Mrs. Robinson – summary- A ghost hunt in New Orleans proves to be a lot more than Sam and Dean bargained for. Preseries. Written by BlueEyedDemonLiz and Gidgetgal9 and posted in honor of Sendintheclowns birthday. Beta'd by Floralia and Sendintheclowns.

Chapter One

"Dude this is like the most killer opportunity of a life time! New Orleans during Mardi Gras, minus Dad!" Dean was grinning ear to ear trying to get some of his excitement to rub off on his seventeen year old brother. They were in the Impala about five hours away from paradise.

Sam rolled his eyes. "I get it Dean. Yes this is your wet dream come true! But here's the kicker, I'm too young to truly enjoy the Sin City so I'll be stuck in some room researching while you have all the fun."

"Samantha, why do you have to be such a killjoy? I got you that fake ID for your birthday last year. It'll be fine. You might even get laid." Dean smirked as his brother blushed; the kid was such an easy target!

A bustle

"Okay fine, you'll drag me along and the moment some busty made up beauty bats her eyes at you, I'll be sent back to the motel room to do research." Sam huffed.

"Research- is that what we're calling it nowadays cause believe me little brother, I'm gonna do you right. I won't be sending you back to the motel empty handed." Dean wagged his brow at his brother in amusement.

"Dean! I don't want this to be another make Sam a man mission. 'Cause to be honest, I'd never sleep with a girl you picked out. Besides, maybe I've already taken care of it." Sam quickly looked away at his hands.

"Holding out on me there Sammy?" Dean couldn't resist. His brother had thrown him a bone and he was going to bite.

"Maybe." Still no eye contact.

"Who?" Dean nudged his brother.

"I don't kiss and tell Dean!" Sam looked up bright red and embarrassed.

"Calm down little brother, just trying to help." Dean's grin widened as his brother's cheeks continued to burn red.

"Let's just drop it. You wanna know my real reason for not wanting to be here? I was just getting into the groove at my new school. I had friends, who wanted to do stuff with me. Instead I get to hunt." Sam's body tensed up and Dean realized that the boy was on one of his I want to be normal trips.

"Sammy, going to Mardi Gras is bragging rights. The fact that you got to go with your very cool big brother, should make you at least seem cool." Dean could see by Sam's posture he wasn't buying it.


Not wanting his little brother to bring his mood down, he decided to switch tactics.

"So this hunt, what are we dealing with?" Dean knew the basic facts but wanted to get Sam's mind on something other than pouting.

"Dude, did you even read over Dad's notes?" Sam rolled his eyes and reached under the Impala's bench seat pulling out notes.

"I like to leave the reading to you, Geek Boy." Dean was happy to see Sam go with the new topic.

"Yeah well, you'll be happy to know this is pretty cut and dry.. Which is probably why Dad sent us out on our own. Though why he thought he could trust you during Mardi Gras is beyond me!"

Sam had a point. It was kind of silly of his dad, basically letting a kid loose in a candy store. That was probably why he had insisted on Dean taking Sam. He knew that if Dean was stuck babysitting there would be less time to get in trouble.

"Dad wanted to help Bobby out with that werewolf nest, so it made sense to send me dude. He only sent you along so that poor little Sammy wouldn't be stuck home alone." Dean chuckled as his barb hit home..

"Dad trusts me enough to leave me alone." Sam was turning red again, only this time out of frustration.

"Yeah, whatever you need to tell yourself Sammy. So, the hunt is cut and dry, what are we up against?" Dean watched as Sam angrily grabbed the notes and began to read over them.

"Well it seems that a couple of years ago, there was a lover's quarrel at the Hotel St. Marie during Mardi Gras. One Helen Robinson was drunk and caught with another man. Her husband, Thomas, in a fit of rage, pulled out a concealed handgun and shot her to death in their room. It seems that Mrs. Robinson has been spotted in that hotel every year since her death." Sam paused from his reading, and Dean took that moment to get more details.

"So it's a vengeful spirit, cause I gotta tell you, I like her style. Only coming out for the big party that is Mardi Gras, is an awesome idea." Dean could tell Sam was still upset with him when he didn't get a snarky reply back.

"Not necessarily a vengeful spirit, more like an old lady cougar spirit. Seems that Mrs. Robinson tends to fondle the male guests around this time of year, and the hotel has lost some business because of the lustful ghost. One of the hotel managers served with Dad, and wanted him to do some pest control basically. The problem is that Mrs. Robinson was cremated. Her ashes thrown on Bourbon Street a year after her death, so we would have to do a cleansing ritual." Sam finally gave his brother eye contact and Dean could tell that something was troubling Sam.

