Chapter Title: Why Did This Happen?
Author Name: fuzzyalligator
Chapter Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,851
Warnings: Death
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately. They be J.K.'s -sigh- I need help with motivation!

A/N: I was watching City of Angels when this little idea popped into my head. Sorry that it's been a while since I uploaded anything. There really isn't a good excuse. I haven't had any inspiration/enthusiasm. I have so many almost finished fics on my computer it's not funny. Hopefully all of you will help me get over this little funk. -smiles-


Sirius Black looked at the picture of his next charge. Remus Lupin looked to be 24 years old and was wearing a doctor's white coat. His light brown hair hung just below his ears and almost covered his dark honey eyes. Remus was walking down what looked like a hospital corridor and was staring intently at a chart in front of him.

'Must be a workaholic.' Sirius sighed as he pushed his black bangs out of his eyes so he could look closer at the man. He looked at the scroll he was given and saw that this particular charge was going to die in the next few days. He looked through the other files and decided to watch Remus until it was time to 'take him home'.

Sirius closed his eyes as he pictured the hospital. When he opened his eyes he was standing right outside the tall building. He walked through the automatic doors and waltzed right past the reception desk. He was tempted to wave at one of the nurses but knew it didn't matter; no one could see angels until it was too late.

On his way he sensed another angel in the building. Normally he wouldn't stop, it wasn't uncommon for angels to be in buildings like this, but he knew this angel personally. He walked up to find him standing next to a little boy. The little red head couldn't be older than seven or eight.

"What's his name?" Sirius asked.

James Potter looked away from the child, "Fred Weasley. He's been battling cancer for a few years now. His body is just about to give up." Sirius gently touched the young boys arm. He was very cold and he knew that James was right.

"How long does he have?" he asked never removing his eyes from the boy.

"A few hours."

Sirius finally looked away and saw the sad look on James' face. It was always hard to take children from their families. It was one of the few reasons why Sirius hated being an angel. But he also knew what he did was important.

Sirius looked down at the boy and back to his friend. "Want me to stay?"

James shook his head, "I'm sure you're busy. I'll be fine." Sirius could tell that the other angel wanted to cry. He also knew that it wasn't possible. Angels couldn't show strong emotions. All they could show were basic ones, like happiness and sadness. They never got mad or scared. And they could never fall in love. Or, at least, no angel ever had.

Sirius nodded and continued on his way.

He found his own charge sitting on his desk writing furiously in a large notebook. Before he could get a closer look, Remus quickly stood up and walked right past him. Having nothing better to do, he followed him.

Remus hurried into a room down the sterile hall. Sirius stood outside the room and saw him talking vividly to a nurse. He was gesturing wildly with his arms making Sirius chuckle. The nurse practically ran out of the room with a huge smile on her face. His grey eyes followed her for a second but turned back to the other man.

Remus was hunched over the patient and was listening to his heart through a stethoscope. Sirius took the opportunity and examined him. Remus wasn't wearing the white jacket from the picture so Sirius could see that he was on the skinny side. He figured that Remus was a little shorter than him and might have been more muscular. When he moved his head Sirius could see a little grey in his hair. He wondered why that was and decided to ask him when he died.

Before he could continue his examination, the nurse from before rushed past him. She was carrying a syringe filled with some type of medicine. She quickly inserted it into the IV and the patient's face, which had been scrunched in pain, finally relaxed. Remus smiled at the nurse and shook her hand. Remus squeezed the sleeping patient's hand and left the room.

Sirius followed him again and this time he was led to another white room. This time there was an old woman. Her black hair was pulled into a tight bun. She was wearing a hospital gown but the covers were pulled up so Sirius assumed she was warm enough. She set her book down and removed her glasses when Remus entered the room.

"Hello, Dr. Lupin," she said smiling. "How are you today?"

Remus spent a few minutes talking to her. When he was finished, he walked back to his office. He sat back at his desk and started to clean his desk off. After everything was put away, he pulled out a brown paper bag. That's when Sirius understood what he was doing. He looked up at the clock and saw that it was a little after one. Time for lunch.

He turned back to Remus and saw that he ate healthy. Sirius wondered what was going to kill him. He looked fit and he didn't eat badly. So, what would kill the fair doctor? Sirius sat on a chair that was set outside the office and pulled the scroll back out. He found Remus' and looked at the cause of death. "Well that sucks…"

Someone cleared their throat. He looked up to see a man with greasy looking hair standing in the doorway staring. Sirius quickly stood up to see what was going on. He saw Remus slouch down and heard him sigh. "Yes, Severus?"

