Chapter Title: Our Final Day
Author Name: fuzzyalligator
Chapter Rating: T
Word Count: 2,393
Warnings: Character death…
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately. They be J.K.'s -sigh-

A/N: This is the last typed chapter of My Angel. It's taken over a year (my fault) to finish. I'm really thankful for everyone who's left a comment and stuck with me the entire time. I'm sure some of you were frustrated when I hadn't uploaded but you stayed true!


No one said anything until they were all in the living room. Remus had fallen onto the couch exhausted but was more awake now. Sirius really wanted to join him but the fact that James wouldn't release him was interfering with that plan. "What's going on?" Remus asked scratching his head.

"Sirius tried to kill himself," James said finally dropping his hand.

"I did not!" Sirius yelled just as Remus cried out "What!?!"

James sat down on the coffee table in front of Remus so they were more eye-to-eye. "He tried to 'Fall from Grace'. Do you know what happens to an angel when does that?"

Remus shook his head glancing at Sirius but returned to looking at James. "What happens?"

"They become human." Sirius sat down next to Remus and his heart thumped when his hand was grabbed by the other man.

"Why would you want that?" he asked now looking at Sirius and gently squeezed his hand. There was a really worried and terrified look in his eyes and Sirius wanted James to leave so he could make him feel better.

Instead he just shrugged. "He wants to be human with you," James answered for him making both of them look to him again. He'd taken off his glasses and was now pinching the bridge of his nose as if to fight off a headache.

"But…I'm going to die," Remus said sounding confused. Their hands were still touching and Sirius felt him shivering. "And what would happen when I die?"

"If Sirius had been human your soul wouldn't be able to come to heaven," James explained slowly, trying to get that through Sirius thick skull. "Only one angel can bring a soul up to heaven. No tradesies."

"But-" Sirius tried to cut in but stopped when James glared at him.

The bespectacled angel looked to Remus. "Do you by any chance know what happens to a fallen angel when he dies?" When the doctor shook his head James nodded lightly. "They go to hell. There's no chance for them to get back into heaven."

As soon as he had said that Remus' hand had tightened considerably. "No."

"Yes." James looked to Sirius. "So, in other words: You'd get to spend a day or two with Remus and never get to see him again. Now…do you still want to 'Fall from Grace'?"

Sirius instantly shook his head and pulled Remus into a tight embrace, their hands still connected. He smiled when he felt the other man hug him back just as much then he looked at James. "Thanks mate," Sirius said over Remus' head then smiled when his friend grinned slightly, put his glasses back on, and disappeared.

The two of them sat like that for a few more minutes; both thinking about never seeing each other again. "Did you know?" Remus finally asked slowly pulling away completely.

"No," Sirius said sheepishly said letting his arms drop to his side. "I mean, I knew that I'd be human but that's about it. I didn't finish reading. Guess I should have, huh?"

"Yeah," Remus said softly before standing up and headed to his room. Sirius ran a hand through his hair and noticed a clock off to the side. It read 7:23 and he knew that Remus was most likely getting ready for work. He slowly stood up and walked to the room.

Remus was pulling on a dress shirt with his back facing the doorway. "Are you mad?" Sirius asked leaning slightly and saw him stiffen. "If you are can I know why?"

He suddenly spun around and Sirius saw that his eyes were red. "What do you think would have happened if your friend hadn't stopped you?"

"I'm sorry I didn't think about your soul," Sirius said looking down at his feet dejectedly. Remus had thought about the consequences of Sirius' actions so he had to be furious. Suddenly he was standing in front of Sirius and punched him hard in the jaw. "What was that for?" He cradled the swelling flesh.

"I don't care about my bloody soul!" There were tears in Remus' eyes and Sirius understood what he was crying about. Not his soul but Sirius'. "You would have been down there forever. Tormented for two days of happiness. At least I'd be up here with people and maybe some chance of being content. You on the other hand. You'd be miserable for eternity. How…" He trailed off as he turned around and wiped away a few tears that had fallen when he was yelling.

"I'm sorry…" Sirius said quietly. He really wanted to hug Remus again, to make him know that it was all okay. But he wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. There weren't any signs that Remus felt the same way as him and maybe he was just crying because he'd blame himself.

Remus shook his head as he walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Sirius closed his eyes as he sighed deeply just as the water was turned on in the other room. He walked out and the photo from the first day caught his eye. It was back on the mantel with a new piece of glass.

Sirius wondered what Remus was like when he was with his ex. How happy they must have been and what it felt like losing someone you loved.

"It'd be like losing her again."

Sirius stiffened at what Remus said, not hearing him move from the other room. He turned around to face him and saw that he was in between his bed room and the living room, "What do you mean?"

"She was my best friend," he explained walking further in. His eyes were still red but the tears were long gone. "When she left me I was a mess for a while. I dove into work so I didn't have to think about coming home to an empty flat." He stopped so they were facing each other. "It didn't hurt that she left me as my wife. I hurt that my best friend didn't want to be around me anymore."

Sirius slowly nodded thinking he understood what Remus was trying to say and guessed that all they ever would be was friends. 'At least he sees me like that,' he thought miserably just before he was pulled into another tight hug.

"Promise me you'll never leave," Remus whispered. Even though it made him sound selfish and even needy, it made Sirius' heart beat quickly at the thought of Remus wanting him.

He hugged him back trying to let him know how much he meant to him. "I promise."


