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Chapter 15

The Station Platform:

The people around backed away as the young lady with light brown hair beat her fists against the closed train doors. She let out a frustrated growl. "Damn it! No!" The train started moving away and she ran to keep up with it, all the while looking into the eyes of her target who stared right back in a frightened manner from the other side of those closed doors. The platform was ending and the train picked up speed. Two other guys were chasing behind her, the one with fiery-orange hair put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. "It's too late." He had a slight look of annoyance but was otherwise the least expressional of the three. The last guy, with the dark blond hair stood at the edge of the platform and watched as the girl he was after disappeared out of the station, his eyes held sorrow and his lips curved down in a hard frown.

"How could she! How could she betray Kaname-sama like this! Worse yet! She is heading to her own death! That fool…" Ruka said in an exasperated tone. Yet, at the same time, she felt she could not fully blame Yuuki for her decisions to leave the Kuran mansion. She looked up to Kain, trying to read his emotions. Kain however, was looking away from her, staring at the station schedule board that hung above the platform. "We need to follow her. I'll go get the tickets to the next train." He swiftly left Ruka's side and made his way back to the ticketing lady. Ruka, feeling a little abandoned by her newly found lover strode over to a nearby bench and sat down, bringing her knees up and hugging them to her chest. She was, however, spared from embarrassment as she was wearing leggings underneath her skirt.

A little ways away, still standing in the same spot on the edge of the platform, was Aidou. He pulled out his cellphone and pressed the speed dial. It rang once and then someone on the other end picked up, the voice was deep and urgent. "Did you stop her?" said the voice. Aidou closed his eyes and braced for what he may hear when he answered. "No, she boarded a train before we could reach her." Silence… then, "Useless…" … "…" more silence. "Follow her and keep her safe." After that a click was heard and the line went dead. Aidou's face had turned into a stone. He closed shut his phone and returned it to his pocket. He strode over to where Ruka sat. "Get up." He said to her. When she didn't respond he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bench and onto her feet. "Let me go Aidou!" Ruka yanked her arm away only to be caught off guard when Aidou slapped her hard across her face. She stumbeled back a few steps, her mouth open in shock while her cheek turned red. Aidou had never been anything but a complete idiot in her mind and now he was being more aggressive then she had ever seen him.

"…What the hell…" Ruka started but Aidou shoved her against the wall with one hand holding her shoulder and the other squeezing her neck. She struggled against him but his strength was too much. "You're a whore! This would not have happened if you had just watched her like you were ordered to do! You disgusting slut!" Tears steamed out of Ruka's eyes, more from the lack of air than the insults themselves, but it was enough to attract the attention of Kain as he was approaching back with the tickets in his hands. A second later Aidou was pinned to the ground with Kain shoving his face into the cement. "Apologize!" He nearly shouted, anger dancing in his eyes. Ruka clutched her throat as she was coughing, her eyes filled with fury as well. When Aidou didn't apologize, Ruka knelt down beside him and barred her fangs. "Try that again…" She paused to clear her throat which now looked like it was going to have a hand shaped bruise, "… and I will be the one at your throat."

Aidou just glared back at her. "You let her escape, and now Kaname-sama thinks we are useless! I hope you're happy." Kain crushed his face harder into the ground. "Apologize so we can get back to the task at hand." He stated. Aidou looked into Ruka's eyes, "My apologies, you could not have known for sure if Yuuki would do something so drastic." Kain let up on him and looked at Ruka. "Are you alright?" Ruka nodded, "I'm fine." She continued to glare at Aidou. "Don't take your anger out on me just because your precious Kaname-sama thinks less of you." Aidou clenched his fists. "Precious! You are even denser than I thought! He is our leader, go ahead and continue to defy him if you want, you'll see the repercussions." Kain looked annoyed again but relaxed his stance, sensing that this was similar to their usual bickering. "Oh don't try to hide it Aidou! We all know you secretly fantasize about becoming Kaname-sama's man-lover. I'm surprised you did not grow a jealously over Yuuki-san." Mocked Ruka, she ran her hands through her hair to straighten out the mess it had become in the earlier struggle.

"Man-lover!" Aidou blushed fiercly. "Ruka how much more insane can you become!" Both Aidou and Ruka had faces of disgust on them, but neither had a threatening stance anymore. Kain cleared his throat. "Enough! You both are lucky not to have drawn the attention of the humans around you. Although, that homeless person over there seems to have enjoyed your little argument." Kain, indeed, had spotted the one person who had actually paid attention to the little fight Aidou and Ruka had been in; although the man was clearly too drunk to do anything but smile at them. Both Ruka and Aidou turned their attention to the drunk sitting on the other side of the platform. Aidou suddenly felt dry. "Did either of you happen to pack some blood tablets?" Ruka raised her eyebrow. "Of course not, we had to jump back into our clothes and start a hunt, remember!" But she too also felt the dryness in her mouth. She looked at Kain and asked, "Do you think he could be a danger to leave like this…after all he did see a lot of what happened?" Kain nodded, "We should take care of him…"

Aboard the Train

Shiki's face held disbelief, "Forgive me Yuuki-san, but have you lost your mind. This is a suicide mission that you're asking us to join you on. You cannot seriously think that…" Rima cut in, "We shall help you." Shiki turned toward her with his face in even more shock. "…Rima… Do you know what you are saying?" Rima took hold of Shiki's hand and smiled softly. "Yes. Yuuki Kuran-sama has need of us. We should respect her wish and assist her." Yuuki smiled, it was the first time one of them addressed her as a Kuran, and she knew the name held power. Although she was uncomfortable using her noble status as a way of forcing them to aid her, it was an advantage that she did not refuse. "Thank you; it makes me glad to have allies." Yuuki stated. She relaxed her stance, taking her hands off her hips which she just realized were there. "Now, how close does this train take us to the academy?" She asked.

