Death Bringer, Bako

Chapter 4

~Jedi Juggling in Coruscant~

The creature looked around the starship hanger, finding their old star ship. "How long have I been in that damn coffin?" He wondered aloud, going over to the starship, before he heard foor steps. On instinct, they reached for their belt- but their weapons were not there. So, they leapt behind theit old star ship, as two figures entered. A male, taller than the female that he dragged by the wrist

"Let me go!" She yelled in protest, as the cock pit to another star ship, opened, and he picked her up, while she screamed for him to put her down.

"Now, now, we're going to Coruscant, Don't you want to know how your fellow Jedi are doing, Anna?" He asked smugly, standing there, a huge scythe, with him. The weapon was all red- aside from the blade. On the joint that connected the blade to the scythe, there was a glowing, green eye, that actually blinked, and sprouting from the other side of the staff, opposite the blade, were crimson feathers- as if the weapon was actually some type of bird. "Hurry now, move so I can get in."

"NO! You're going to slaughter people! I won't move!"

"Anna, I only desire to take you shopping. As much as I'd like to see you wearing my mother's clothes, I don't believe they're really your style, so, I am taking you to get things you will wear. Now please move, so I may get in-"

"There's no room in here for you! It's a one passenger ship!" She whined, and he grinned, his scythe transforming into a dangle earring, which he put on his left ear.

"Ah, but you will be sitting in my lap, dearest Anna." He chuckled, jumping up, picking her up, before getting in, and setting her on his lap, the glass sliding over them. "Take care not to move too much, or we will surely crash." He laughed, the hanger opening, and the ship getting into the air, before leaving. They decided to get in their own ship and followed them.


"Thank you." Anna said, as Bako carried numerous of boxes and bags. He smiled at her.

"Ah, its fine." Bako smiled. "I'll call over a drone with a cargo ship to get my own ship and your purchases." Bako said, and with that, a drone appeared with a cargo ship. The back opened up, and Bako put the purchases in it, before the back closed and they drove off.

"How will you get back?!" Anna asked. "You don't have a ship now!"

"Ah! But you're wrong, dearest Anna." Bako smiled. "Why, I plan everything ahead of time." He chuckled. "Don't worry, we will definitely be returning to my fortress. Since your shopping is out of the way, I will go on with what I desire to do. If you desire to leave, I will call back that drone, and you can go back to my fortress with him."

"No!" Anna snapped, making him blink. "I'm going to m sure- you don't kill off the entire Jedi Council!" He blinked once more, before grinning.

"Of course, why else would you agree to come with me?" He muttered simply, before walking past her.

(Jedi Temple)

He walked right on in, Anna at his heels. A Jedi looked up, and gasped. "Anna!" they exclaimed, and she looked at him and smiled, going over to him and hugging him. Bako watched with half-way closed eyes, as she affectionately embraced her fellow Jedi. "Anna, where have you been? You jus suddenly up and left! Your Master has been looking for you! Are you well?" She nodded.

"I'm fine. I've been fed well, yes." She answered the Jedi looking at Bako, whose arms were crossed over his chest, a menacing look about him. "Yes, He's been watching over me."

"Ah, thank you sir-"

"Shut up. She's not your pupil, so there is no reason to be thanking me." He said roughly. "Are there any people related to Anna? A Mother? Father?"

"She was taken from her parents when she was young, and raised in isolation. Like the rest." Another voice intervened, and Bako looked forward, Kit Fisto, standing there. "I had a feeling this day would come, but so soon…"

"You committed a crime, that I will not allow to go unpunished, Jedi." Bako told him seriously. "and that was killing my mother. But before her moment of death, she told me to find someone to care for, and thus, I chose Anna. Tell me, who are her parents? I wish to meet them."

"I will tell you no such thing." Fisto retorted sternly. "That information is confidential." Bako grinned, his earring dissolving, as he held out his hand, and his scythe appearing in his grasp, as he grinned.

"All information is stored in the Jedi Archives, yes? Then I will go there and look myself!" Bako proclaimed. "You will not get in my way! The Divine Order is in my favor, on this day of Reincarnation!" Bako declared, crouching slightly. "You are familiar with my father? You visited his fortress once- I revamped the interior- my parents both worked on it." He raised his scythe. "Maybe you'll come see it in hell!" Bako snarled, bringing down the scythe with enough power in its attack, to split the ground, all the way between Fisto's feet. He jumped to the side, as several other Jedi; fell into the chasm, which opened up to a lava pit. Shelves of books, fell victim as well, and Anna screamed, as the entire temple, began to tilt down wards, towards the crevice. Anna screamed, as she slid down, before rolling not her stomach, and catching the edge of the broken floor, holding on for dear life, as her fellow Jedi , either saves themselves, or attmpted to help her. Bako glared the at them. "Leave her!" He shouted, before looking at Kit Fisto, grinning, gesturing to her. "Let's play a game. Humans are predictable, in their last moments of Death. Whoseever nbame she calls first- may go rescue her, being dealt no penalty fromt he opponet, while doing so, while placing her on higher grounds." Anna whimpered, Fisto looking at her, before lookign at Bako.

