what he was. He posed no threat to her. If she so wanted she could disarm him.

She was more concerned about the others in the house. While she could handle one or two vampires on her own six were to much for her.

The only advantage they had over her in this moment was their super hearing. She could stay out of the visions that came to the tiny being but she could not keep them from hearing. She just had to be really careful while picking Edward.

She was not happy about this. Not a little bit.

Besides the point that those lunatics were playing with the stability of the universe as if it was a game, she hated to go out of the woods she called home. No one but her own race could bother her there and that was perfect since she usually wanted to be left alone.

She only agreed to do this because the queen had explicitly asked her do so. Her orders were to pick this man and bring him to her majesty's presence as soon as possible.

The spell she casted over him. He was out and would not recover his senses unless she decided it was prudent to wake him up.

It was no great effort to pick him up. The decision was wether to jump in front of the house and run from there or to take impulse and land on one of the tress far into the forest. Either way she was going to make enough noise to alert the others of a strange presence near them.

She decided that best thing she could do was to jump as far as possible. That way it would be harder to be found. They could approximate her position but they wouldn't be able to know exactly where she was.

She moved effortlessly to the other side of the room and ran towards the open window. Her feet were so light it seemed she was flying. They barely touched the ground.

The jump took her 40 meters forward and she landed on a branch. It would confuse her adversaries if they didn't know wether she was running or jumping from tree to tree. For a few seconds she focused her attention on the house she left behind.

She could hear the confusion of voices and mixed set of feet moving around. Any second now they would arrive to the boys room only to discover him missing. In no time her hunting would start.

The place that connected her home with this was not so far away. Once there no now could follow her unless they know the enchantment that could open the portal to her world.

Her focus was divided by intervals. Every few seconds she would take in her surroundings and then she would try to hear the vampires that were already giving chase to the unknown enemy.

It was a cycle that repeated itself over and over again.

They were faster than she thought but she could outrun them if she did her best effort. The inconspicuous arch formed by the trees in this clearing was in front of her. There was no need to shout her words. Whispering them clear enough would suffice.

"Asptere kuhpto xirso"

She could see the portal forming itself. If by any chance one of the vampires stumbled upon this place before the it could close itself they would only be able to see trees since it worked like a mirror.

All the luck of the universe must be with them if they somehow managed to get into Feirlen.

She kept on running until she could feel the magic of her people surrounding her. And not even then she felt completely at ease. She would not stop until she carried her precious cargo to her majesty.

She didn't know how many people knew about what was going on and she didn't want to compromise herself for hiding or talking about something she had no power of.

She kept walking until she arrived to the big doors leading to the queen's throne room. She was always there amusing her court. She only left it to go to her chambers or to attend matters of the outmost importance.

She didn't dare to enter with the man she had in her arms so she decided to left him in the council room before going to retrieve the queen.

But unknown to her Queen Æsir was already on her way. She knew every single movement of her subjects without them knowing it. She had learned a long time ago that the best way to defeat your enemies and have control of her kingdom was to keep her most useful abilities to herself.

The regal queen was beautiful. She was taller than any human being and the way she moved let others know she was no commoner. She liked to show her slender neck and her of the curve of her back that somehow made her look as delicate as a flower.

But her more striking assets were her eyes. Green like the color of the leaves. Her hair was brown shade that matched her eyes. The eyes that showed she was everything but delicate. The only warning you could get from this woman the moment she decided you had no right to keep on living.

This meeting was going to be interesting for sure. Not as she had planned but interesting. Even though knew Esra was her most careful and loyal subject she knew that she wasn't perfect.

Thats the reason why the curious vampire-doctor had been able to come into her realm. He was not going to put any resistance and maybe it would be even better to speak with him first and let him handle the stubborn guy she had in possession.

In the exact moment she saw Esra closing the doors of the council room she spotted her guards escorting the man that managed to follow her. From this moment she had to take the reigns of the situation.

"Guards, please leave. This man here is a guest of us, just like his companion. From now on you have to treat him in the way he deserves. You are dismissed."

The man arched his eyebrows, letting the queen know his was clearly amused by the situation but at the same time telling me that he was going to give her a chance to explain.

"Please Dr. Cullen follow me and I'll tell you all the thing your heart desire."

She opened the door of the room until to see Esra putting the other vampire on the ground in the most comfortable position she could think of.

"My dear Esra thank you for helping me. But form now on I'll take charge of this situation. However don't go to far away, I may need you sooner rather than later.

Esra just bowed before leaving the room.

"Now Dr. Cullen, please take a seat. I know you have a lot of questions you want answered but I ask you to hear my story first. If you have any more questions after that I'll promise you I'll answer."

"I am willing to obey your request as long as you allow me to know who I am speaking with" said the doctor.

" I am Æsir, Queen of the Elves and one of the Supreme Rulers of the Unkown. Of your Race only two know of our existence so far and if I am not mistaken only is no longer among us.

My story starts at the beginning of time. Just like you Elves can live on forever and I am not only one of the Oldest but one of the few that remember the secrets that keep this world together.

Many millenniums ago all of us used to co-exist in this place. Each of us had responsibility. Dwarfs were to take care of the earth, us elves had to take care of the nature the mer people had to watch over the seas. Humans were rare at the time and usually sided with one or another clan.

