McGee: Well sometimes Tony it's not always the best policy to be tough; it can end up costing you more in the long run…


"Guess being tough paid off after all, eh Probie?"

McGee had just gotten the call that his car was ready when Tony's comment stopped him mid-stride. "Seems that way."

"Seems that way? Being tough got you out of a room with fifteen crazy chicks…not to mention your car back…paying less than you thought."

Tim shook his head. "It also got me maced in the face, my finger almost cut off and an upset stomach…"

"Yeah…" Tony agreed. "But Abby liked it."

McGee smiled slowly. "Yeah, she did didn't she?"

Ziva had to chime in. "Women also like men who are sensitive Tony…it is not all about the big tough guy who will protect us…"

"That's because you don't need a big tough guy to protect you Zee-Vah…" Tony countered. "Besides, any woman I've met has loved it."

"That is why you are still single yes?"

Tony placed a hand over his heart and fell back obnoxiously on his chair. "Ouch…that hurt."

Tim couldn't help but smile before moving towards the elevator. "See you guys tomorrow."

"Good night McGee." Ziva sent him a smile; leaving no doubt that she was indeed proud of his actions earlier that day.

Tony lifted his hand pitifully; still acting as though he'd be shot in the heart. "G'night Probie…"

Ziva made her way over and handed him a napkin. "Put this over your wound. It will help."

Tony took a few dire gasps before flopping onto his desk motionless. Ziva simply patted his head before Gibbs strode in.

"What's wrong with DiNozzo?"

She couldn't resist. "He is dead."

Gibbs managed a small smile before taking a seat. "COD?"

"A wounded heart."

Gibbs sipped at his coffee. "Figures."