When they pulled apart back at the flat, Remus had gone into the bathroom and finished getting ready. While he was away Sirius had pulled out the scroll again to look at the time, date, and even location, trying to figure out a way to stop this from happening. He really wanted to take Remus to the hospital himself, no train, no walking, and no traffic. But the doctor had just laughed lightly with a shake of his head and said that he liked the walk.

So here they were, standing on the train platform with a bunch of people. Who knew what could happen here. "What're these people doing up so early?" he joked trying to make himself feel better and to not tip off Remus to his unease.

The doctor just shrugged and headed off in the direction the tall building. Because the walk was a good twenty minutes, he pulled out his phone so the two of them could talk without him looking mad. "Are you just going to follow me around again?" he asked as they waited at a cross walk.

"Yeah," Sirius said distractedly as he looked around them. The sky above was dark with storm clouds and thunder could be heard off in the distance. The corner they were standing on was especially crowded and Sirius felt someone push right through him and into Remus. He quickly grabbed his arm pulling him back to the safety of the sidewalk. He needed to keep him safe for as long as possible.

Because today was the day. Today Remus was going to die.

"Be careful," he said with a forced laugh just as a car sped past them.

Remus reached up and gently pat the hand that was on his shoulder, "I will." The light changed allowing the group to pass.

'Just have to get him to the hospital,' Sirius thought when they came to another intersection. This one was much more crowded than the other and what was worse was that it was starting to rain. And it wasn't a light drizzle. It started off soft but quickly changed into a heavy downpour. "Remus!"

The doctor nodded and closed and put away his phone. Now he wouldn't be able to talk to Sirius. The angel looked at the surrounding people trying to find a threat among them. As he looked off to the side, someone from the back tripped and pushed the person in front of them, creating a domino effect.

Remus was shoved into the street and out of Sirius' reach.

He didn't see what happened but he certainly heard it. There was a piercing car honk then a loud thud. People were screaming as the sound of the tires screeched to a stop. Sirius ran through all the people to where he hoped Remus would be standing. Instead all he saw was one of his shoes. "No!"

One group of people had gathered off to the side where the car had come to a stop. A man staggered out and was bleeding from a cut on his forehead but looked fine besides that. Others were standing some 50 feet away. He hurried over to them knowing that's where Remus was.

Remus was somehow still conscious and was looking around him quickly. When his eyes landed on Sirius he visible relaxed and laid his head on the cement. The angel hurried to his side being careful to not touch anything broken. Both of his legs were twisted the wrong way and there was a pool of blood forming underneath his body. When Sirius tried to lift Remus' head he felt something warm and wet seeping out of his skull. 'Blood…'


He quickly looked down at Remus to see his eyes blinking rapidly. "I'm here," he said grabbing his hand as it moved closer. "Don't worry. I'm here."

"Are you okay?" A man was kneeling on the other side of Remus and was trying to stop some of the bleeding. He apologized when Remus cried out in pain when he moved him.

"Stop it!" Sirius said trying to push the man away but his hand just went right through him. "Shit…" He looked down at Remus and saw a very faint smile. "Don't look at me like that."

Remus chuckled lightly and winced when the man once again moved him. "God…it hurts."

"I know," the man said now looking at his head. He cursed under his breath and took his jacket off. He pressed it against the wound even though Remus cried out again.

There was the sound of an ambulance off in the distance and Sirius thanked God that someone had called them. "You'll be alright," he comforted but saw that no he wouldn't. Remus was bleeding too much. "You'll be okay."

Remus tightened his grip on Sirius's hand and he could see tears mixing with the rain that was falling. "No I won't," he said quietly. The man from before had gotten up when the paramedics appeared so it was just them. "Don't leave me."

"I won't," Sirius said trying to stop from crying. His heart hurt terribly seeing Remus in so much pain and knowing there was nothing he could do to help him. He brought their hands up and gently kissed the back of Remus' as he watched his eyes close. "I'll be right here."

Just as the paramedics ran over Remus' grip loosened considerably and his chest rose one final time. "He's dead," the man said from his kneeling position as he looked for a pulse. But Sirius knew he wouldn't find one.

He suddenly stood up as the other paramedic pulled something out and tried to bring him back to life. He stared at the dead body of the one person he'd ever loved while they tried to fix him. His heart was beating quickly and it felt like it was trying to rip out of his chest. He placed a hand over the frantic movement, hating the odd feeling once again. Why did it have to hurt so much?


The angel quickly spun around and let out a humorless laugh when he saw Remus standing there seeming confused. He looked exactly like he did before it started to rain. Sirius ran right over and hugged him tightly. "You're okay!" he literally cried and he was hugged back.

Remus nodded just as Sirius pulled back from the embrace and kissed him roughly on the lips. It only took a few seconds for him to realize what he was doing and pulled back. There was a hint of a blush on the other's cheeks which made him look so much more alive now.

Before Sirius could explain his actions, Remus slowly leaned forward and lightly kissed on the lips. Even though it was softer than the one just a few seconds before, this kiss made his heart flutter quickly. And this time, he didn't mind.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and both men broke the kiss to look back to the scene. Remus' body had been placed in a large, white, sterile looking back and been put into the back of the ambulance. "Am I really in there?" he asked quietly causing Sirius to pull him closer in the embrace.

"Just your body," he answered as the ambulance drove away and some of the bystanders left. "But you're here with me."

Remus nodded slowly and turned away from where he died. "Now what?"

The people that were staying behind clearly couldn't see them and Sirius felt a tingle in his chest. "Now, you go meet some new people." He pulled Remus into another kiss as they shimmered away.


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