"Yeah, so?" Dean couldn't understand what was troubling Sam.

"Well, the problem is rituals aren't always accurate. It might take us a few days to find the right one that would work. That means we might be stuck in New Orleans for a week." Sam's face was getting pissy and Dean had to laugh.

"Oh God no! Kill me now; we might be stuck in New Orleans for the full week of Mardi Gras! Geesh Sammy, come on, this is the best thing that's ever happened to us!" Dean was ecstatic and hoped that once they got there Sam's mood would shift.

"Fine, whatever Dean! I guess on the bright side the hunt is actually in the hotel, and the motel manager has us staying in the room where the murder took place." Sam mumbled out.

"And that is the bright side why?"

"Uh, cause the hotel is for the rich. The rooms are huge, and I'll have wireless internet so that I can do everything from the room." Sam was now giving Dean the duh face.

"So there's a pool?" Dean was excited, it had been awhile since they had stayed anywhere nice, and to be doing it for free was awesome.

"Yeah, there is a pool with a fountain." Sam tone was a little less gruff.

"A fountain huh? Sounds fancy, is it near Bourbon Street?" Dean figured there had to be a catch here. Surely this wonderful hotel was miles from the action.

"It's a block from Bourbon Street, Dean. In fact, our room has a balcony so we can watch the action from there." Sam's face started to quirk into a little smile.

"How the hell can they afford to let us stay in a room for free this time of year?" Dean was still trying to figure out the catch.

"Uh, a woman was murdered in our room, and she now haunts it. Oh, and she tends to grope people!" Sam's tone was finally playful.

"Yep, that would do it. Don't worry Sammy, I won't let her touch you!" Dean had to stifle a grin, trying to keep his tone serious.

"Mrs. Robinson isn't groping teenagers, dude." Sam spat back.

"Dude, the lady's name is Mrs. Robinson, you could be her Dustin Hoffman. Samantha might lose his virginity after all!" Dean couldn't help but chuckle, as Sam once again started his pouty face.

"Yeah well, just remember not to bring any of your dates back to the room before we get rid of Mrs. Gropey or you'll have some explaining to do!" Sam grabbed his notes and slid them back under the seat. He started to position his head against the side window, as if ready to take a nap.

"Nap time Sammy?" Dean could resist.



Oh yeah this was going to be fun! Thank you Mrs. Robinson!


It wasn't the first time the brothers had been to New Orleans. In fact, it was somewhere around the tenth time but this time the city was more alive than they'd ever seen it before. The place was practically buzzing with excitement and jam-packed with people who were busily talking, laughing, dancing or attempting a daring combination of all three.

The swarming bodies which crowded the streets were dressed in a rich kaleidoscope of colors. Men and women alike were wearing strings of shiny beads while others were sporting large feathered face masks. Some were carrying balloons and almost everybody seemed to be drinking from plastic cups filled with a variety of strong alcoholic beverages. It didn't matter that it was still only early afternoon; the party mood was already in full swing.

With the humid heat pressing in on them, the Impala windows were rolled down and as they drove slowly in the direction of their hotel Sam couldn't help but accept that the electric atmosphere was infectious.

Dean would normally complain about the traffic conditions whenever they were forced to travel into a big city, in fact he'd usually get uptight and downright ferocious. The nearer they got to Bourbon Street the busier it became, to the point where people were actually spilling into the road and walking in-between the slow moving cars.

As they were now stuck driving at a painful snail's pace, Sam shot a worried glance over at his brother, expecting Dean's head to explode at any moment but instead he was utterly relived to see that Dean was grinning from ear-to-ear.

Dean's eyes were wide, brimming with excitement and he was happily drinking in the sights and sounds surrounding them, as well as taking in the wonderful smells too. There were plenty of street vendors around who seemed to be making a killing as they cooked up steaming dishes of gumbo and red beans and rice for people to eat from large polystyrene plates right there on the sidewalk. Sam's stomach grumbled loudly as he breathed in another whiff of the tangy rich spices which were infusing the air.

