Hello. I'm the Author/Artist/Singer/Cartoonist/Anime and Manga Conni suer known by my screen name as Shady. I've only been watching it for about 2 months, but I've fallen madly in love with Azumanga Daioh. While it's not my favorite, it's definitely is near the top(perhaps 4th place, 3rd is Tokyo Mew Mew, 2nd is InuYasha, and first place is and always will be Ranma1/2). So now I'm doing a crossover of two of the most absolute chaotic Anime/Manga's ever to grace the planet. I give you all now RANMANGA DAIOH!

Disclaimer: It's obvious to everyone this is a fanfic.

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The sun rose on Nerima that fateful morning. Ranma had not slept a wink that night and was very tired. Still, he got himself together and left for school like he always did. He was about half way there when he could hear someone approaching. It was Akane, and she looked to be in the foulest mood she had been in for a while.

"RANMA, YOU JERK!"she called.

"What did I do this time?"Ranma mumbled. His head hung and he fell asleep before Akane even came to him. She swung her school bag at Ranma, hitting him right in the side of the head. Still, Ranma was standing perfectly still and was still asleep.

"WHY'D YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ME, RANMA!?"she screamed in his ear. Ranma jerked awake instantly and looked at Akane.

"Look, I'll pay you for lunch last week, just gimme some time."he mumbled.

"What are yo talking about!?"Akane called, but he was already back asleep.

"HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO!"Akane called. Ranma jerked awake again, but what he saw made him jump. A beat up car came zooming toward him and Akane. He put his arm around Akane and flipped over the oncoming vehicle. He landed and stared as the car continued to shoot down the street.

"Are you okay Akane?"he asked. No response. He turned to look at her and saw a look of shock on her face... and he looked down and saw why. He accidentally grabbed her breast when he jumped.

"Hey, Akane?"

"YOU PERVERT!"she yelled at him, punching him hard in the face.

Later, the two finally got to school. The teacher wasn't there for some reason, and a few new girls with pink uniforms were sitting in class with them. Ranma was about to ask Akane if she knew what was going on, when the principal came in. Ranma scooted back in his seat. He was still tired and didn't feel quite like fighting him this morning.

"ALOHA EVERYBODY!"he called. "I come to tell you all you have new teacher again and new students, too! Please say hello to Miss Yukari Tanizaki!"

A young teacher with curly brown hair and a sweater came in. She looked quite upbeat.

"Hello class!"Miss Yukari said nicely. She turned quickly and began to write their lesson quickly on the board. She turned quickly, a couple of the Furinkan students scooting back.

"NEW ASSIGNMENT!"she called out. Even Principal Kuno jumped. He quickly walked out of the classroom.

The rest of the class went for the most part without any other problems. Ranma dosed off a few times, only to have miss Yukari snap at him each time. When he was awake, though, he took a look at some of the new girls in the classroom. There was one with light brown hair and glasses, on who didn't look interested in the schoolwork with short brown hair that curled up, one with untidy brown hair who also didn't seem interested in the schoolwork, one who was quite busty and looked quite tough with long black hair, one with short brown hair looking at the tough looking one one who was staring off into space with long brown hair, and a little girl with red hair in two pigtails. Ranma raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Saotome?"Miss Yukari asked.

"I was just wondering, what's that little girl doing here?"Ranma asked. She turned to wave at Ranma.

"That's Chiyo, the child prodigy."she answered.

"What's a prodigy?"Ranma asked.

"It means she's super smart, Ranma."Akane said. Ranma look from Akane to Chiyo(who was still waving)and back again. "If a super smart kid can skip a few grades"Ranma began "why can't a super dumb one go back, Akane?" At this, Akane froze. She felt her body tense up and swung hard at Ranma's face, yelling "RANMA, YOU JERK!"

Later, while everybody was at the cafeteria eating lunch, Ranma was walking about the schoolgrounds looking at the new students(they all had different uniforms). He came up to the one with the short hair that curled up who was in his class that morning.

