Think of Me

"Are you still thinking of him?"

The sugary voice swept over her like a blanket; a dream that made real the endless bliss and warmth, making her tingle to her very bones. Yuki closed her eyes and touched the window, the cold glass cracking into a tiny spider web at her touch. With every finger, came more tracks on the glass until there were five in total, circular, unique, defined and that pale, silvery grey that made her think of Zero.


She said his name softly, a breath of wind tumbling from her lips. Her voice shook with the same silent passion he had always loved about her. The chestnut haired boy was behind her in an instant, taking her digits away from the window and bringing them to his lips from behind her.

The girl, the vampire, melted under his touch and sighed as the other hand travelled up the side of her thigh, moving over languid bones underneath the abdomen, rising over rippling ribs and the soft, gentle slope of her chest to where her pulsing neck was the most sensitive. The exact spot he had once drunk from.

Artful lips caressed their breath against the girl's soft ear, his teeth biting down on the vulnerable flesh and expelling waves of pleasure from her toes upwards.

"Think of me," he whispered, letting go of her hand and then taking the opportunity to slip his hand down the hem of her skirt and into places that made her as malleable as clay in his hands.

He could feel the heat radiating off her skin, her neck, her cheeks and he could feel that heart quicken, the breath coming in short, dotted rasps. The blood beating from her back, against his chest made his own red liquid boil with desire for her. The thick, musky scent of her wet skin against his own, half naked flesh, made the male beast in him flare to life, ready to dominate his mate, his lover.

And…she could only fathom one name in her mind as the hand retreated to strip her bare of her clothing, as a tongue, skilled and devious, made its way to every inch of skin, every quivering area, every other gingery, vital part of her body; her form falling to pieces that knew only pleasure and the hot-blooded creature above who magnetised all her thoughts on him.


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