This is my third fanfic that I've tried, and after the slight success of Rosalie's Exboyfriend (If you call reviews from my cousin a success) I decided to try a Sweep fanfic and see how it goes. I am very exited about it. I hope you enjoy it.


Sky was at work and Morgan was spending time with her sister. I had nothing to do.

It was very rare that I was bored. I was always doing something to occupy myself. Thinking about my parents, going on missions, spending time with Morgan…but now I had nothing to do.

I was so bored that I even considered calling Cal just so I could argue with him. That's saying something because I hate Cal's guts.

Morgan seems to like him, though. I really can't tell why. Luckily she doesn't like him enough to choose him over me.

I thought happily of all the times I could rub it in his face for a while. Eventually I began to tire of even that. I knew I had to get out of the house.

I didn't know what I would do. My only friends were the other members of Kithic. I was strange that way. Cal was friends with everybody on his first day and here I was, bored.

So I drove around for a while, not really going anywhere. Suddenly I began to panic. My senses went on alert. What could it be that was freaking me out?

I realized that I was by the woods. I stopped the car and bolted for their safety. All I knew was that I had to get away. But from what? What was it that was making me run? I stopped caring. I had to get to the woods. Somehow I knew that once I got to the woods, I would be safe.

I always wondered about these feelings. Most of the time they were right, but every once in a while they let me down. I knew this one had let me down, because as soon as I reached the first tree I couldn't move.

"Well, well, well," said a female voice. "If it isn't Giomanach."

Uh-Oh. (Suspenseful music)