I've decided to attempt the 100 Themes challenge. I've seen a few others' versions and thought I'd try my hand at it, too. I quite apologize if I step on anyone's toes with a similar story, though.

These will be posted as oneshots, out of order. They will not form a continuous story, though a few may be connected to each other, which I will note at the beginning of the shot. I don't write smut at the moment (who knows if I ever will), but there are sexual situations in some of the one's I've already written, and there may be violence if I explore Dark!Booth and/or Brennan's adolescence, so I'm using an M rating. Also, they won't always focus on Booth and/or Brennan.

Also, thanks to SapphireDesire (SD) for indulging in my procrastinatory habits and beta-ing my things and supplying me with the necessary descriptive details that I always forget.

Under the Rain

"I've always wanted to be kissed under the rain."

I was driving her back to the Jeffersonian when she dropped that bombshell.

"What? Where did that come from?" I never know what to do when she says things like this. Most of the time I don't think she realizes that what she says sounds like an invitation. One that's getting harder and harder to refuse.

"From, me, Booth. It came from me. Why? Was it inappropriate?" Confused, as usual. It still amazes me how much she doesn't know about pop culture. Or social situations, for that matter.

I sighed. "I know it came from you, Bones, and no, it's not inappropriate. What I really meant was: that was random. What prompted you to say that, and at this moment? Besides, it's a gorgeous, sunny day. Why would you be thinking about rain?" I knew at this point that I'd been around her too long. Her crazy little I-don't-know-what-that-means expression, the one she wears when she hasn't got a clue (which isn't often), was probably in place on my features at the moment.

"Oh. Well, I was thinking about those pictures of her husband that woman showed us in the interrogation room. There were several of them kissing underneath a waterfall, and I imagine that must be similar to kissing in the rain. And then it occurred to me that when I was younger I'd always wanted to be kissed in the rain, but never was. That's all." She stared thoughtfully out the window as I pulled up to the lab.

"Your mind works in mysterious ways, Bones. Very mysterious ways."