Chapter 1

He was running. He knew that most people would call him a coward but at this point he just didn't care. Everything he had ever known was a lie. His friends, his family, even his schooling. Lies. He had to get away. The problem was, where to go so that no one would find him.

Harry Potter was never a normal boy even by wizard standards, and Harry was a wizard. Orphaned at the age of one by a megalomaniac out to get him because of a prophecy, Harry has never had a good life. Since he was left on the doorstep of his aunt and uncles house he was treated like a slave to be punished often. When he found out about being a wizard and went off to school he thought life would get better. For five years it was. He had friends, Ron and Hermione, and family in the Weasley. Everything was wonderful despite the hardships of being the Boy-Who-Lived, for the most part, until yesterday.


Harry was walking the grounds trying to clear his thoughts of his godfather who died three weeks earlier. He was coming around the corner of the building when he head his name. He stopped and listened for a minute.

"Come on Hermione, you will see that its for the best in the end. You saw how he just rushed in without regard to us." Ron said.

"I don't know Ron. He did tell us not to come and we did it anyways." Hermione said.

"You know we would have lost our place at his side if we wouldn't have went Hermione! We can't blow our cover."

Harry was horrified by what he was hearing. "I never had a cover Ron! I have always been Harry's friend!"

Harry was slightly relieved. "I only agreed to this in the first place to keep him safe. I just don't think I should be around him anymore. I know it usually isn't his fault but trouble just follows him too much. I never signed up for this!" Hermione continued.

"You know Dumbledore will keep paying us. Imagine the position you could get as best friend to the Boy-Who-Lived. That's the only reason I tolerate the git!" Ron said.

Harry by this time was really upset. "RON! We are doing this to keep Harry safe! We will just have to keep Dumbledore informed and Harry ignorant!" Hermione decided.

Hermione walked off in deep thought.

Ron watched her go, "I can't believe she fell for that." He said to himself, "Good thing he doesn't know about his fortune! If he were to claim it we wouldn't be able to get it after we kill him. Just hope he takes You-know-who down first."

With that he walked off. They never noticed the black haired green eyed boy silently sobbing behind them.

"Harry?" said a voice behind him. He turned around to see Neville looking at him with a sad expression. "Im sorry you heard that Harry. I never would have thought they would be that way. I want you to know that I'm your friend, now and forever! Even if you turn evil!" He wrapped his arms around Harry. "Thanks Neville, you don't know how much that means to me!" he sobbed into Neville's chest.

End flashback

After that he kept to himself mostly, only talking to Neville. Ron and Hermione shot him anxious expressions but he just gave them pained smiles and let them think it was because of Sirius. Pretending to sleep during the train ride allowed him to avoid talking to anyone. As soon as the order was out of site he told uncle Vernon drop him off in London.

"Why should I?" Uncle Vernon said turning purple.

"If you drop me off you will never have to see me again" Harry said hoping this would be enough. Thankfully it was.

"Fine, Good Riddance Freak!" Vernon bellowed ignoring Petunia's worried look. "What about them other freaks?" she said looking around like she was being watched. Of course, for all Harry knew they were being watched.

"It's not our fault the boy left on his own!" Vernon said. He was finally going to be rid of the boy and he wasn't going to pass that up.

After getting out of the car he searched around until he found the Leaky Cauldron. Then he made his way through Diagon Alley to Gringotts. After he claimed his inheritance from his parents and Sirius he had 20 % of it transferred to a muggle bank. He decided that he was going to run so he set it up to where no one could get a hold of his fortune without him there.

He spent quite a bit of time discussing where to go with the goblins. He decided he was going to spend the summer in one of the houses left to him by his parents. He had the goblins ward it and put it under the fidelius charm. He then decided he was going to leave the country.

After searching he finally decided on an obscure town in the United States. He chose the United States because there was no law against Underage magic there. He had the goblins buy him a nice house and get his money into a bank there. Then he left for his new house.

It didn't take him long to get used to living on his own. He spent the two months running and working out. He spent a lot of time with Neville, inviting him over and working out with him. Harry was sure if Neville hadn't been on his side he would have drowned in the depths of despair.

At the end of the two months he found himself on a plane to America. Since he bought first class tickets using the fake papers the goblins had provided him for his new identity. He'd never been on a plane or been treated so well in his whole life. The further from England he got the more ecstatic he got.

He had sent Hedwig to Neville for a bit so she couldn't be tracked. Neville was going to wait until he thought it was safe to send her along.

When Harry landed he immediately set out and bought a car. He didn't want too much attention brought to himself yet so he bought an Expedition in a royal blue. After that was taken care of he set out to find his new house. It didn't take long to get to the small town. Soon he was driving into Forks.