Cedric looked up from his breakfast and over at the Slytherin table, a smile appearing on his face. Despite all of the Ravenclaws in the way, his eyes still happened to fall upon Viktor within a few moments. It wasn't hard to find him; Viktor sat in the same spot every day, and he had for the several months that he had been at Hogwarts. The nice thing about him was his routine. Diggory had it down like the back of his hand in less than a few weeks.

Nobody questioned when Cedric smiled, because he always had one on his face for some reason or another. His friends surrounding him were all talking animatedly about the Second Task, which was coming up in a week or so. Having already figured out the clue and returned Harry's favor by telling him what to do with it, he was feeling pretty good about himself. Then again, there were plenty of other reasons to feel good about himself, as well.

He noticed that Viktor, every so often, would casually send a look over in his direction as well, his furrowed brow raising as his lips curled into a very faint smile. This only happened maybe once a week or so, because the two champions tended to keep their relationship as low key as possible. When Viktor looked back at him that meant that they were going to meet later on that night. If he didn't, then they wouldn't. It was a method that had worked for the last two months or so, and it hadn't failed them yet.

It wasn't any candle in the window, no, but it worked just fine.

Cedric smiled.