A/N: Before I begin the story, I would like to clarify the names. In the movie, which I actually will not be seeing, the woman is named "Casey", but the unborn child has no name, or at least none that I can find in the cast list or summary. I will be referring to him with the generic name, "Benny". All of the horror movie characters in this story are pretty well known, but to make things clearer:

Freddy Krueger, of "Nightmare on Elm Street", wears a striped sweater and has knives for fingers. He haunts the dreams of the people on Elm Street and murders them in their dreams, though then they are actually murdered.

Chucky, of "Child's Play" (?) is a marionette doll that kills people. (I don't know much, as the only horror movie I have ever seen was "Dead Silence".)

Mary Shaw, of "Dead Silence", is a menace of an old woman that rips people's tongues out through the throat and/or makes puppets out of them.

Jason, of "Halloween", is the infamous villain that wears a hockey mask and carries a chainsaw.

Norman Bates, of "Psycho", is a man that has schizoid. When he is in his "other personality", he kills people.

Benny, the main character, of "The Unborn" (Which is, as a movie, "unborn"), is a child that died in the womb who haunts his twin sister.

Please don't regard me as a fraud for only having seen one of these movies. I like this idea and am going to continue it. Thank-you, and enjoy the story…