"Bako- be a good boy for me."

Those were the words that hit my nerve- struck a cord in my heart. Made me was to die. I hoped that- my mother would live long enough- not to say such a thing. But- a disease plagued her- slowly but steadily killing her. I hired the best doctors- took her to every planet, where they proscribed something different. All these medications she had taken- it had helped- lengthened her life by a measly 30 minutes at most- but I could no longer deny the facts in front of me.

My mother, was dying.

She'd lost all will to live. How?

It all started when my father was alive.

I remember how mother would sit in his lap as he worked. It always made me wonder- how can you care for someone as my mother did, when they can't care in the exact same way?

My mother would kiss my father- but he's never kiss back- he couldn't. She'd sing him to sleep with her lovely voice, and he made sure she was immortal. No Jedi alive, knew my mother was the wife of General Grievous. They all thought she was his 'war trophy'. But she wasn't.

She loved children- but my father couldn't have any. So, she took some of his DNA, and implanted it in herself.

My father- he cared about her and her alone- doing whatever it took, to support her. He knew I was there- some times, he'd pat me on the head, sometimes he'd take me to a park on a far away planet (if my mother came). But other than that, he was hardly there.

When he died- my mother was crushed. But, she devoted herself to me. I just wish I could help her- but this disease is uncurable.

I can only sit back and watch her die.

She always said- that anger doesn't get you anywhere in life, aside from powering your own selfish lust for blood shed and carnage. But I felt like punching a wall- I felt like- killing something.

"No, Bako." She whispered, reaching up, touching my forehead. The thoughts of violence were erased, and her hand fell slowly, back to her side. "Don't think such things." She smiled. "At least think happy things- for me?"

"I already have plans to remember you, mother. I'll finish your droid designs."

"You don't have to- those were just doodles anyway-" I flashed her a page of her super detailed and artistic 'doodle'

"This is a DOODLE?! I belongs in a museum, mother!" She laughed lightly.

"I'll miss you- Bako. You've been such a good boy." At this, I cried.

I cried like a small child who had hurt themself. My mother's voice did not reach me- nor did comforting words ease the unbearable pain. But she stood up- even in her weakened state- and hugged my head. My heart skipped a beat at this- "I know you're in pain. I have to go, but I'll watch you from whereever I may be, Bako. Always remember, that I wanted nothing but the best for you. So when I ask you to find someone who makes you feel special- makes your heart skip a beat at a single kiss- don't just forget me. We are meant to die, but one day, I will be reborn- the universe never wastes anything, but recycles everything." She kissed my forehead tenderly, and smiled. "I hope you can find someone- girl or boy- where you can have the same type of bond as your father and I did- do that for me, please-"

The old clock chimmed, and moonlight shone in and enveloped her in a heavenly light. My mother looked so beautiful- think of me as demented if you will- in her time of death. She died with a smile on her face, and slowly dissolved into butterflies. The windows opened, and they flew out, into the night. There was a clink of something fallign to the floor, but I didn't care- I chased those butterflies to the window sill as yelled for her to stay. I was selfish and cruel for wanting to keep her from a better life whhere there was no such thing as sickness-

I often wondered if angels died- and that night, was the first time I saw fist-hand, the death of an angel.

I cried to myself, and stepped back, looking down, seeing the necklace she wore, on the ground. I picked it up and stared at it, sparkiling in the moonlight on my palm.

I'd never liked my father- but that was the night I vowed to live up to his legacy- No matter the cost.

Death Bringer, Bako

Chapter 1

The Promise

'Haha- Jedi Scum'- General Grievous

It crawled up the wall like a spider- looking around for any unwelcomed visitors, before cutting a circle in the glass with it's sharp claw and pushing it out. The creature slipped in and landed on the floor of the museum. Unfortunately, it was the latest model of its kind- so it was stupid- and had tripped the security beam, resulting in a light being flashed on it. It hissed and covered its face, as a pair of Jedi jumped into view.

"It's Grievous!" One yelled, making the creature, who was mistaken for a late Sith General, snarled. It jumped onto the window it had entered from, and slipped out. "Don't let him get away!" One Jedi yelled, chasing after the creature which had just jumped onto the back of a Condor Dragon, and flew off. "Damn it, he got away again!" The other Jedi looked around and saw one of the valuable silver shields were missing. "And he got away with another silver piece!"

"What's he up too?"

&% Grievous's Lair %&

'Grievous is back! Another Silver trinket is stolen!'