"The last stop is at the very edge of the town below the academy. So we will probably have to rent a car to take us through town quickly. Although I recommend we lay low and spend the day in an inn so we can formulate a plan. The streets are not safe for vampires over there, even us noble-bloods." Rima asserted. Shiki nodded in agreement, "Rima-san is right, things are very different since you left… there is much we need to tell you." Yuuki sighed and resumed her seat between them. "I feared as much. Although I did bring a weapon; my Artemis, it no longer rejects me ever since that day I faced Rido and it transformed into a scythe." She pulled her pack of essentials close to her, reached in and found the Artemis in its dormant form. Rima and Shiki looked at the weapon, remembering its power.

"But Yuuki Kuran-sama, it was difficult for you to weild it that day, have you gotten accustomed to it?" Asked Shiki, he paused, then added. "Also, have you developed your vampire powers yet? What is it you specialize in?" He asked, curious. "So far as I can tell I have telekinetic powers. And I have practiced more with my Artemis, but Kaname-sama never approved of me learning to enhance my powers and fighting skills. He thought it was unnecessary for me to practice combat, saying I would never have a need to defend myself, that he would always protect me." She let out a sarcastic chuckle. "Little did he know I would go off on my own renegade mission; I wonder if he regrets not teaching me more about my abilities now that I'm to defend myself against a professional vampire hunter." Yuuki started laughing and both Shiki and Rima had the same thought: 'She has become insane.'

Just then the ticket lady came to their group. "Tickets please?" She asked, holding out her stamp pad. Yuuki handed her the ticket she had and then realized that Shiki's and Rima's tickets had probably expired on their way here. She looked to see what they would do when Shiki stood up. "What a beautiful young woman you are. Your eyes, they are the most gorgeous I have ever seen." Shiki, so unlike his usually indifferent attitude, smiled a sexy smile and leaned into the ticket lady, who was hardly a looker contrary to his words. She blushed, "Oh stop it young sir, making an old nag like me squirm." Yuuki's mouth was hanging open and Rima sighed in an annoyed fashion while turning away from the scene. 'Not again…' thought Rima. Shiki continued to lean toward the woman's face. "But you look so cute when you do. Would you like to come with me to have a more private conversation?" His eyes were hypnotic to her and she nodded like a little school girl being talked to by her hugest crush. Shiki led her over to the trains restrooms, held the door open for her, and closed it behind him.

"…Wow, I would have never expected that from Shiki-san." Claimed Yuuki, with shock still clearly defined on her face. Rima huffed. "Oh you'd be surprised. He tends to do this so we can get away with traveling and dinning for free." She looked a little pouty. "He's so obvious I can't believe these humans fall for it." Yuuki giggled, "Are you jeleous Rima-san? Because for one thing, I think you're a hundred times more gorgeous than her." Rima blushed. "There is nothing to be jealous of Yuuki-sama, his initial seduction only leads to her demise." Yuuki stiffened, "You mean…. He's going to kill her!" She said in a sharp whisper, glancing nervously to the occupied restroom. Rima shook her head, "No, not at all. He's just going to have a little taste and while he's doing that, erase her memory of us. That way she'll just pass us by and not remember that she didn't take our tickets." Yuuki relaxed, "Oh I see. Well, it still looks to me like you'd rather be in her position right now." She said teasingly. Rima blanched, "Yuuki-sama! You are being too bold." 'I miss her human self, she was much more shy and ignorant of the world back then' thought Rima.

After another minute Shiki let himself out of the restroom, followed by the disoriented ticket lady. "Thank you young sir, I didn't even remember tripping and falling" She stated as she held a wet wash cloth to her neck and face. "No problem ma'am." Shiki smiled a kid-ish smile now and returned to his seat. The ticket lady passed them by without stopping to ask for their tickets. Yuuki turned to Shiki with an impressed look on her face. "Smooth Shiki-san, really smooth." She gave the thumbs up sign, which earned a lazy smile from Shiki in return. "Eh, I did what was needed to do. It was rather a bore on my part. They never are truly gorgeous." Rima huffed again, which got Shiki to raise his eyebrow in suspicion. "What? It's not like you complained when I got us those hotel reservations without having to empty our wallets." He defended. Rima blushed again, "That was different, and it was so we could be closer to our modeling studios." She crossed her arms over her chest and closed her eyes; make it look like she wanted to sleep. Shiki shrugged his shoulders, but also leaned back in his seat and put his hands behind his head. "I think we should rest Yuuki-sama, the journey is a long one." Yuuki nodded in aggrement and also made herself comfortable. "Guess we're safe for now…." 'Although, I wonder how many more of these safe times we are going to have between now… and the end.' She thought just before she drifted off to sleep.

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