Bella's eyes were swimming in tears of extreme happiness. Her hand shook with it and soon, the whole phone was rattling with her hand; Bella took a deep breath to keep herself in control.

"Yes of course, I'll just tell her."

She put the phone down on the waiting hook, and ran upstairs, skipping four steps at a time, and in a trice, she was knocking on Rosalie's door.

Rosalie hesitated, and then emerged from the bedroom. Being 7:00 in the morning, she was still dressed in the skimpy satin gown and her hair was a little messy, her makeup a tad smudged. From behind her, there was movement on the bed, and the sheets fell back a little to show the naked torso of a well sculpted man with a little chest hair and dark, runny tresses who looked overwhelmingly handsome. Rosalie's new man? Wow. Bella couldn't wait to get hold of the paparazzi.

"What?" Rosalie demanded.

"Anayiah called up, asking for you.."

"Whaaaaaat? Anayiah the gynaecologist?"

Startling. A gynaecologist called her up? We don't need another twin!

"I don't really know but I'm just guessing it's a gynaecologist…"

"Well, get back to work, Bella – Henry baby, put something on, we're going to the gynaecologist," she whispered to the sleepy guy.

The sleepy guy had changed into baggy shorts and an unbuttoned shirt by the time, and he shook the hair out of his eyes as he caught the word "gynaecologist".

"What gynaecologist?" He spook in a riveting English accent. "Rosallie, have you gone completely off your rocka? What gynaecologist?"

"Anayiah – she was some old school bud, Hen. We have to go to her now…"

"For what? You're not pregnant are you? Look, maybay you took my makin seriously, but to me its just like….love to you. I don't want no kids!"

"Oh shut up," Rosalie got feathery. It's just to check, Hen, to see if I'm perfectly fine. Just let's go."

"Hang on!" He said to her. "You wan-ed a baby! That's whuy you slept wi' me! You used me Rosallie! Well guess what – I'm breakin up with you!" He stormed out of the room and went downstairs, gathering his things first.

Rosalie was wide eyed, her lip hitched. She looked confused.

"Wow that's one smart guy. What are you doing here?" she turned to Bella. "Go get to work!"

Bella turned around and walked back, in confusion.

Rosalie's mood had considerately dropped, and she was red in the face as she yelled at Emmett for coming late. Always, to relieve herself of stress, Rosalie planned to go shopping, and buy god knows what that she never had enough of. This relieved Bella of some pressure, and the girls were out with friends. Bella didn't know what to do…

In five minutes, Bella had on her smart black and red pleated, punk skirt with frays, her Mary Janes with many buckles, and a quarter-sleeve violent violet top (stolen from Jessica) , with silver graffiti. She had parted her hair down the side and was wearing a tiny Alice band. She felt a little free – this was the first time in years she was wearing good clothes, and a skirt that reached till half her thigh. Still, the swept, ragged look couldn't be lifted off her face, hair and skinniness – though she was the attractive type of skinny.

Half in mind to head to the shops, and half in mind to return to the dance studio; she couldn't think.

So she just walked, eyeing the beautiful buildings around her.

For the first time she had freedom, this wasn't exactly exciting. Also, her punky outfit had gotten glares from some drunken men, and she had head back home and put on her usual clothes – a white and green striped shirt and baggy flannel shorts that reached her knees perfectly.

She then decided that while the weather was good, she's head out to read something.

Now reading was something Bella loved to do - it used to be her life and soul. Classics captured her like anything, and she was a huge fan of Bronte and Shakespeare and Austen; she had all their books.

But now, there was a new hit series amongst the youngsters; some book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – that too something about a teenage vampire love story. Though it sounded exciting, Bella couldn't help but think that it was yet another love story. The cover wasn't too inviting either: a black background, with pale hands cupping an apple. But as they said, never judge a book by its cov-


She yelled hysterically and flung the first book over her head, startled.

Behind her was a giggling Alice dressed smartly, and tagging behind her was Edward Cullen himself.

She blushed red immediately; had she known of this unexpected encounter, she wouldn't have changed out of her punk clothes at all.

With great energy, she managed to focus on Alice, who hugged her fervently.

"Bella!" she smiled.

"You scared the wits out of me, Alice! Don't do that again!"

Alice giggled evilly. "Out reading on a nice day like this?"

"I like to read." Bella sniffed indignantly in the air.

"Alice," the velvety, smooth voice of the ever-so eloquent Edward cut in. "Alice, can we please move on – I'll be horded soon."

Bella heart missed a beat at his appearance and she blushed red again – his eyes weren't looking at her, but his angular face highlighted his high cheekbones and flawless skin – somehow the way his insecure eyes pleaded with Alice revealed more beauty from inside than he had outside – which was saying something, thought Bella, as she assessed his walking jeans and sharp-cut shirt.

Alice flashed her eyes at him dangerously. "It's your fault for becoming famous, you stick to it."

Bella smirked at that, and sensing her smirk, he shot a dismissive glance at her.

"Alice, if you care anything for my sanity and cleanliness, please let's go. Fans will be milling any second!"

That was very rude.