Vampires just kept to themselves, their purpose only to maintain the balance among the species that had no predator in this world. And so the other species had their own labor to attend.

How we ended in this place no one remembers but since we were not sure for how long we could roam this place we decided to take the very essence of us and keep it away from prying eyes.

But the humans that knew no better and had access to every essence decided to experiment with them which ended in chaos. Evil as we know it attacked us making us regret the decision we were so sure of.

The rulers of every kind decided that since our essences couldn't be destroyed they had to be put away in a place that no one, specially the humans, could find.

The Mer King guided us to this island too hidden at the end of the world for others to know about. He promised on his life to keep it protected if we left our souls there.

The Dwarfs not wanting to be left behind decided to build the biggest fortress the island could have, constructing aisles and halls to keep the most important chambers out of reach.

Us Elves decided to put a spell on it, so if anyone without good intentions wanted to enter the only thing he would be able to find was death. Only those with with the chosen mark could enter and not suffer any harm since all of us had evil inside. Only those my the purest hearts can do that.

This story leads me to my point. Those shape shifters that roam the world can bring it to destruction if the do not stop their nonsense. The hatred towards your race has consumed them in the worst way possible, not letting them see the truth as it is.

They want to take the girl to this island and leave her there until she conceives to their prince. She'll have to take some decisions that could alter the outcome of our reality. We have to stop them as soon as possible.

This prince I am talking about we'll go mad once he steps foot in the place and the caretakers of the place will look only after the essences not caring at all what can he do to her as long as he doesn't meddle with their business.

We can only do our best but we need help. We need all the help we can afford and that is the reason you are here."

She stopped talking. For her that was all the information she needed. But she that her race thought differently to others and that made her sure that good doctor had some questions of his own.

"Your majesty, as much as I understand the parts of our origins and that the Wolves want to get rid of us I still don't understand what this has to do with Bella or Edward."

"That is a very good question. You see there is a prophecy that says that the girl that links the worlds can be used as a weapon of destruction if played in the right way. We have reasons to believe that this girl is the Bella you are talking about."

"What about Edward?"

" His role in this game is to save her. Luckily enough he was born with the mark so he can save her by going into the fortress. I think it would do more good than wrong if he was the one to save her.

Love is a very powerful thing Dr. Cullen and I would be a fool to underestimate it"

Carlisle Cullen was confused. He could not believe that the fate of the world rested on Bella's back. If Edward wasn't a vampire he would definitely have a coronary after hearing this news.

"Why didn't you attack me when you found out about my presence?"

"I could answer with another question. Why didn't you bring the others if you had the chance? I think your answer is the same as mine. You wanted to do what could happen without risking your kin. Besides I consider it prudent to have you explain everything to this stubborn man " She said pointing to Edward. "It would make things easier."

"What is the role we have to play in this affair?"

"It depends on the outcome"

"Please care to elaborate your Majesty."

Carlisle was only starting to understand the gravity of the matter. He knew this must have been important and serious if the Queen of Elves decided to intervene. He was sure that they guarded their identity as much as vampires guarded theirs.

The queen realized that if she wanted this man to help he couldn't drop everything t the same time. Her best weapon was to let him ask the questions he deemed important instead of stuffing him with unnecessary information.

"I won't lie to you. The worst thing that could happen is a war between species and that would eventually lead to chaos. If we move quickly and cautiously we can avoid all that drama. But we need all the help we can get.

I know you care about the girl and that is why I am asking for your help. It would be terrible if the wrong ears were to get hold of this information. I want you to help us 'take the bull by the horns' so to speak."

"I cannot answer for my family but you can count me in. Please bring them hear so I can explain everything to them. I will answer for their action."

"I will comply to your plea good doctor. But while I do that you have a lot to discuss with this young man here."

The Queen left the room but not before making the spell Esra put on the man go away.

Edward woke up from his lethargy confused. He didn't know where he was or how he ended here. His surroundings were totally unknown to him.

The only thing that made him stay calm instead of going crazy was the fact that Carlisle's thought were invading his mind, telling him to relax.

"Carlisle please tell me were I am"

Carlisle needed no more. He asked Edward to sit in front of him before retelling the story of Æsir.

Edward didn't speak. He just sat there absorbing the information his father was giving him as a sponge.

It didn't take a lot of time for him to internalize everything. There was no doubt in his mind that he was turned into vampire just to be with Bella and nothing was going to change that.

He didn't care wether the elves or his family helped. If they did good for them but if not he wouldn't think twice before going to save her on his own.

Even if it costed him his life.

He would do anything to save her. A world without Bella had no purpose nor sense.

Before he could comment on his plans the rest of the Cullen family appeared. They expression shown by each one of them was so different and yet so similar. The queen was with them, but for Edward she was only a stranger.

He sat in a corner while Carlisle told once again the story he had just heard. He could hear the minds of everybody. Just Rosalie was not willing to cooperate.

And he wouldn't force her.

Just when the stranger stood up and was about to approach them the door of the room opened just to show the stranger Edward remembered seeing before collapsing.

However she was paler than he remembered and there was not doubt that she was agitated. He could see in her mind a rare figure and all the thoughts associated with her made her fear.

Before anyone could ask her what was going on she spoke.

"Kileah is back, your Majesty"

The stranger blanched and gasped before emitting a single sound.


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