Mario The Cookie Thief

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus


Mario cursed as he searched for a way out of Toadette's house. Yet again, the famed red-capped Italian American plumber allowed his appetite first rather than his manners, and it made Toadette the more upset, who specifically baked the cookies for herself and herself only. But then again, she realized that Mario could be able to smell sugar cookies from miles and miles away. As he searched for a way out, Mario heard two Koopa Troopa police officers in blue bursting through the window, causing him to jump into one of the drawers, which was filled with Toadette's panties.

"You search the kitchen, I'll check the bedroom," Said one of the officers as he opened the door and began to search, looking under the bed. Mario groaned as he knew that he would be caught at this rate, and as such, he began munching down on the sugar cookies, not caring for his dignity as he then after letting out a loud belch, which gave away his position and allowed the Koopa police officer to approach the dresser, formed two of his red hot fireballs in his hands and burned the drawer down, drop kicking the Koopa police officer in the chest as he then looked around the room.

"Come on, Mario, there's gotta be a way out..." He muttered to himself as he heard footsteps. Snapping his fingers, he got a grand idea. "Of course! Why did I not think of this earlier?" Jumping onto Toadette's pinkish bed, Mario fired two fireballs through the bed's personal ceiling, and then fired two more fireballs at the actual ceiling. Mario then started to bounce on the bed, and after the seventh bounce, he let out a scream of joy as he jumped through the ceiling and landed on the roof, heading towards the pipe that ran through the house as he shook within the bumpy ride.

The local Mushroom Kingdom citizens gasped as they noticed Mario, who then jumped down onto the ground, and started running as fast as he could, laughing maniacally. Toadette then screamed and pointed at the fleeing mario, the other Koopa police officer coming out and then pulling a spiked Blue Shell out of his blue uniform, tossing it at Mario. Mario looked above his head, and cursed as the blue shell made contact, knocking the red-capped plumber out unconscious.

Mario moaned weakly after several minutes of pain from the earlier explosion. Opening his eyes, Mario screamed in dismay as he was locked in the Mushroom Kingdom prison, with the likes of Mario's regular enemies, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, and even his own brother Luigi all laughing at him. Mario slapped his forehead and groaned. He knew better.