Hi Everyone! I've been on hiatus for a while, busy with my so-called life. I finally started a new story but I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with it yet so you'll have to be patient with me if my chapter updates take a little while.

It's not going to be smut heavy like my usual stories (sorry) and it will be a crossover fic (but I'll leave it a surprise as to what show I am crossing with). Hope you like the first installment.

Victoria Nelson laid in her bed, staring at the night-time shadows that flickered across her apartment ceiling - a variety of lines and shapes that moved to-and-fro as light bounced up from traffic on the street below.

She closed her eyes as strong masculine hands roamed under the bed sheets and over her thighs, sighing quietly as lips placed gentle kisses across her belly. Vicki moved her hands over the body that was attempting to pleasure her beneath the blankets. Strong. Firm. Attentive. Gentle. She allowed herself to be taken on the ride as her lover's fingers and mouth caressed and tormented her, driving her mercilessly to the point of no return. With her back arched Vicki whimpered in pleasure, biting down on her lip to muffle her cries.

As she gasped for air Vicki could only think of him. Henry Fitzroy - the vampire with the piercing blue eyes and locks of curly, brown hair. She was suddenly racked with a sense of guilt. Wiping her brow she squeezed her eyes closed then blinked repeatedly in an attempt to shrug off the dream-like haze that clouded her mind.

Her lover emerged from under the covers, a proud smile on his face as he navigated his way up the length of her body.

"See Vick.... told you I'd do most of the work, and I'm only just getting started." Detective Mike Celluci gave Vicki a sly grin as he propped himself up on his elbows and pressed his body to hers.

"Well I did tell you if you wanted it, you'd have to work for it." Vicki teased.

"Story of my life when it comes to you." he retorted.

Vicki let out a quiet laugh. It felt like old times with Mike - reminiscent of years prior when they were partners in the police force, when she still had good eyesight, and long before she had ever met Henry Fitzroy.

She smiled up at the detective, and began to wonder how her life had come full circle, and yet at the same time she secretly questioned if this was actually the life she was supposed to be living.

Vicki wrapped her arms around Mike and pulled him closer. Her subconscious mind uncontrollably began to imagine it was Henry's body pushing down on hers. She fantasized that it was vampire's lips pressing against her neck.

She inhaled deeply and attempted to swallow the guilt that rose from the pit of her stomach once more.



Vicki sat at the side of her mother's hospital bed. It felt as if her life had crumbled to pieces. Several months had passed since that fateful night when the demon Astaroth had possessed Father Raymond. It felt like a vast eternity since she had parted ways with Henry Fitzroy and Mike Celluci.

She had left Henry's apartment that awful night and taken herself home. She sobbed uncontrollably in a long hot shower that eventually ran cold. Emotionally drained she forced herself to crawl into bed where she quickly fell into a long and deep sleep. She would have slept for a week if not for the incessant ringing of her phone. It pulled her from the deep, dark, depression that threatened to settle in to her conscious mind.

"Vicki, its Mom."

"Hey Mom.. sorry it took me so long to answer.. I was sleeping."

"I'm sorry honey, but I have something to tell you, and its not good."

It was that phone call that shattered the last remaining threads of confidence that Vicki was desperately clinging to. Her mother had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. From the time of the phone call to present the descent of the disease had been rapid and cruel. Despite attempts at radiotherapy, and a various doses of different drugs nothing seemed to keep the disease at bay. While Vicki's mom had tried to stay positive, eventually her mind began to deteriorate, followed swiftly by her ability to communicate then finally her motor functions started to fail all together.

Now as Vicki sat at her mother's bedside, she clutched tightly at her unresponsive hand. The room was darkly lit. The various hospital machines hummed quietly, trying to keep Vicki's mother comfortable as she teetered on the the brink of death. Vicki was determined to be with her when it happened - to say one last goodbye as her Mom took that final breath. The doctors weren't exactly sure when that would be, but they knew it would be soon.

Vicki was generally alone with her pain and grief. She'd made no efforts to reach out to Mike or Henry, but Coreen, her dedicated assistant, had been there for her - as much as Vicki would allow. Coreen had done her best to help try to keep their private investigation business afloat in Vicki's absence, but the funds eventually began to dry up. Coreen, much to her own disappointment had been forced to take on a new job - waitressing at a nearby diner. She would often bring food to her old boss, now friend, as she dutifully sat by her dying mother's side. Vicki generally scraped by, living on bare minimum she struggled to pay the rent. She was beyond caring about what seemed like such a trivial issue in context with everything else going on in her life. Getting evicted would just be like icing on the proverbial cake from hell.

Vicki wondered if she had said all she should have to her mom before she had slipped out of consciousness. Did she know how much Vicki loved her? Did she know how much she was appreciated? Vicki wanted to crucify herself for not spending more time with her mother.

