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Harry: Hmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmmm. HHHHHHHMMMMMM.

Doorbell: Ding.

Harry: Hmmm.

Doorbell: Dong.

Harry goes to answer the door. A strange lady with odd coloured hair, Professor Moody and Werewolf guy stand with broomsticks and goofy expressions.


Tonks: I can change my appearance at will. Cause I am speshul.

Harry: Wait, let me get this straight. You can choose to look however you want?

Tonks: Yepsie.

Harry: And you chose that face!?

Harry bursts out laughing and falls to the floor, while Tonks' hair turns red.

Harry: (Getting up) Oh, yeah, and… I kind of got expelled…

Moody: We Know! That is why we are here! To take you to a… secret place.

Tonks: You mean the secret organisation headqua-


Tonks: Yeah, well, at least I don't spend my days looking through peoples clothes with my X-ray eyes.

Lupin: Umm… we should maybe, get going? And Moody, I know how you are looking at Harry with that X-ray eye. Stop it.

Moody: (takes a swig from his hip flask) What. Ever. Harry, take this broom.

The group are flying over a harbour. Although they don't appear to have an invisibility spell on them, apparently they do. Tonks is screaming like someone on crank (that's crystal meth, for all of you who don't know) because apparently they also have a 'no-one can hear us, cause we have our own soundproof bubble' spell on them. Finally they arrive at a street. A house appears between two other houses, where it wasn't before.


Lupin: Indeed, please enter the house, now, Harry. And please do be all hush hush.

They enter the house and are greeted by a creepy little elf-thing.

Creepy elf-thing: You're all bastards, all of you! (He points menacingly at the group and sticks his tongue out) Now if you don't mind, I am going to go to my hovel under the kitchen sink, and cover myself in rat hair.

Molly Weasley appears from behind a door and runs, full-pelt, at Harry, who screams a bit before his face is smothered by her hug.

Mrs Weasley: Oh, Harry, I am so glad you're safe. Now off to your room.

She begins to push Harry up the creaky stairs, which look like they might collapse.

Harry: But, what-

Mrs Weasley: UP, up the stairs, up up up!

Harry: Okay, then…

In his room Harry finds Ron and Hermione. Because Hermione would rather stay at a creaky, creepy, elf-infested house over the holidays than see her parents. Ron is smiling because he is used to creaky old houses, for gods sake, he lives in a place called the Burrow. Hermione runs over and hugs Harry (women seem to do that to him a lot), she is basically crying.

Hermione: Harry, I can't believe they kicked you out! It's not like you have ever broken any school rules, or property, or even given a teacher memory loss and brain damage. I shall personally talk to the minister!

Ron: Calm down Hermione. Harry, did you know that they are operating a highly secretive and illegal organisation downstairs?

Harry: Wow, can we go and listen?

Fred and George: With our help, yes.

Harry: Umm… how did you get here?

Fred: We can

George: Apparate now!

Fred: Anyway, we have these ears, which go down the stairs and slink under the door.

Hermione: I knew you two had big ears, but that's a little hopeful, isn't it?

George: Shush, frizzy haired mud blood, the twins are talking.

Ron: (whispering) And when the twins talk, you listen.

Everyone proceeds down the stairs, and the Weasley twins pull out a long ear on a string. They proceed to stick their noses in other peoples, top-secret, business.

Lupin: If You-Know-Who has returned, he will want to be around Harry.

Mrs Weasley: Yes, you must protect him; I love him like my own son.

Mr Weasey: Dear, you already have a son, four of them.

Mrs Weasley: I know, but Percy is the bastard of betrayal, and royally stuck up. Fred and George want to be in sales, and Ron? Just look at him, in his 'R' hand knitted sweater. Such a loser. Not one of them has survived a near death experience.

All of a sudden, Crook shanks (the cat with a striking resemblance to Hermione's hair) appears and begins chewing on the ear. Apparently the ear has a sensor for cat noises, so chewing does not echo around the room. The ear is then ripped from its string and consumed by Crook shanks.

Fred: I always hated your cat, Hermione.

George: Yeah, me too. That ear took a lot of work to get.

Fred: I guess its back to the human body parts black-market again.

George: We could just go to an orphanage?

Sirius walks out of the room, the meeting is over. He heads towards the sneaky listeners, all gathered by the stairs.

Sirius: What's all this Jibber-jabbering?


Harry embraces Sirius, who promptly pushes him away and offers the manlier shoulder-clap.

Sirius: Welcome to my home, Harry. Don't mind the creepy elf; he should limit himself to verbal abuse unless you touch his mother.

Harry: His mother? I thought there was only one elf around here.

Sirius: Nobody has told you? There are loads of shrunken heads on the second floor. One of them belongs to his mother.

Harry: Oh…

Sirius: Yeah, he might also kill you if you touch my mother.

Harry: I would never dream of it Sirius, I am not that kind of boy. Ron, maybe, but I would never touch anyone's mother.

Sirius: She isn't alive. She is a painting on the third floor.

Harry: Oh… right… so that's why Ron's been hanging around there. Valuing antique vases my arse.

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