==1. Young==

Watching her, the first thought to cross his mind was, Wow. She is dog-gone GOOD.

Young as the Princess was (and really, she couldn't have been any older than sixteen, if even that), she was already a top-notch fighter. She didn't even seem to know what she was doing – it was just instinctive.

She would make a really good Ranger…

He swerved just in time to avoid a shot from a hornet, and blasted it. Then his attention returned to the young Princess. She was using a ripped-off hornet's arm as a blaster, but she was also using a far amount of martial arts. He wondered if she had a black belt, because she was just that good.

Then he realized something. The hornets were coming in heavier this time, and just the two of them were the only ones out here on this balcony. The guards must've joined the fighting elsewhere.

"Time to go, Your Highness!" he called.

"I can beat 'em!" she protested.

"Maybe, but I have to make sure you stay safe, or your father'll have my hide!"

She sighed. "Okay, let's go."

She ghosted him back into the palace, and they set off on a run to find help. "You're pretty good," he told her.

"Thanks!" After ten seconds, she asked, "Do you think I could make a good Ranger?"

"Princess, you could make a great Ranger."

She flashed him a brilliant smile.

Author's Note:

Short, I know, but it was all I could come up with. It's better than the original piece I wrote for this prompt – that was drabble about half this long. Lol!

Thanks for this new anthology go to my friend "Elizabeth," who gave me her Ships 50 Live Journal Writing Challenge list of prompts. (Three of the prompts were changed due to inappropriate content. =P)

I know, I know – where's Watermark?? Oh, it's coming, it's coming, okay? The delay is a combination of real life interfering with my writing time and these doggone evil plot bunnies!

Lastly… this is the 150th BLoSC story on Fanfiction! I feel an absurd sense of pride!