In fact it was so rude that Bella turned red again, but the way her brown eyes glimmered showed that she was raw with a hurt kind of anger. How dare he say something like that?

"Sanity?" Bella inquired in a low and serious voice. "Cleanliness? Is this the type of ideology stars of this world have?"

Alice, on the verge of pushing her brother, looked at me talking to Edward. In fact, even he turned around at the tone of my voice.

"Listen, nobody," he said, stressed tones. "I'm the one with a marriage ball on my birthday, and I'm supposed to marry someone I don't know. Then there's all these sick fans running up to me begging me to marry them. What do you think that says about them?"

"You realize you would be a 'nobody' yourself if it hadn't been for the fact that you have crazy fans out there supporting you!" Bella retorted, shoving him slightly with my fingertips, right on this chest.

He eyes narrowed in scrutiny as I shoved him.

"I am not a god, so they have no right to threaten my life and existence."

"You know what Edward?" she asked him. "There's people who wanna get a sign from you or something because the want to feel the satisfaction of complimenting your talents, and to feel proud they met someone with such courage and grandeur. So maybe you should just thank your stars that you're a much liked man. Because being normal, well," she laughed sarcastically, "is a tough job, and it's not some smooth music video, like you make yours, ok? You don't even know problems. Just wake up, and respect people who love you. You wanted to be somebody? Well be someone. Start by respecting people." She glared at him, both him and his sister taken aback at the long speech.

Boy, now that felt good.

Alice turned to her brother and said, "You know Ed, she's right. If you don't want to go shopping with me, then don't." She huffed, took Bellow by the elbow and whirled her away.

Bella stared at her in confusion, and looking back she saw him look at her with the weirdest look in his eyes. Intensity and a little something more. It was a smouldering, melting look that was soft gentle with a little more incentive…

Oh goodness, she thought. That look was a copy from her dreams.

"Look, I'm sorry I said it so rudely but you're like the rest of them – the rest of the fans who pretend they can understand. Because quite honestly," He stepped closer, "I don't think you can imagine anything close to how it is for me. Alice gets off easy but it's harder being me. I wouldn't ask you to try it but I'm being put through a lot."

"I don't have it easy!" Alice squealed.

"Yeah right, because I can just totally see a herd of people making you claustrophobic," he retorted.

"I don't mean to make assumptions about your life or anything. I'm standing up for some of your following that might actually care about you," interrupted Bella.

"Care isn't a scarce resource around here. Not if you're rugby tackled by people whenever you're seen," Edward replied.

Bella moved her hand from Alice's wary grip and crossed her arms across her chest, firmly. "If you went and had plastic surgery that made you ugly, then hardly any fans would follow you anymore. Only one in a millions cares about what might be behind that face of yours but you just don't let people find out. Maybe you should reach out to your fans a bit more so they can start liking the talent in you, ties to whomever you might be, and not just the way your talent suits your eyes or makes your butt look cute."

Edward smirked and shook his head. "Fine. I'll let go on this because we're not capable of talking about this the right way and-"

"You chicken," grinned Alice. "Admit she won."

"She didn't."

"She did to."

"She did not, end of discussion. Can we go back home?"

Bella held her hands up in a cautionary sign. "Wait a minute…if you're so afraid of people, then why'd the two of you come out anyway?"

Alice smiled and dismissed Bella's question with a wave of her hand. "Exercise. Air. The usual."

"But you have both a gym and a porch in your house."

Edward sighed. "But you don't get good hot dogs delivered home." He pointed to a plastic bag Alice was carrying.

"So why not let somebody other than yourself go get them?"

"You know Edward," said Alice. "This one asks good questions."

"This one?" Bella asked. "What do you mean by that?"

"'This one' refers to all the fans Edward has met over the span of his career that he kind of starts to like."

"I don't LIKE her!" Edward said, aghast. Then realizing how rude he sounded, he tried making amends. "I don't mean it the way it came out….I mean, you're nice and all but I really didn't mean it the way I said it and-"

Bella was stinging and she couldn't tell the source of the hurt, but it was dense inside her. She suppressed it and nodded. "It's okay – I should be going home anyway."

"Look," said Edward sternly. "Just because I talk to people doesn't mean I immediately start to love them. In fact, Alice, you've just ruined any polite progress I might've made today. So thank you, Alice, and thank you, Bella. I'll be going now too."

"No…" Alice tried to stop him. "I was only joking, don't go off like this…"

"Both of us," he enunciated, "have things to do".

And he left, with Alice towing along after hugging Bella goodbye hurriedly and tried to apologize. He went on without looking back, not looking at Bella as she wrestled with the strange hurt she was feeling. So, he didn't like her. He didn't want to like a fan. So why should it matter? What had Rosalie been saying all along? – Bella was a nobody. And he was a somebody. The two don't match.

Bella never expected to find herself hiding behind this thought, but she did; and when she got home, dejected, she didn't smile at the encounter. When her stepsisters started mocking her lanky hair and Rosalie commented on her flattish chest, she took it all in and thought about how there was at least some honesty being served to her.

Even if the truth isn't always sweet.


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