DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twilight, that's Stephenie Meyer.

Summary: Bella is a freshman at Dartmouth, and her roommate is Alice Cullen. Alice's older brother, Edward, is a junior. Edward is rich and a notorious player. Bella likes to read and loves class. What happens when they meet? Can Bella make Edward believe in relationships? Based on the relationship of Rory and Logan in Gilmore Girls. Edward is OOC in the first part of this story. AU, AH

Bella's Point of View

It was officially the first week of classes. So far, I love college. My roommate, Alice Cullen, is already one of my very best friends. She has a fairly serious boyfriend named Jasper. Judging by his thick accent, I'd say he is from somewhere in the western United States. Alice has lots of energy and loves to shop. I wonder, though, how we were matched up. Don't get me wrong; I've known her for a week, and I am so glad we are roommates. But when I was accepted into Dartmouth, I had to fill out this personality card that would match me with a roommate. Alice and I are polar opposites. I love going to class and I love reading. Alice loves to shop and dance. Sometimes I feel like the housing divisions of colleges want to see you fight, just for their entertainment.

My mom, Renee, also fell in love with Alice. My parents were divorced, and Renee was the one to help me move into school. Renee and my step-father, Phil, lived in Phoenix, and my dad lived in Forks, Washington.

I was, at this point, majoring in English. Alice was majoring in art, and Jasper was majoring in American History.

I was walking towards my morning English class, enjoying the fall weather of New Hampshire. I loved all of my classes. This weekend Alice was threatening to not only take me to one of the parties, but also to take me shopping to find something cute to wear. Ugh, I am 18, I can dress myself. I sighed aloud. It was going to be a long semester.

After my classes, I walked back to the dorm, to meet Alice. We'd made plans to go out to lunch, just the two of us. So far, we'd only gotten to know each other with Jasper, but we wanted to have some girl talk time. And by "we" I mean Alice. As soon as my key hit the door, Alice flung it open.

"Bella! Are you ready to go? I'm so excited!" She clapped, bouncing up and down. I laughed. That was the other thing about Alice. She was really, really perky. And bouncy.

"Yes, let me just put my bag down and grab my purse". I set my backpack on my desk chair, and bent down to grab my purse. I grabbed my cell phone out of the pocket of my messenger bag, throwing it into my purse, turning back to Alice.

"Alright. I'm ready". I smiled at her. "Do you want me to drive, or do you want to?" I asked. It then occurred to me that I wasn't even sure if Alice had a car here.

"I'll drive! I think I'm parked closer!" She said as she took my hand and practically dragged me out of our room, down the stairs of our dorm, and into the back parking lot to a yellow Porsche.

"Whoa". I breathed, as she jumped into the driver's side.

"I know, right?! Graduation present from my dad!" She laughed, starting the car. I closed my jaw, and got in the car.

We went to a nice deli and sat outside on the patio.

"So Alice, where are you from again?" I asked as we sat down with our food.

"I am from Seattle. How about you?" She asked, taking a sip of her coffee. Yikes. Caffeine? Really?

"I'm from Forks, an hour or so outside of Seattle, actually." I was surprised, but glad when she said she was from the Seattle area. By the way she dressed, and the car she drove, I thought that maybe she was from Los Angeles or something.

"Do you have any siblings?" She asked me.

"No, I don't. It's just me. How about you?" she rolled her eyes at my question.

"Unfortunately. I have two older brothers: Edward and Emmett. Emmett is a senior here, and Edward is a junior. Emmett is very big brother-y, and very protective of me. Edward…well, he's Edward." She stabbed her salad with a fork and took a bite. "My parents don't exactly approve of the way Edward behaves here. He drinks a lot and he goes through girls like I go through shoes. He doesn't care much about what I do, not because he doesn't care, but he's just too drunk to understand what's going on most of the time". She rolled her eyes, and took another bite of her salad, before starting to talk again.

"Actually, Emmett and Edward have a house off campus. They're having a party Saturday night if you want to go." She suggested off-hand, like it was no big deal. I immediately searched my brain for a good solid excuse to get out of a party.

"That's okay, I have to study. My English class is a lot of work" I held up my hand as she tried to cut me off. "But, I promise that the weekend after that, I will go to a party with you." I knew she wouldn't let it go unless I went, but Jake, my best friend from Forks, was coming to visit this weekend, and I didn't want to commit to a party, because I knew he wouldn't want to go. Alice told me about her parents, Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle was an important doctor in Chicago, and Edward and was Pre-Med to follow in Carlisle's very large footsteps. Emmett was a business major. Esme was a nurse. I told her briefly about Charlie and Renee, and even less about Phil. I could tell she was interested, but I didn't like talking about it. I wasn't a fan of attention. I was much more comfortable when she was talking. She told me that Emmett was the exact opposite of Edward, and he had a fantastic longtime girlfriend named Rosalie that went to Yale. We finished lunch, and headed back to campus. I got a head start on my reading, and Alice went over to Jasper's. I must have nodded off, because I woke up to my cell phone ringing. I checked the display, and saw that it was Jake, my best friend.

"Jake!" I exclaimed, excited to be hearing from him.

"Bella!" He echoed my tone, laughing.

"How's UW?" I asked, sitting up, taking a sip of the water bottle I'd set on the table.

"Great! I met a girl already. Her name is Kristin. You'll love her".

"Jake, you've been there for a week. How do you know I'll love her already?"

"Because she's amazing, and she's an English major just like you."

"Ah, okay. Got it." I laughed. Suddenly, I was hit with an overwhelming wave of homesickness. While I hated small town Forks, I would have given anything to be at UW with Jake.