The droids' Master threw down the newspaper from their throne, making the droids flinch. "What the fuck? I tell you not to get caught, GSD-007, and what do you do? GET CAUGHT!!" They snarled. The droid glared at him. "God this is so damn hard-" Their master clutched the silver cross around his neck tightly. "How can I think, when there are so may glitches it you? So many- problems. You're not like him at all!" Their master growled angrilly. "Go- find information on Sith General Grievous- anything you can find- and perfect yourselfves! Repent for the sins you have seen and commited today, my minions. For soon- the Grand Design will be accomplished, and you shall all be perfected, in the immage of the General of the Droids." The Grievous clones looked and bowed.

"Yes." They all said, before marching off.

They stood up, looking around at the many statues of his father. His father...King of Cruel- looked so noble in these statues. The Droid Master sighed, walking out of the throne room, and into a smaller, dungeon-like room, and watched as the recently returned droid, put the silver shield it had stolen, into the furnace. He walked up behind it and watched, as the smith droid melted it down into a hot, liquidy substance. The droid took it and poured it into a mold made of pure diamond, in the shape of an angel.

"Its almost complete-" Their master siad, smiling at the droid. "Smith- how much longer before it can be hung in the throne room?"

"3 days for the mold to finish. 2 for it to cool. 4 days time if you still wish for it to be jeweled." Their master smiled giddily.

"Of course I want it jeweled! Use the gems from the treasurey- my mother liked amethyst. " They clutched the cross around their neck. "It was the gem on the ring my father got her, when they renewed their vows." Their tone- saddened- at the bitter memory.

"I'm sorry, Master. But, I will jewel the statue as you wish." The droid said, making their master smile.

"Thank you- if I am to do the unthinkable, then everything must be perfect-" Suddenly, there was the ringing of a church bell, making them growl. "Another Jedi Raid? When will they learn?!" They vanished and appeared in the throne room- sitting in their throne- ready to welcome their uninvited guests. A squad of Jedi Masters, ran into his lair, as he leaned on his large and demonic scythe- his main weapon of choice- leering at them from ear to ear. "Welcome, Jedi Masters!"

"We followed Grievous here! Where is he?" A Jedi demanded, making him frown.

"Grievous? OH! HIM! Well- he's been in his grave for about- what, 100 years now?"

"Don't be coy with us, Demon!"

"My father always hated you- but my mother showed you the upmost respect- so, I guess I'm the one who waits to be impressed, before you get my kudos, eh?" They said, standing up, sneering at them. "This is a SHRINE to General Grievous- my father- but, no one will ever know that- Because you won't be leaving this place alive, Jedi." The large doors boomed shut, and the windows were closed. "But before I kill you- I'll pray- for a Jedi feast well prepared for my tasting pleasure-" They rose a glass of wine into the rainbow of colors that shone into his fortress from the stainglass window on the wall above and behind his throne, a sadistic smile on his lips. "Cheers!" He said, draining the glass, before setting it down on the arm of his chair. "You don't know how much trouble you've saved me, by coming to me- Don't worry, I'll stock pile your bones lovingly. Just like the last Jedi who came- I'll summon you from the dead when it's worth it."

&% Three Days' later, Republic Jedi Council Room, Corusant. %&

The Jedi Masters were worried- the squadrant they had sent to Grievous's Lair had not responded back. If they sent more, the same thing would happen. They couldn't afford to send the best, but museums were still being raided of large pieces of pure soild silver. They would be relics of medival armor or a single monarch's necklace- if it was pure silver, it was stolen. They expected another raid- but it was midnight- the Grievous imposters were punctual and appeared only on moonlit nights at 10 pm. The robbing took less than two minutes, jedi or not, and it was over. They decided that they'd send an eager youngling to check thinks out- the Grievous imposters only attacked things that averaged to their own size- not children. So, they picked a small, cute youngling (Female) and sent her off.

&% Grievous's Lair %&

"But why do I have to go in alone, Master Jedi?"

"Please do not argue, Anna, just go- you've being a very brave young girl and accepting this important mission!" The wiser Jedi said, making the small girl blush- young and naive.

"I-I am?"

"Yes- now go in there and get your mission done!" She smiled, nodding, determination burned in her eyes, as she ran to the front doors. She knocked on it lighlty, and the door opened, groaning and creaking as it did, until it was wide enough for her to venture it. Hesitant and scared, she cautiously stepped forward. Nothing happened. Another cautious step forward. The door closed, leaving her in darkness. Fear swept over her, hearing stange noises all around her, before she collapsed to the floor and cried. Suddenly, shadows jumped out from every where, and surrounded her.

