Title: You Know You Love Me

Authoress: LaurenMichelle

Chapter: Five "Please Dont Go"

Sakura and Karin laid on the pink haired girls bed.

"We could do what they did in that Amanda Bynes movie." Karin suggested.

"Which one?"

"They dye the guys hair red, and turn him blue." Karin smiled.

Sakura flipped over on her stomach and stared at her friend.

"What are you? Eleven?"

"Miss. Haruno."

Both girls looked over towards the door, where the brunette maid stood.

Sakura raised her eyebrows, "Yes, Marisol?"

"Someone is at the door for you." She answered, and looked down.

The Haruno sighed and sat up on her bed. "Did she give you a name?"

"He, Miss. Mr. Sasuke Uchiha."

Karin gasped and stood up. "He's here to apologize."

Sakura felt a smile tug at her lips and looked towards Marisol. "Tell him, I'll be there in a minute."

The brunette nodded, and left the room.

Sakura turned back to Karin who was smiling.

"He wants you back." Karin grinned.

"Now," Sakura smirked as she pulled the zipper on her jacket a couple of inches down, revealing part of her black lace bra. "Lets not make any assumptions." She smiled and walked out of the room.

Sakura walked back into her room, slamming the door behind her. Karin jumped and stared at the pink-haired girl who seemed like she was going to explode.

"Sakura. What happened?" The red-head asked.

"UGH!" Sakura sat down on the bed. "He gave me a bunch of bullshit about how he was sorry that he lead me on for so long, and how it was wrong that he cheated on Ino, and blah blah blah."

"So…he didn't take you back?" Karin asked.

"No, Karin. He did not take me back!" Sakura yelled at her friend.

Karin sat on the edge of the bed, eyes wide.

"I think you should go." The Haruno said and stood up, walking into the bathroom.

Ino sighed as she and TenTen lay on her bed, staring at her ceiling.

"This is sad on so many different levels." TenTen murmured.

"I know." Ino sighed again.

There was a pause between them and Tenten spoke up again.

"You wanna go out tonight?" Ino could hear the smile in TenTen's voice.

"TenTen …" Ino began, but the brunette sat up and cut her off.

"Come on, Ino! It'll be fun. Just like old times. We could invite Naruto and Hinata, Kiba, Neji." TenTen nudged the Yaanaka girl, who simply groaned.

"The only thing you wanna do is get wasted." Ino said and TenTen rolled her eyes.

"Please, Ino."

The blonde sighed again and got up from her bed, much to TenTen's delight.

Sasuke walked into his apartment and ran his hands through his hair. Naruto looked at him.

"How'd it go?" He asked and Sasuke sat down on the couch.

"Fine, I guess." He murmured.

"So, you're good with both of them?"

"Uhhh …"

"Sasuke!" Naruto somewhat yelled. "You said you were gonna fix things."

"I was! But half way to Ino's, I just felt … weird. So, I turned around." He looked at his best friend. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Naruto had a smile on his face. "You felt like your stomach was doing flips? And that each step you took, you could feel your face getting hotter, and you suddenly started paying attention to where you were walking because you just drifted off and though about other stuff?"

Sasuke stared. "No."

Naruto stared back.

Sasuke broke his gaze. "Okay, maybe I might have felt something like that."

"You lo-"

"Don't even finish that sentence." Sasuke glared. "I'm twenty one, I'm having fun and now I'm single."

"But, Sasuke-"

"No buts." Sasuke stood up. "This conversation is over. I'll talk to Ino later, but tonight we're going out."

"Are you buying drinks?" Naruto asked as he stretched on the couch.

The raven haired boy rolled his eyes. "Fine."

"Ohhh, look who looks sexy." TenTen smiled and Ino rolled her eyes.

"I'm doing this for you."

"Please." TenTen applied her mascara and kept on talking. "We both know you'll act like a sour old granny now and when we get there, you'll be the first ordering a round of shots."

Ino laughed and fixed her black lace crop top.

"I like the red tube top under that better." TenTen said and began opening the drawers of Ino's vanity. "Where's that nice perfume?"

"The red one?" Ino looked down, shrugged and walked back into her closet, changing. "It's in the bottom left drawer!"

"Found it!" TenTen said. "And wear those awesome black shorts you own!"