The man with black hair smirked. "I heard what happened earlier. I wanted to say congratulations." Severus walked further into the room and sat on the desk. "How did you do it?"

Sirius felt the presence of someone standing behind him. He turned to find James holding the hand of the child from before. "Hi James. Hello Fred."

The little boy stared at him in wonder. He looked up at James, "Is he an angel too?"

James looked down at the boy and nodded. He looked back at his friend. "Ready to go?"

Sirius glanced at the two men behind him. "Not yet. You two go without me." James raised an eyebrow but agreed. Sirius watched as the pair shimmered away. He knew that James only did that to make Fred feel better. Before he could return his to watching the two doctors, Severus walked right past him. Out of habit, he jumped away. He spun around and saw Remus smirking at the other man's back. When he looked back at Severus he could see his shoulder hunched up.

He sniggered and sat back down, waiting for more excitement.


He sat there for a few hours. If angels could fall asleep he would have. 'Aren't doctors more active?' He looked back into the room and saw that Remus had fallen asleep himself. Sirius rolled his eyes. As he was about to get up he heard something vibrate. He looked back into the room when he heard Remus groan.

The man grabbed the pager that was sitting beside him and looked at the screen. He groaned again and stood up. He jogged out of the room and almost hit Sirius but it seemed like he dodged out of the way a little. Sirius shrugged it off, no one could see him. He looked around and saw that Remus was running down the hall and into the room with the old woman.

When Sirius got there he saw a familiar face. He pulled the red head out of the room so they could hear each other. "What's happening, Lily?"

Lily Evans looked back at the old woman and to him. "Heart failure."

Sirius ran his hand through his black hair. "Really? She looked fine earlier."

"Why did you see her earlier?"

He pointed to Remus, who was trying to save the woman. "I'm following him around."

"Why? Don't you have other souls to get?"

He shrugged, "None that are dying anytime soon."

Suddenly, both angels heard a long low beep and turned back to the room. Remus and the nurses were looking at a machine.

"What's going on?"

Both angels turned to the voice. It was the woman that was lying on the bed just five feet away. Lily stepped forward and smiles kindly. "Hello. My name is Lily. I'm here to take you to heaven." The woman looked past her and at her body.

"Am I dead?" Lily and Sirius exchanged looks. There was never an easy way to say it to the recently departed. Most of them denied it, making it harder to get them to heaven. Lily sighed and slowly nodded. The woman continued to stare at the body, but smiled. "That's what I thought. Actually, I'm not that surprised. My chest had been hurting lately."

"Then why didn't you tell the doctor?" Sirius asked her exasperated. "He could have saved you!"

The woman smiled as she looked at him. "It was my time to go. I just wish it hadn't hurt that much." She turned to Lily, "Shall we go?" Lily smiled at her and extended her hand. The woman took it.

Lily turned to Sirius, "I'll see you up there. Be careful." He nodded and the two were gone. Sirius looked back into the room and saw Remus using paddles to try to bring the old woman back. He tried three times, and ended up getting the same result. He set the paddles down and looked at the clock. He said the time of death and pulled the blanket over the woman's face.

Sirius watched as the room slowly emptied, leaving Remus alone with the dead body. When everyone was gone, he took the blanket off and looked at the woman. "What happened to you? You were doing fine. You were going to be released soon."

Sirius saw a tear roll down his cheek and wanted to wipe it away. He didn't like watching Remus cry. Remus sat in the room for a while, with Sirius watching over him. Eventually, he got up and walked out of the room. Sirius waited for him to get ahead and trailed after.

Remus walked to the stair way and let the door close. Sirius thought about not going in for a second and followed him. He was surprised to find the stairs empty. He didn't even hear any footprints. He stood still hoping he would hear something that would lead him to the other man. He didn't panic, he knew all he had to do was think about Remus and he'd be right by his side.

He was about to walk up the flight when he heard a small sob below him. He changed course and followed the noise. He found Remus sitting with his head in his hands. It sounded like he was crying. He got closer and saw the tears on his face. He reached out to wipe one away but stopped when Remus looked up at him.

"Why do you keep following me around?"


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