Author's Notes: So! I had some down time and...instead of writing for one of my other stories (I know, I'm lazy sometimes, I can't help it!), I decided to upload some stories that I had worked on while I was away from our lovely fanfiction dot net. This will basically be a collection of 7 short stories revolving around the pairing Viktor/Cedric. I did this for the livejournal communities 7spells, which is an awesome place and you guys should all check it out :D Basically what happens is you choose seven prompts (the prompt for this particular story was "Cold hands, cold feet") and then write. Simple as that!

The length of these stories will vary, since they're all one shots and have nothing to do with each other, other than that they all involve Viktor Krum and Cedric Diggory. There is no AU in any of these, as a forewarning. It's been a LONG time since I've read these, but to my recollection, these all revolve around the fourth book, more or less...

I don't own any of these characters in any way, shape or form. you know the drill.

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It had become a habit, Cedric noticed. It started out by accident; he had been walking down to the lake one morning before class instead of taking his morning run…and there he happened to be, diving into the lake wearing nothing but swimming trunks.

At first Cedric thought Viktor to be incredibly odd for doing such a thing. Seeing him outside of the Quidditch environment—wherein Cedric admired and idolized him greatly—was strange for him. He knew Viktor was a normal person just like he himself was, but he had hardly thought of seeing him doing such a thing...none of the students at Hogwarts were crazy enough to jump in the middle of the lake around the end of October! Then again, Durmstrang was nestled deep in the high mountains, he remembered, so this must have been a refreshing change for the foreigner. Cedric would have seriously been frozen over from head to toe, hands and feet…Viktor was brave to do such a thing. Cedric admired his resilience.

Ever curious, Diggory returned every so often to the same spot as casually as he could. He refrained from doing it too often, because then it would arouse suspicion, likely. Thankfully not many Hufflepuffs got up as early as he did, and as majority of his friends knew he enjoyed taking a morning run every now and then, they didn't think it at all odd when Cedric came back into the dormitory some time in the middle of the morning, smiling. He smiled a lot, but every other morning or so, it was for entirely different reasons.

The morning before the selection of the Triwizard Champions, Cedric yet again woke up early, but instead of slipping off to go watch Viktor, it was to take a run. After he got dressed he wandered out onto the grounds, doing a few stretches before setting off.

Cedric didn't realize that his feet were leading him down the path toward the lake (his head was downcast, as it always was when he ran) until he felt the change in temperature. Being near the lake was colder. His heart was beating hard in his chest and both his hands and his feet were freezing. He came slowly to a stop, glancing instinctively toward the boat, as his habit had become.

Seeing Viktor diving into the water warmed him right up.