Ino sighed from her closet and tugged off the pants she was already wearing. She suddenly heard a gasp and Ino smiled. She knew what that meant. TenTen had found something absolutley amazing.

"Ino! When did you buy this? Its beautiful!" TenTen walked into the closet and held up Ino's pink lace corset top.

"I got that a while back." Ino answered and buttoned her shorts.

"Can I-"

"Yes, TenTen. You may borrow it. But if you get alcohol or vomit or something else on that," Ino slipped on her red peep-toe slingbacks. "I'll kill you."

TenTen hugged the Yamanaka, almost making her lose her balance. "Ino, you're the best best bestest friend ever."

Ino stared at the club she had never seen before. The words Limelight were across the building in flashing lights. You could feel the bass from all the way outside. Even from the very end of the line.

"Are you freaking serious?" The line must have been miles long. "My feet'll already be sore when I walk into the club!"

"Shh. I came prepared." TenTen smiled and her white booties clicked against the pavement.

"TenTen, you cannot cut all these people." TenTen looked back and winked at the Yamanaka. "And you cannot flash the bouncer!"

"I would never do such a thing." TenTen replied and Ino raised an eyebrow. "That was one time."

"Excuse me, miss. The line starts back there." The rough looking bouncer pointed to the end of the line.

"Oh, I'm sorry. My name's-"

"You don't do the line, you don't go in." The bouncer cut her off and TenTen glared.

"You don't seem to understand."

Ino slightly tugged on the brunettes elbow and mentally begged her not to cause a scene.

"No, ma'am. You don't seem to understand. It's opening night, and people get rowdy. My boys have already kicked out ten people." He stared at Ino and TenTen. "I'm prepared to make it twelve."

"Is there a problem here?"

The three looked towards the club door where Neji stood in a simple button down black shirt and his dark jeans.

"No, Mr. Hyuuga. No problem at all, sir." The bouncer said to Neji and then directed his gaze to TenTen. "Back of the line."

TenTen simply smiled and began to walk past the bouncer until her grabbed her by th elbow.

"Did you not hear me?"

Neji placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "It's cool. They're with me."


"They're. With. Me." Neji's eyes narrowed. "And do me a favor, get your hands off my girl."

TenTen smiled and the bouncer immediately let go of her.

"I-I'm so sorry, Mr. Hyuuga. I had no idea-"

"Obviously." Neji's eyes didn't soften. Ino slightly smiled. She thought it was cute how Neji defended TenTen. Not that she ever needed defending, but it was still nice, and with one glance at the chocolate eyed girl, you could tell she liked it, too.

"C'mon, Ino." Tenten said and held out her hand to her blonde haired friend. Ino took it and let TenTen drag her inside.

"So looks like the N man has his connections." Ino laughed and Neji smirked.

"Well, I should, considering." He replied and sat down at one of the booths. TenTen sat next to him, and he swung his arm over her shoulders. Ino sat down across from them and crossed her legs.

"Considering?" Ino inquired and leaned forward to hear Neji a little better. Even though they were incredibly far from the speakers, it was still a little hard to hear.

"Considering this is his!" TenTen said, happily.

Ino blinked a couple of times. "What?" She directed her blue eyes to the Hyuuga. "You own this place? You bought a club? This is yours?"

"Yes, yes and yes." Neji replied and continued smirking at the Yamanaka's surprised expression.

"Neji, this is amazing!" Ino said and looked around. The space was huge. "What was this?"

"It was a theater a while back. We left the stage." Neji said and looked over to te DJ booth, which changed colors. "We took out all the seats, and put in a dance floor on the first and second floor." He waved his hand around. Ino stared, amazed, at the LED dancefloor and all its changing colors. "Then, we put in these booths up here, so people can chat without breaking an ear drum, and set the bar over there." Neji pointed and Ino turned around. Sure enough, there was the bar and all its glory.

"Well, looks like your gonna have lots of business." Ino said and stared at all the people.

"It's just a soft opening. Its still not done. We're gonna put in a bar on all the floors, and see if the dance floor holds up. You girls and your freaking six inch heels." Neji looked down at TenTen. "And speaking of attire, aren't those shorts too short?" He tugged at his girlfriends white shorts and she laughed.

