Final chapter. No point in prolonging but also no point to hold back. Ranma and co. are gonna paint the town red!

The parade hurried down the streets of Tokyo, Yukari rocketing away.

"Yukari, c'mon! You gotta slow down!"Ranma called to her. Meanwhile, bringing up the rear, Sakaki saw Ryoga scurrying after Ranma, her face flushing brilliantly red at the sight of the little piglet. She didn't even seem to notice the Shampoo had turned into a fluffy kitty in the pouring rain. Quickly, she scooped him up and tossed him for Yukari. He sailed closer and closer to the basket of her scooter when BAM! Ryoga collided with Ranma. The two flopped over in into an arcade, smashing into a crane game.

"What the Hell's the big idea!?"Ranma demanded. Just then, she saw the crowd hurry by and tried to escape the mound of stuffed animals in the machine when she felt her leg snag. She looked down to see Ryoga with his teeth chomped down hard onto Ranma's leg. She quickly seized a Daddy-chan and smacked Ryoga hard in the head with it and hurried off. Now at the back, Ranma could barely see Yukari. Just then(as she realized she was still holding the stuffed cat)she got an idea. Locking on to Yukari, she threw the now soaked(and heavy)toy for her substitute teacher. Smacking her in the back of the head, she flipped over with the scooter and the motley crew swarmed her and her bike.

"THAT..."Ranma called leaping into the air, "IS..."shooting down at them, "MIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!"

With a deafening crash, the concrete shattered, the bottle sailing into the air. Ranma made a wild jump for it, but Sakai had already made a jump for it, seizing it. While the rest of the crowd stopped as she held it in her hands, she began to walk toward them... and squatted down to P-chan.

"P... P-chan?"Akane stammered. Why would he need it? Before she could ponder anymore, Shampoo made a dive for it and bit Sakaki hard on the hand... causing her to drop the bottle. A shuffling riot ensued once more, and the bottle managed to roll down the street. Ranma, catching sight of this, hurried after it. It wasn't long before the others caught sight of this and followed. Ranma at the head, the crowd quickly left Nerima and headed straight for Shibuya, the countless malls and shops nothing but blurs to the hurrying lot. Ranma saw Hachiko, the bronze dog statue at the station and leapt on top of it, then kicked off, shooting high in the air.

"Finally, some peace and quiet"Ranma chortled smugly, as she began to open the bottle. Just then, a white blur shot past her. Mousse was trying to take the bottle!

"Why you..." Before Ranma could fight back, she dropped the bottle. Face draining, she was helpless to watch as it dropped... into the hands of Happosai! As the eldretic pervert leap off cackling, Ranma fell to the earth, dumbfounded and trampled by the crowd for a second time soon after. Getting up(Mousse upon his shoulder), she hurried off again. Once again trying to get at the head, she pulled Mousse off her shoulder and began to whack some of the followers out of the way. Tossing the now dazed Mousse aside, she could see Happosai clearly, now. Summoning all her strength, the red-head charged at breakneck speed and landed a sweeping kick on the old master, sending him sky high, the bottle flying the opposite direction. While the crowd hurried after it, none of them taking their eyes off it, the ran head-long into the side of a building. Soon after, the falling bottle came to a crashing halt as it hit a hanging sign, showering Chiyo and Tomo(who were both bringing up the rear)in crystal blue drops of the shimmering water. No sooner had the been drenched did the two begin to glow and revert from their furry states into girls once more. The two looked up at the pouring rain and it registers that the two are cured. Chiyo jumps up in a cheer, a big smile on her face.

"We're back to normal now! YAAAAAAY!"

"BWAAAAAAAAAA! We're back to normal now!" The crowd stared as Tomo whined on the ground.

"Hey! Before we get into some trouble..." Yomi began.

"Put some clothes on!" Yukari finished. At this, Chiyo jumped and nervously covered herself while Tomo still sat, bawling on the ground.

"Well, this is your last day, then?"

"Yup. We're going back to our old school after today." Chiyo and Ranma walked through the halls as school ended for the week. Ranma had to admit, it was alittle sad to see them go.

"Ever gonna come back? You do seem like the destructive bunch."Ranma said with a light laugh. Chiyo only gave a small smile and walked with him. She looked at his hand and wondered if she should take it. Before she could, however, she heard Tomo calling her from down the hall.

