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Warning: malexmale pairing don't like don't read; also OOC people

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Schuldings POV

He was stuck babysitting the telekinetic brat and his weird girlfriend Tot in Masafumi's lab.

"Hey Tot whats that?" Nagi asked pointing to a small vial of red liquid lying on the floor.

"Daddy uses it to turn bad people into animals, but he doesn't know what they will be"

"This could have some future use" Schuldig thought maliciously, picking the vial up.

Schuldig was happy with his find and it showed he only teased Nagi every half hour opposed to his usual every ten minute's on their three hour date. "Finally I'm free" Schuldig shouted practically dancing now that the date was done with. "Now time to do so supervising I'll enjoy" Schuldig thought staring at Crawford through the coroner of his eye pretending to watch TV.


"Nagi the phone's ringing get it" Schuldig yelled.

"Ok" Nagi yelled back.

After a few minutes Nagi came into the living room looking a bit pale. Before anyone could ask what was wrong Farfarello barged into the living room asking Nagi how his date was. Nagi got mad and yelled "It doesn't matter how my date was Tot's dead." Then stormed off to his room. Everyone was shocked they didn't really like Tot but Nagi did.