"Hey."he said plainly. She turned to look at him. "What's up?"she asked

"You're new here, aren't you?"Ranma asked.

"Sure am! I'm Tomo."she introduced herself.

"Ranma"he responded. "So why are there so many new students here today?"

"Oh, I guess it's my fault."she said calmly. Ranma was a little confused, but had heard(and seen)stranger. "While working in chemistry class at our old school"Tomo went on "I accidentally dropped a few chemicals on the floor and a puff of smoke went into the ventilation shaft. A few minutes later, the fire alarms went off and all the hallways were full of smoke. There wasn't any fire, but the fire department cause a few damages to the school, so our school has to spend a little while at a few other schools."she finished as if it were an ordinary story. Ranma stared in amazement. "Well, that's interesting."he managed to say. "So, who are all the other girls in the class?" Tomo pulled out a photo of the girls. "This one is my friend Yomi"she said pointing to the girl with glasses. "This is Kagura"she said pointing to the girl with untidy hair. "This is Sakaki"she said pointing at the tough-looking girl. "That's Kaori, but we call he Kaorin" she said pointing to the girl who was looking at Sakaki in class. "You already know Chiyo-chan"she said pointing to the little girl. "And that's Osaka."she said pointing to the girl with long brown hair. "Osaka?"Ranma asked in confusion. "She's from Osaka, so we call her Osaka."Tomo said with a grin. Ranma had definitely heard stranger, but this was high up on his list. As Ranma stood there trying to make sure he got everything, he saw Akane walking with the other girls he saw in the class... except the one named Sakaki. Ranma poised himself for combat. He could tell she was nearby. Then, he felt it! He flipped and landed a drop kick on Sakaki who was coming up behind him and Tomo as the others stared in amazement and disbeleif(except for Kaori, who fainted).

"C'mon!"he called, assuming a defensive position, a competitive smile on his face. "Even if you hide your battle aura, you still didn't hide your presence. I could tell you were coming! I'm ready for... Hey... are you getting back up?"he asked. Sakaki just lied there, straining to get up. She looked back at Ranma.

"What was that for?"she asked.

"Weren't you trying to get me from behind?"Ranma asked.

"No."she responded. "I was just going for a walk." Ranma's face flushed red at this. "Eh, heh, heh, heh... Sorry... Ranma Saotome."he said holding out his hand to help her up.

"Sakaki..."she said grabbing his hand... and pulling him crashing to the ground. Ranma, slightly dazed, stared at her. To his amazement, she smiled. "Call us even."she said. Ranma nodded as she stood up and walked off.

"C'mon Ranma, we have class!"Akane said grumpily. She snatched him up by his pigtail and began to drag him back to the school as he flailed in pain.

Later that day, Ranma and Akane were walking home with the new girls, talking about how different this were at the two schools. If the immensely strange things Ranma and Akane told the girls frightened them, they didn't show it. Finally, the talk turned to their summer break, which had ended recently.

"We all won a trip to Chine, Mr. Saotome."Chiyo explained. "It was real fun. Have you ever been to China?"

"Let's just say I don't have a lot of fond memories of China..."Ranma said plainly. "And don't call me Mr. Saotome, it makes me feel old. Just call me Ranma."he added. Chiyo blushed as he looked at her. "Why don't you like China Mr. Saotome, I mean, Ranma?"she asked. Ranma turned to look at her. She felt herself get lost in his deep blue eyes. "Are you at all familiar with ancient curses of China?"he asked as he turned to start walking again. "You'd be surprised." Yomi said calmly. "That's right!"Tomo piped up. The other girls were strangely quiet at this. "How surprised?"asked Ranma as a truck vroomed past. It drove right through a puddle and splashed Ranma, Chiyo and Tomo with cold water. Ranma instantly turned into a girl and sighed. "Figures. Well..."she said turning to Chiyo and Tomo, but she stopped before she could utter another word. Standing where Chiyo and Tomo were at was a small fox and a monkey.

Hey, there. It's me, Shady. I hope you like chapter one. I'll begin chapter two soon. You can bet some serious stuff is going to go down. Until then.