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Sam! I gotta find Sam, I gotta find Sam! The mantra repeated through Dean's head as he finished torching the last zombie. He had no idea why he had let his little brother go after Samhain alone. It was stupid and reckless and probably the perfect excuse for Sam to use his demon powers. Without him there, Sam would be tempted, getting one step closer to his unthinkable destiny. No! I gotta find Sam!

Dean ran out of the mausoleum, lungs burning from exhaustion. Taking care of numerous zombies and worrying about his brother took a toll on him. Not to mention all the other stressors he had been carrying around for the past few weeks. First an angel pulls him out of hell, forgetting to erase his memory of his time spent down there. Then he finds out that Lilith, the same demon who sent him to hell, is trying to bring Lucifer back by breaking the 66 seals. Not to mention that Lilith still wanted his little brother dead. As if that wasn't enough, Sam had lied to him about using his powers and about Ruby. He couldn't believe that Sam would lie to him. It nearly did him in when he saw his little brother pull out the demon with his mind. When Castiel said that he had to stop Sam, he was brought back to his fathers dying words. Take care of Sammy, Watch out for him. Protect him. Save him! And if you can't, you're going to have to kill him, Dean. There was no way in Hell, no pun intended, that Dean was going to let Sam screw up his life.

Racing down the hall, he could hear the grunts of pain belonging to Sam. No, please don't let it be to late! As he rounded the corner, his heart dropped. His worst fear came true. His brother used his powers, even after he promised to use Ruby's knife to get rid of Samhain. The pain it was causing his brother was evident on Sam's contorted face. The demon inched closer to him, smirking at the youngest Winchesters weakness. Every fiber of his being wanted Dean to do something to help but he was frozen. If he broke Sam's concentration now, it could cost him his life.

Sam placed a shaky hand up to his head, focusing all his strength on killing the demon. Dean stood in horror as a trail of crimson blood spilled out of Sammy's nose. His 'gift' was killing him, and Dean could do nothing but watch. Still, Samhain crept closer and within seconds Deans heart stopped.

Sammy's eyes, his little brother's precious eyes, turned a abysmal black, completely void of human life. He was no longer the goofy kid who shadowed his every move. He was something else entirely. A deep scream interrupted his heartache and he glanced up in time to see the charcoal smoke escape the bullet pierced art teacher. Immediately, he searched Sam's eyes. They were the same beautiful green that he relied on for his sanity. Relief coursed through Dean's body. Maybe it was the exhaustion….his eyes just played a trick on him, or the light was dim. How could he have even thought that Sam went totally dark side? Looking in those eyes now, all he could see was the frightened little boy that Dean used to take care of when he was little. In those eyes, all he could see was the little brother he had always known. In those eyes, Dean found his peace of mind.


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