~The idea for this came to me earlier today…when I should have been paying attention in class! Lol I plan on continuing this…so I'd love to know what you think!~

November 24th, 1993-

Today was a day quite not like any other. Alice had dragged me to the California coast…assuring me that it would remain cloudy for the next twenty four hours and that we would be safe. I was not so enthused at her taking me though. Lately, I had been in no mood to be around anyone…everything agitated me. Every time a human passed by me, I wanted to lunge at them. But then, I met someone…a human to be exact. And not just any human, a human child who, with one look of her big brown eyes, has seemed to change me completely. She was not afraid as she approached me as I sat on one of the many jagged rocks…looking out into the never-ending ocean. She smiled such an innocent smile at me and just plopped herself down beside me. I was not expecting her to talk to me, let alone say what she did to me.

"Don't be sad" she pouted "we can be lost together." She said, her words sort of meshing with one another, speaking in a way that only a five year old would talk. I don't know what came over me but I simply smiled at her and she placed her tiny hand in mine.

"Audrey!" a woman's voice yelled and got closer to the rocks. The woman eventually stumbled upon us and I felt her intense relief when she found the little girl.

"Oh thank you!" she sighed, picking the little girl up in her arms "thank you for protecting me daughter." the woman said. I merely nodded. I had not done anything spectacular…I had just been sitting there, looking for a reason to keep going. Little did this woman know was that…her small daughter had just given me what I had so long been missing?

I have to see this little girl again. For some reason, she holds the key to what I'm looking for. Maybe it's the fact that she is so small and doesn't know that I'm in fact truly dangerous for her to be around. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have to say anything and she's content with it….or maybe, maybe it's just the fact that tiny angel has come down from somewhere, for the sake of helping me.