A/N: This is the third story in my Angela and Jasper saga. First is Running through Rainstorms then Forever My Angel, but this can be read as a stand-alone piece. This is just a prologue to set the story and tie in the others, so please don't judge solely on this. Because of writer's block this story is on-going, read and review if you get the chance! Thanks so much for all the people that have been with me on this so far, everyone who has read and reviewed and followed through my own saga. Much love to you all xx


Angela squeezed her eyes tighter together as she woke up. Even with eyes closed she could still tell it was daylight out, and the various noises coming from around the house made it impossible for her to think, let alone get back to sleep.

She sighed in defeat and opened her eyes. She was right when she had thought it was daytime, light was streaming in under the door and she could hear Emmett downstairs whooping in victory over some game or another. Sleep had definitely been out of the question.

When she looked over beside her on the bed she smiled. Jasper was lying completely still on his back with his head facing the ceiling. His eyes were closed and he was sparkling in all places where his skin was bare due to the slither of rare sunlight escaping under a crack in the curtain. If Angela hadn't known any better she would have sworn he was sleeping.

She knew that he was aware she was awake, and she also knew that he was remaining still only for her benefit, probably feeling her gaze. As Emmett's whining began and Rosalie's disputes started downstairs silence fell all over the house. The quiet was so thick that Angela didn't want to ruin it. She snuggled closer to Jasper's side and leant her head on his shoulder. He didn't move or flinch just as she had known he wouldn't.

As Jasper remained a statue, sleeping next to Angela, she gently moved her hand so her fingers could trace lightly around his features. When she got to his mouth she stopped, she loved everything about Jasper, but of all he had to offer she loved his mouth the most. To her it stood out as his best feature; it held his soft southern accent, his voice of red velvet, was the perfect shape and held a tool that could let them remain together forever. The question was did she want him to use it?

"Happy Birthday!" Angela's head jerked up in surprise to watch Rosalie awkwardly manouvering a tray through the door, an excited Emmett close behind her, "I cooked. I can't taste it or anything but I tried."

Angela smiled and tucked a wayward strand of hair behind her ear, turning a thoughtful gaze down towards Jasper as his lips quirked slightly and then all of a sudden she was propped up against his chest to eat, "well it looks lovely, thank you Rose."

"Don't inflate her ego," Jasper whispered good naturedly into her ear, well aware that all of the occupants of the house would be able to hear him, "she walked in and I could feel the pride cutting through the air already."

"Don't be nasty," Angela giggled slightly and lightly placed a tap to Jaspers arm, gently manoeuvring around the burnt edges of her pancakes, "she could probably take you, y'know."

"Hah! Definitely," Emmett laughed as he unceremoniously dumped himself down on the end of the bed, turning Rosalie's happy smirk into a scowl as he continued his speech, "Rose is the scariest person I know."

With a wicked wink Emmett produced a wrapped cube from behind his back, shoving it in its lime green and violet spotted glory towards Ange's face, "Bella and Edward are out, and they wanted us to wait, but we really didn't feel like it."

Angela laughed but placed the package to the side, hugging both of Jaspers adopted siblings and crawling all the way out of the covers, "then I will put my foot down and wait for them anyway."

"You, my dear sister, are no fun." Emmett shook his head in mock disappointment and turned back to his brother, "how you put up with it, I will never know."

"I manage," Jasper smiled softly and turned to look out the window, swallowing audibly, a tell tale sign of what he was going through, "Emmett, we should go set up for later."

Almost without hesitation Emmett was standing, Angela held bridal style in his arms preventing her escape as he situated her back on the bed next to her present and Rose, "you're right! We have to go get ready! And the lovely ladies will just have to remain here, forlorn without our company, waiting for our gallant return. Inside this house. And no entering the backyard under any circumstances!"

"Okay, okay," Angela rolled her eyes and laughed anyway as she noticed Jasper flinch one more time as she blushed, "you boys go hunt, then you go do whatever it is you have to do. I'm sure Rose and I can handle ourselves for a couple of hours."

"That we certainly can," Rose shook her head as Emmett kissed her on the cheek, playfully raising his eyebrows suggestively before disappearing out of the door with a salute, Jasper gave a terse smile and ran a hand of Ange's cheek, disappearing if possible at an ever quicker pace, "necessity and all that," Rose mentioned quietly as she watched the place at the top of the stairs where the boys had disappeared, "nothing else."

"I know," Angela said quietly as she pulled her present back into her lap, "sometimes it's just difficult, but we manage."

She smiled up at Rose with all she had, pulling on the strings of the ribbon holding her gift closed, "You should open it," the blonde motioned to the box with a jut of her chin, "then you and I can get down to business with this whole planning thing."

"Really," Angela murmured with slight intrigue. She had been working on her wedding plans for the past few weeks; the foundations for progress were being set. It had been an interesting six months living with the Cullens' but all obstacles had been overcome so far, and the recovery of her leg had been almost a dream it had gone so fast and so well, yet for all her bravado she knew people could still sense the doubt, the feeling that she was under pressure.

"Well I guess I should just get it over with," Angela smiled and pulled on the bright green ribbon, lifting off the ends of the paper to reveal a plain black box. Opening the lid, nestled inside an abundance of tissue paper was an envelope and another small box.

"If you open the box first, it'll be easier to explain the envelope," Rosalie said helpfully as Angela discarded the original wrappings and pulled the latest revelations into her lap, "then I'll let you go shower and get ready and we'll get out of the boys way."

"Oh god," Angela murmured again as she slipped open the envelope gently, wary of even the slightest possibility of blood since she had been living with Jasper full time, "tickets?"

"Yes," said Rosalie, "plane tickets, four of them actually. We're going to Australia," Angela's mouth dropped open and she began shaking her head, "no objections, you're worth it and its necessary and this is a joint gift from the six of us because we knew you'd be upset otherwise."

"What could possibly be accompanying this?" Angela's eyes continued to rove over the tickets as Rosalie gracefully plucked up the second box and slid it open to reveal a set of car keys, jingling them in the younger girls face for attention, "Rose, I don't drive."

"No you don't, but this car comes complete with a chauffeur and champagne for our pick up from the airport and our trip to this exclusive boutique that Esme and I discovered somewhere in Victoria," Rose smirked again as Angela began to stutter, "We're going dress shopping."