"Kagura, wait up!" Akane hurried to catch up with her new friend. "Are you gonna come back for a visit, ever?"

"We may."Kagura said as she turned. "Not such a bad place here." She turned her face toward the sun with her eyes closed, a single, unseen tear gliding down her face.

"Kagura!" She wiped it away and looked to see Yomi with Sakaki and Kaorin following close by. Turning, she smiled as she saw Tomo, Ranma and Chiyo hurry up to them.

"Well, where have you all been?"came a voice away. They turned and saw Yukari, a smug scowl on her face. "D'you know how long I've been waiting?"

"Yeah, right, teach, you've just been skulking around trying to find us."Ranma waved off. At this, Yukari turned, her face a tad red.

"Well, if you're so big an' bad, Mr. Saotome,"Yukari sneered "you lead the way!"

"Lead the way? Lead the way to what?" Before Ranma could ponder his sub's words any longer, he was quickly surrounded by pink uniforms.

"Ooh! Can we go for ice cream?"Tomo asked excitedly.

"Ice cream!? You're so generous, Ranma!"Chiyo cheered.

"Ice cream would be awesome, pal!" Kagura smiled in agreement.

Ranma tried to push the girls off of him while he looked to the giggling Akane, aware there was no way out of this.

"Y'know, this one cost me most my lunch money, right? I'll have to pack for a week."

"Don't be such a stick in the mud, Ranma. An' thanks for the ice cream." Tomo smiled as she licked her cone happily, leading the parade down the street. It was true, she and the others were all sad about going back to their own school, but it didn't matter. Living in the moment, in the slice-of-life, it was better than dwelling on the uncertainty of the future, sometimes. That's what they were all about. Her, Yomi, Sakaki, Kaorin, Chiyo, Kagura, Yukari, Ranma, Akane and...

"Hey? Where's Osaka?"she suddenly asked.

"You're right,"Yomi piped up "I haven't seen her since school ended."

"Hey, y'all!" They turned to see her running after them holding a bag.

"Where were ya, Osaka!?"Yukari barked.

"I fell asleep in class and everyone done cleared out before I woke up." Looking down, she spotted the bag she was holding. "Oh. Well, that's why my hand was so heavy,"she giggled as the others stared in total shock "I forgot, I bought ice cream for everyone." At this, Ranma swayed on the spot and fell backwards. Life was sweet, all was as it should be.


Ranma lounged on the deck of the Tendo estate. He had a strange dream the night before. Him as a girl, Akane dressed in pink school uniforms, a flying dog, Chiyo-chan and the others, flying flowers. It was all just weird. Spring-break had begun yesterday, and Ranma had every intention of enjoying it. Just then, he heard footsteps approaching, belonging to a kid by the sound of them.

"Hey, Chiyo. Couldn't stay away, eh?"Ranma sat up but instead saw a tiny girl, about four or five years old, with sharp, brown eyes and long black hair, wearing what looked like the girls' school blouse as a dress. "Who are you?"Ranma asked. Just then, as the little girl blushed and began to fidget, he saw Chiyo walk up beside her, a concerned look on her face.

"Chiyo-chan? What are you doing here?"Akane asked as she walked out, behind Ranma.

"Um, Ranma..."she began, fidgeting a small bit aswell "we went on a camping trip yesterday for spring-break, but we had to come back because of an accident."

"What kind of accident?"asked Akane, a hint of alarm in her voice. Ranma, however, upon hearing the word accident, quickly grew very alarmed. He took another look at the little girl.


"Ranma?" Chiyo asked again "Do you know anything about mushrooms?"

The little girl was Sakaki.


Well, that seems about it. If anyone knows about the Mushrooms of Time arc late in the series, they'll get the ending. I LOVED that part, easily one of my favorite bits in all of Ranma. Anyway, yes, Sakaki definately ate one, that was her at the end. As for whoever else ate them, it's free for you to decided. I might make another fic of them afterwards, but don't count on it. Well, like I said, no point in prolonging. It was happy and fun, and I am alittle sad it's over, but I'm very thankful to all of you who kept reading, even til the end. Be kewl.