"All for you, baby." She placed a kiss on hid cheek.


All three turned towards the voice and Ino's face flushed. Sure enough, there was Naruto, with Sasuke in tow. TenTen shot a glance at her friend and stood up .

"I think I'm going to get some drinks. Ino?"

Ino smiled. TenTen was awesome, she'd have to thank her.

"Of course." Ino replied and stood up, leaving with the brunette.

"Neji, bro. This is fire." Naruto said and took Ino's seat. Sasuke sat next to Neji and looked at where the blonde girl was. He took a deep breath and looked away. There was that uneasy feeling he got while walking to Ino's house. 'God, why'd she have to dress like that?' he thought and turned his gaze back to the Yamanaka. This didn't go unnoticed by Naruto, who smirked. 'Revenge is sweet.' The Uzumaki thought.

"See something you like, Sasuke?" Naruto asked and watched his friend turn red.

"I hope you're talking about Ino." Neji said, jokingly and looked at Naruto and Sasuke. "Wait… do you like Ino?" Neji turned to the Uchiha.

"No." Sasuke answered, curtly.

"Yes." Naruto said right after.

"I don't." Sasuke shot back.

"He does." Naruto said to Neji.

Neji gave a small chuckle and put a hand on the Uchiha's shoulder. "Lemme tell you something, man. These girls," The white eyed man looked at Ino and TenTen. "They'll drive you fucking insane." Neji removed his hand. "But they're worth it."

"TenTen, did you know about this?" Ino asked and leaned against the bar.

"No, no way, Ino. I swear." TenTen replied and waved down the bartender. "Can I get an apple martini?"

"Sure. And for your lovely friend?" The black haired boy asked and looked at Ino. The Yamanaka girl smiled.

"I'll just have a rum and coke, please."

"Sure thing." He replied and set off to get their drinks.

Ino groaned. "I came out to forget about Sasuke and all this break up drama, and he's here."

"Yeah, that kinda defeats the purpose, if you ask me." TenTen said and the bartender handed her her drink.

Ino glared. "Thank you, TenTen." Ino reached for her drink and was about to walk away when the bartender called to her again.

"Wait!" Ino turned around. "I get off in, like, five minutes."

Ino cocked her head to the side. "And?"

The black haired boy scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. "Uhh .. I wanted to know if maybe you'd like to dance with me when I'm done with my shift."

Ino looked at TenTen and the brunette shrugged. The blonde turned back to him and smiled. "Sure."

The boy smiled. "Great. I'm Sai, by the way."

"Ino." She said.

"Well, we'll be by that booth. You can come and sweep her away there." TenTen joked and Ino rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, I should get back to work. I'll see you soon." He smiled to Ino, again.

TenTen grabbed Ino's free hand and dragged her back to the booth. The blonde took a seat next to the Uzumaki and TenTen sat next to Neji.

"Ohh, whats that?" Naruto said and Ino extended her drink to the other blonde.

"Rum and coke." Ino said and he took a sip.

"Damn," Naruto nodded apreciatvely. "That's good. So how long before we order a round of shots?"

Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Is drinking all you care about?" Sasuke asked and Naruto glared.

"The only reason I'm asking is cause you're buying."

"You are not blowing all my money on drinks." Sasuke shot back.

"You said-"

"I know what I said!" Sasuke answered, aggravated.

The bickering continued for a while before Sai arrived at the table.

"Excuse me."

Sasuke and Naruto looked up at the black haired man. The Uchiha immediately glared. 'I don't like this kid.' He thought to himself.

"Miss. Ino. He said and extended his hand. The Yamanaka glowed and took his hand.

"I'll be back later." She said towards the table and walked down the steps towards the dance floor with Sai. Sasuke continued glaring and felt a wave of jealousy wash over him when the other boy put his hand on the small of Ino's back.

"That's rough." TenTen laughed and took a sip of her martini.

Sasuke looked towards her. "What?"

"Please," TenTen said. "Its so obvious that you're jealous."

TenTen awoke by a knock on her door, and groaned.

'Maybe if I don't make any noise, they'll go away.' She thought and rolled over, cuddling with Neji.

"TenTen! I know you're in there!" Ino's voice said, muffled by the door, and she continued knocking.

