Ziva: He is alive?


"What if I hadn't?" Tim mused, breaking the silence of the bull pen.

Ziva looked up; one of the few occupants in the dimmed office. "If you hadn't what McGee?"

"You know, if I hadn't…"

She was confused by his refusal to finish the statement and walked over to him; placing herself comfortably on the edge of his desk. "Bat got your tongue?"

He stifled a laugh. "I would've missed that."

She quickly deduced what he'd been trying to say and smiled slowly. "We would have missed you McGee."

Tim wasn't surprised by her deduction. "Really?"

"Of course. And I have no doubt I would have killed Tony within a week. Without you I do not know how much of him I could take…"

Tim laughed again. "I guess I was just…never mind."

"It is normal to think such things McGee. I found myself doing it often…after dangerous missions."

"Did you do it after…" He resisted finishing yet again.

"Yes," she replied simply. "I believe everyone does it. Even Gibbs."

"Yeah, I guess it just seems kinda of selfish. Wondering if people would miss you if you're gone."

She disagreed. "I do not think so McGee. Is it not said that a man is measured by how many people miss him when he is gone?"

He looked up at her fondly. "You're wise beyond your years Ziva."

"Are you calling me old?"

He stifled a laugh before standing up. "God, I would've missed you…" He finished the statement without even thinking and was afraid to hear her response.

She stood up along with him, and smiled. "And I you Tim."