"You're mad!" He exclaimed, and Bako grinned.

"I'm curious!" He chuckled, glancing at her, as her hold on the edge of the floor, began to weaken, the heat from the lava making her palms sweaty and slippery, on holding onto the marble. "Ah...looks like she's about to go in." Anna slipped further down, yelping, as the lava licked the bottome of her shoe hungrily. Fisto made a move towards her, but Bako's scythe blocked the way. "Ah, ah, ah, Jedi. The Penalty for betraying the rules of my game, is a swift death." Bako warned, Fisto pulling back, watching helplessly, as Anna tried to climb back up, but failed pitifully, not having enough upper arm strength, to flip herself up, like her fellow Jedi Knights. "Now- who are anna's parents? Where can I find their names- in the Jedi archives?"

"The children ar collected form the parents, who willingly give their children to-"

"Don't give me that CRAP!" bako snarled. "Your apprentice is about to die, and you're still telling me the same bullshit?" Bako demanded. "Very well, you've given me no choice, but to up the stakes." Bako said, holding his left hand to the crease in the floor, before tilting it, the slope of the floor, becoming higher, before Fisto yelled out, "ALRIGHT!" Bako grinned, tilting his hand back to normal, the slope decreasing to what it had been, Anna even closer to death now.

"The parent's names are Joe and Kimberly Jashi!" Fisto said, and Bako nodded.

"Thank you for your contribution. Now, the game can resume." Bako crossed his arms. "I've predicted the out come, and she will call your name since-"

"BAKO!" Bako blinked, looking at the crevice, as Anna slipped even lower, screaming his name once more, confusing him, but in a flash, her had wrapped his arm around her waist, and jumped onto a book shelf, setting her down.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Bako demanded. "You were to call your Master's name, and I was to leave!" Bako snarled at her angrily, before she reached up and hugged his neck, as Fisto jumped onto another book shelf, adjacent to the one they were on. "Damn it, you've altered the course of Destiny, you stupid girl!" Bako glanced at the Jedi lunging at him, but summoned up Harvest, and parried his attack. "You're obviously mistake for calling my name, but if you're desprate to get out of here, stay close to me." He told her, before being locked in a vicious clash between his Loyal Harvest, and the Jedi Master's devoted Light saber. "Harvest, rid me of this trouble some lock with this Jedi!" Bako called, the closed eye on the back of his blade, opened, revealign a glowing, green demon eye, before it looked at the Jedi, and glared at him, and suddenly, the blade glowed and their light saber was sapped of its strength. The eye then closed, and Bako took a swing at fist, severing his hand from his wrist, in a single slice. Anna grabbed the back of his cloak.

"Stop it, Bako! Leave Master Fisto alone now! More than half the Jedi are dead!" Anna cried, and he looked back at her, before looking forward.

"Tch. Fine. But know this Jedi. If you even step foot on the grounds of my fortress, I will eliminate you." Bako turned around, picking Ana up, and jumping down fromt he bookshelf, to the floor, the chasm, sealing up, as he left, but suddenly, outside of the temple, he pulled out a remote, and pressed a button on it, before tossing it carelessly into the Jedi Temple. The entire building shook violently, before the two pillars closest to the door, blew up, and crashed in front of the door, blocking the Jedi from following him or Anna. He carried her to a hanger for the Jedi Star ships, and got in a black one (his own), setting her down in his lap, before getting into the air. At the last moment, he turned asround, and blew up the hanger bay with a missile, before flying out of the plantet's atmosphere, and into space.

"That was a horrible thing you did, Bako!" Anna snapped, and he groaned.

"You turned over the tables of Fate. That was a foolish thing you did. It had predicted you would pick your Master, and then I'd have to fight for you, and I was prepared. Your choosing me, threw me off so bad, that I had to wing it." Bako told her, punching in somethings on the ships's navagation panel, before the seat was lowered back, and she laid back with him. "I've set the ship on auto-pilot, but we will be there shortly, Anna." Bako told her, and she laid against his chest. "Several hours ago, you hated me with a passion, and now, you are lying on top of me. Ironic, itsn't it?" Bako murmured, as she closed her eyes. Bako groaned, thinking that maybe- he had gotten himself into something that he shouldn't have. Girls- were such trouble.

The creature following them, was surprised, that their relative has become such a blood-thirsty killer. To toy with the Jedi's lives as he pleased. The creature silently frumed, on why he didn't have that type of confidence when he was alive. But then-


It was all her. He had no part in the boy's life, really, aside from giving his DNA to her, to create the boy. She was so happy, and so was the creature, because it got to see her bright and lovely smiles. The creature turned the ship around, in the direction of Coruscant, and chuckled. "Congradulations...Son." He smirked, before going into light speed and vanishing into Space.