"Jesus, Ten. Go get the door." Neji mumbled, still half asleep and Tenten huffed. She sat up and grabbed her robe, typing the sash around her and exiting her room. She opened the door and Ino walked in, her heels clicking against the marble floor.

TenTen rubbed her eyes and looked at the Yamanaka. "Is that…" She stared. "Is that last nights outfit?"

Ino turned red.

"How does your walk of shame feel?" She smirked.

"TenTen!" Ino said.

The brunette laughed and sat on her couch. "Why are you here so early anyways?"

"I-I…" Ino sighed and leaned against the grand piano in TenTen's house. "I just… I woke up and he was there, and I just got nervous, and I left and … and…" Ino put her face in her hands.

TenTen watched how her best friend seemed to fall apart right before her eyes and stood up.

"Ino, honey, whats wrong?" She hugged the Yamanaka who cried into the brunette's shoulder.

"TenTen, I don't know what to do. I'm so confused." She said.

"Hey, Ten. Do you think you could have…" Neji, who had put on some shorts & jacket, trailed off as soon as he saw his girlfriend hugging the blonde.

"What's going on?" He asked and Ino pushed away from TenTen and wiped her eyes.

"Nothing. I'm fine."

"Ino, you can talk to us." TenTen assured and Ino shook her head.

"No, no. I'm sorry I kinda barged in." She sniffled and fixed last night's top. "I'll see you guys later."

"Ino, wait!" Her friend said, but the Yamanaka had already left.

"What happened?" Neji asked and sat down.

"I think she's having a Sasuke meltdown…"

Ino held back her tears and took deep breaths.

'What is wrong with me?' She thought and shook her head.


The blonde looked up. "Hey, Sakura."

The pinkette had her hair pulled back into a ponytail & wore a simple black halter with her ripped blue skinny jeans.

"You look like hell…" Sakura said as she looked the Yamanaka up and down.

"Thanks, Sakura." Ino huffed and began to walk past the Haruno.

"Wait." Sakura reached for Ino's arm. "I didn't mean it that way, I was just surprised. I was on my way to The Empire for some breakfast. Wanna come?"

Ino looked down at herself. "I don't think so…"

"Come on. You love their Belgian waffles." Sakura nudged and Ino smiled. "You run home, take a shower, get dressed and meet me there. I wont start eating without you." Ino opened her mouth again, but Sakua cut her off. "I'm not taking 'no' for an answer. Go." She gave the blonde a light push and Ino laughed.

"Alright." Ino nodded. "See you soon." She said and walked towards her building.

Sakura stood, in her black Christian Louboutin boots, and watched the Yamanaka's retreating form. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Karin's number.

"Hey, where are you?"

"I need you to get out of there, but keep my table reserved."


"I'm having breakfast with my favorite blonde." Sakura smirked and turned on her heel, walking towards the Empire.

OMG. So, Upper East Siders, I hope you were at N's club last night. Limelight … nice name, seems appropriate, considering that's where our favorite people always seem to be, under our limelight. Did anyone else have fun ? I know I did . I also know I saw I slip out with some random boy, who kinda reminded me of our cherryblossom's ex, S.

& whats this we see, the next morning ? Last nights dress, with todays shame written all over it, huh, I ? But why are you crying, dearie ? You look fabulous, anyways . Even if our pinkette doesnt think so, but she's invited you out, regardless . Now, one thing I cant seem to understand, cherry how can you act so chill with the girl who slept with your boyfriend ? Unless... you've got something devious in that little rose head of yours, S. I guess we'll see soon. & you know what I always say, I'll be the first to find out, and you'll be the second.

XOXO, Gossip Girl .

author's noteee: look, im so terribly sorry I kinda abandoned all of this, it got a little hectic and suck-ish and now i've moved from my little island of Puerto Rico, back to the states, so im in that process, but i'll try to finish this story and More Than A Summer Fling, as soon as possiblee . My writing is kindaa bad, im trying to get the swing of it again, so it might be a little awkward in some (or most) parts & im so sorry about that, too . I'll try and update every chance I get, but my school life comes first in all of this . Im a sophomore and this shit dont play, i've gotta work my butt off, this year . Lmao . Thank you all so much for the reviews you've given me so far, I really appreciate it .