"It's going to take us forever to get to the hotel at this rate, I..." Dean began, watching as a group of people hurried down the street wearing glittery top hats. He stopped speaking altogether when a very busty brunette leaned into the car window and placed a string of beads around his neck. With a wink and a none too subtle ass jiggle she hurried off to catch up with her friends. "But I don't mind because I TOTALLY LOVE IT HERE." Dean bellowed after her with a huge grin. "Why don't we drop our crap off at the hotel and head out for something to eat? What do you say, Sammy?"

Sam hesitated for a moment before answering. They were here on a hunt Dad had entrusted them with. Sam had reams of research to do and they needed to make a start investigating the hotel for signs of paranormal activity. Sam put a hand to his stomach as another sharp hunger pang made itself known. Hunters had to eat, right? "Yeah, sounds good to me." Sam admitted and then blushed as he noticed a girl wearing an extraordinary purple and green gown blow him a kiss as she crossed the street in front of the Impala.

"That's my boy." Dean crowed and slapped Sam's thigh.


The Hotel St. Marie was undeniably grand, probably the grandest establishment the brothers had ever stayed in. Charles Broadbent, the hotel manager who was the one responsible for getting in touch with John in the first place, had been nervously awaiting their arrival. Literally standing in the lavish entrance lobby, hopping from one foot to the other and wringing his hands.

"Good to finally meet you boys." Charles said as he grabbed Dean's hand and shook it firmly before reaching out to shake Sam's hand too. "John's told me a lot about you over the years. Though it isn't always an easy job to keep in touch with your Dad, elusive son of a bitch that he is." He stopped talking and eyed the duffel bags both the brothers were carrying. "Let me show you to your room and then I can fill you in."

Room 223 was locked. Had been for the last few days and the air was musty as Charles pushed the door open. Tiny dust particles swam in the shaft of hazy afternoon sunlight which was shining through the large French Doors that led out onto the balcony. The king sized bed was neatly made and the room was tidy. "I've been keeping the room unoccupied so close to the Mardi Gras period especially after what happened last year. I--I can't afford to put any more of our guests at risk."

Charles watched, pinched-faced, from the doorway as the brothers slipped past him into the room. Dean immediately dropped his duffel and began sorting through the contents. Charles got a glimpse of what looked like a veritable arsenal of unusual weapons before Dean found what he was looking for and pulled out a battered EMF meter. "You coming inside or is it comfy out there in the hallway?" Dean asked, wanting Charles to shut the door before he started to scan the room.

Charles let his eyes dart cautiously around the room before committing himself and stepping inside. Sam quickly walked over and pushed the door closed. Dean flicked on the EMF and began moving the meter vigilantly over the furniture and walls. The thing didn't so much as blip once. "Nada." Dean groaned as Charles let out a long relived breath.

"Still it isn't even dark yet and that's when she comes out to play right, Mr. Broadbent?" Sam asked as he unpacked a variety of books from his own duffel.

"Night time, yes that's right." Charles took a seat on the edge of the bed. Resting his elbows on his knees, he lent forward and let his head drop into his hands. "I didn't used to ghosts or anything like that. But I always trusted your father and now I can't keep pretending something doesn't exist when I've seen it with my own two eyes."

"You've seen Mrs. Robinson?" Sam asked, crouching down in front of the troubled man.

"Last year, around this time, this room was taken by a young married couple. They'd had an argument and the woman had gone out alone, leaving her husband behind in the room. Anyway I heard some of our guests complaining about a commotion coming from Room 223 and when I got here, the door was ajar and the man was laid out on the floor. He was unconscious and there was...a woman sitting next to him, running her fingers through his hair. I recognized her straight away. It was Mrs. Robinson. She looked real, like flesh and bone but when she saw me she flickered like a damn optical illusion and vanished."

"What happened to the man?"

"He went to the hospital, he had a concussion and some bad bruising which he couldn't account for. He said that something hit him and then lights out...he couldn't remember anything after that. Not only that but a few days before, there was an older gentleman staying in the room. A businessman I think and he actually checked out of the hotel in the middle of the night. We thought it was strange at the time, the way he just picked up and left but he looked like he'd had the scare of his life."

Sam turned away to glance pointedly at his brother, Dean picked up on the message in his brother's gaze, they were going to have their hands full and that's for sure.


BlueEyedDemonLiz's notes: I've been so lucky to make some great friends since starting to write fanfiction and I certainly count Gidgetgal9 as one of them, which is why I was so delighted for the chance to write with her again. Posting this in time for Sendintheclowns' birthday is brilliant because if anyone deserves a bustle load of presents – then she sure does.

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