(A/N) I've gotten so attached to this story but its time to end it. This will be the last chapter.

Warnings: OOC, mentions of adult games, and cussing


linkinparkfan:Schuldig come out and do the disclaimer one last time.

Schuldig:Hell no!

Yohji:Come on you look cute.

Schuldig:*mutters* Why did I let Aya choose the terms for the bet.

Aya: Cause your an idiot.

Schuldig: Why you ....

Crawford:*comes up behind Aya and looks menacing*

Omi&Nagi:*walks in*

Nagi:Do I want to know?

Omi:I dont think so.

Ken&Farfarello:*shouts* We're he...


Farfarello:Nice skirt.

linkinparkfan:Must I do everything on my own. Anyways Weiss Kruez isn't mine.

Epilogue After Esset& Ephitaphs Downfall

Recap of Aya's life after being a cat: Aya spent his days training, working, or going on a date with Crawford. He also spent many more nights with Crawford. XD Schuldig fulfilled his side of the bet by going on a date with Yohji dressed as a girl.

Aya's POV

All the couples were going to b in one room, Oh joy and Aya was stuck cooking because he was the only one who really could. *Before Side B* Nagi and Omi now spent almost every second with each other, Schuldig and Yohji became monogamous and Farfarello and Ken moved in with each other last month. As for him and Crawford lets just say that bite mark is still a sign of ownership.

*After the Party*

"That was nice wasn't it" Aya asked Crawford.

"Yea, but I could use a little bit of alone time with you now" Crawford asked before leaning down kissing Aya.

"What game should we play tonight" Aya whispered huskily in Crawford's ear.

"How about prisoner and interrogator"

"Sounds good to me"

Finally I've finished this 36 pages and about a month and a half later. Thank you to anyone who has stuck with me for this long.