Goddamn Henry Fitzroy and his supernatural bullshit! I should have been focused on what's really important instead of chasing fucking demons!

She began to cry again, lying her head against her mother's chest, her tears gradually soaking through the thin, cotton hospital sheets.

A soft voice whispered from the doorway behind her "Oh Vicki.... I can feel your pain and suffering."

Vicki lifted her head and turned towards the visitor to see the silhouette of Father Raymond - the demon Astaroth leaning against the door frame. Still dressed as a Catholic priest he toyed with a set of rosary beads in his left hand and held a bible in his right.

"You!" Vicki spat angrily. "How dare you come here!"

"Oh come now Victoria, no need to be nasty. I just came to pay my respects and see if your mother would like me to perform her Last Rites. I'm still new to this whole Catholic faith thing, but either way I'm sure I can help her soul cross over to the other side. I have a nice place for her in mind." He snickered quietly.

"Did you do this to her? Did you make her sick? I swear to God.. if you..." Vicki's face was red with rage.

"Perhaps you should swear to God." The demon interrupted her. "I can assure you this is his work not mine." He wandered over to stand at the end of the bed as he casually flipped through Vicki's mother's medical chart. "You really shouldn't be soquick to blame the evil-doer every time something bad happens Vicki. A demon has feelings too you know."

"Get the hell out of here! Now!"

"Can I get you anything before I go? I feel so bad about how our last meeting ended. I would have loved to have stayed for a chat.. but well.. you all seemed so bent on trying to kill me."

"Get out! Get out! Get out!" Vicki screamed at him with clutched fists, sniffling back tears and huffing with pure fury.

Upon hearing the commotion a gruff male nurse entered the room "Is there a problem here?"

"I'm dreadfully sorry. I appear to have unintentionally upset Ms Nelson. I was only trying to offer my sympathies and support. I don't wish to cause any further pain so I will be on my way."

"I think perhaps that's best Father" the nurse replied, waving an arm behind the priest's back and ushering him from the room.

The demon spoke over his shoulder to Vicki as he began to leave the room,"Could you please give my regards to Mr Fitzroy? I really must pay him a visit one of these days...."

With a stern gaze Vicki watched the demon leave, she ground her teeth between deep intakes of breath, trying to calm her nerves. She was amazed by the pure audacity of his actions. Why did he have to approach her now? Here? After all these months? Obviously he knew she was already in pain, and wanted to take the opportunity to add salt to her already open wounds.

Vicki turned her attention back to her Mom, who was unfazed and unaware of the unwelcome visitor. Vicki sighed as she looked at her mother's frail body and colourless complexion. She reached out to brush her mother's hair from her face when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Vicki instinctively lept up and prepared to lash out, anticipating Astaroth's return. "I told you to leave!"

"Whoah!" Mike Celluci flinched and stepped back. "It's me Vicki."

The detective stood in the hospital room, dressed as if he'd come straight from work. He wore his usual black pants and cotton shirt with tie, overlayed with his creme coloured trench coat.

"Mike?" Vicki asked tentatively.

"I came as soon as I heard. I didn't know Vicki. I didn't know she was sick. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I.... we.... you left...and I..." she fumbled with her words, still partly surprised at seeing him here.

"I'm here now." Mike paused for a moment. "Vicki are you OK?"

Vicki bit down on her bottom lip, shrugged then shook her head as a flow of tears began to stream down her cheeks. "No" she replied, her voice wavering.

Mike reached out and took her in his arms, holding her close as he leaned his head atop of hers.

Vicki began to sob against Mike's chest, allowing herself to give in to the overwhelming feeling of weakness and despair that she'd been bottling up for months.

As she clung to the detective, she was reminded of some wise words her Mom had once shared with her. "The people that matter most in this world will always be there for you when you need them Vicki."

Now it seemed she knew the people that mattered in this world.

Mike Celluci had come back for her..... and Henry Fitzroy was nowhere to be seen.

Slowly Vicki began to realise that Mike had always been there for her. She had just never truly appreciated it until now.


As Mike began to quietly snore in the bed beside her, Vicki stared at the ceiling again and remembered that night in the hospital. Mike had indeed come back for her, and he had been by her side ever since. He was there when Vicki's Mom passed several days later, and he was there in the months that followed - holding her close whenever she needed to cry, suffering the blows and insults whenever she needed to lash out in anger.

Mike, in a half-asleep state rolled over and wrapped his arm around Vicki's, "I love you" he mumbled.

Vicki hesitated, then eventually replied, "I love you too Mike."

After everything he'd done for her, Vicki felt obligated to tell Mike what he wanted to hear. She loved him, but he deserved to be loved entirely and wholeheartedly, and Vicki wasn't sure that she did. She wanted to love him like a soul mate, and yet as she closed her eyes and began to drift off to sleep Vicki Nelson was thinking about someone else.

Henry. I miss you. I shouldn't.....but I do.