"Are you ok, little one?" They all aske in the save voice, making her look up. They were all- droids. Really tall and big and weird looking ones with yellowish eyes. They all helped her up, before there was a clanking noise.

"Watcha got there, drones?" The droids parted to let an older one get a look at her. "Oh- hello little miss- how'd you get in here?"

"Door open for her- girl come inside. Door close. Girl got scared." One of them said, the others agreeing.

"Well- The master calls me Smith- I work downstairs. These are the drones- the Master's many droids made after Grievous. And this is Grievous's Lair- the Master was raised here all his life." Smith told the girl. "Would you like to see the fortress?" She blushed, and quickly stood up, noticing a tall, handsome man behind Smith.

"Smith- who is this child?" They asked, looking at her. Smith jumped, turning around. "Well? What is her name?"

"I-I don't know. T-The drones found her-"

"Hm-" The male walked forward and crouched down in front of the girl, smiling charmingly. "You're up quite high for a little girl. What's you name, cutie?"

"A-Anna!" She stammered hastily.

"Well- Anna- you're the guest of Honor! We've been waiting for a princess like you to arrive!" She blushed harder. "So why don't you stay here- until your daddy comes to pick you up?"

"B-But I'm on a mission-" She whispered.

"Please, Anna?" They said, looking at her sadly. "Please- I haven't had anyone to play with in so long. My mommy died and I made all these droids so I wouldn't be lonely anymore- but I'm so lonely. No one comes to visit me way up here." They said, tearing up. Anna teared up too and hugged them.

"Don't cry, mister!" She said. "Anna will play with you!" They smirked and hugged her.

"Thank you, Anna- and call me- Kit- ok?" They smiled sinisterly, rubbing her back gently. "Now, come on, Anna!" They stood up, picking her up as well, laughing lightly. "I have a lot of dolls in my Play House! It's perfect for a girl like you! You'll love it!" Anna giggled and agreed.

The drones stood back, watching, as they master vanished with the small child-

God knows what they'd do- but one thing was almost clear.

&% Next Day %&

The Jedi returned for the small child and went up to the doors. They knocked and the door opened, letting them slip in. Suddenly, Grievous materialized from the heavy shadows. The Jedi whipped out their lightsaber, taking an offensive position. "I'm here for Anna-"

"She's right here." Another voice said, materializing from the shadows as well- the small Youngling in their care, their hands on her shoulders. "I see your Papa came to pick you up, Anna. I guess you'll have to go now, dear."

"But I don't want to!"

"Now, now, Anna, don't complain." They said, gently pushing her towards the Jedi. The Jedi took her hand in his, Anna looked back at him.

"I'm sorry."

They smiled. "It's ok- but, before you leave, will you promise me something?" Anna nodded. "Promise- that you'll come see me- when you get older- ok?" They summoned up a teddy bear from dark magic and smiled, handing it to her. "Until then, Anna, take care of Mokka, ok?" She nodded, taking the bear, and pecking him on the cheek, as he crouched down to her level.

"Go to the ship, Anna." The Jedi said, sending her off.

"If you ever- send a Youngling to me- I'll never return them, Jedi." They said. "This place is a death trap unsuitable for small children. I only wish for Jedi to come play in my garden-" They sneered, looking at the Jedi. "But- Anna- I like her. I predict she's the kind of girl I could 'settle down' with." They smiled so sickeningly sweet- it was pain for the Jedi. "Stay off these lands, unless you want a swift death- like your friends."


Theyu only smiled, as the Jedi was thrown out by 'Grievous'. "Tell Anna I'm looking forward to seeing her again." The door closed in the Jedi's face. Suddenly, chains and locks and incantation seals, materialized on the door.

"Master Jedi, when can I see Kit again? He's so very kind!" Anna said sweetly. The Jedi got back to the small ship, after tryign to take off the locks- lightsaber proof. The glass slide over them both, as the Jedi sat down. Anna looked up to see Kit sitting on top of the wall that had the door, holding a huge bone sickle. They smiled and waved at her. She smiled and waved back, as the small ship zoomed off. They opened their mouth a little- and sang a lullaby that his mother once sang to him.

"Time will pass me by,

I'll wait for you.

Things will die,

but I'll wait for you.

Every waking moment,

you're not here.

I'm crying over you,

wish you'd come back.

But I'll wait forever-

just to see you again."

He closed his mouth, sighing, before yawning. "Well, time to rest- I've got to get ready- 15 years go by so fast- I'll have to make her a room." They vanished into their fortress- bound and sealed. No one would come to see him again-