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"Crucio!", a blond haired man was twitching violently on the ground in front of Voldermort. For one long minute the curse was held. When he lifted the curse the Death Eater crawled on his knees to kiss the hems of the darkest Lord in a Century.

"Get up!" the wizard commanded.

"Yes my Lord." Harry looked around the bleak room he was seeing with confusion. He wasn't sure why he was seeing all these visions but ever since the summer they had increased with disturbing regularity. He had one almost every other night. They were useful at times, at others they were just a pain. Both literarily and figuratively. He would often feel a diluted version of the cruciatus when Voldermort would cast it upon his Death Eaters.

"Come here Lucius, give me your arm." Lucius Malfoy limped, as gracefully as a Malfoy can limp, towards his Lord, extending his left arm. Lord Voldermort reached out and touched his want tip to the dark mark burned on Lucius' skin. However Voldermort did not seem to be calling his followers to him as Harry had expected. Quiet the opposite in fact. Harry was confused as Lucius' face contorted in an unusual expression. Harry did not understand until he felt his stomach flip. The feelings intensified and Harry felt a new sensation of weight between his legs. Unbeknownst to Harry he was groaning in his sleep. The feelings stopped when he heard Lucius whimper and a dark spot formed on the front of his trousers. Voldermort released Lucius' arm and the man stepped back from is master breathing heavily.

"Thank-you my Lord." Lucius gushed.

"Your master knows how to reward those loyal to him does he not?"

"Yes my Lord. You do. Thank-you again my Lord for that gift."

"Very well Lucius. Go!" Lucius bowed low and backed out of the room.


Harry woke up with a gasp. What the hell had that been? The feelings he had experienced had been mind blowing. Harry moved to get out of thee bed but flushed when he realised his pants were stuck to him.

'Oh My God! I haven't wet the bed since I was 9! Now what am I going to do?'

Mumbling a cleaning spell he had just learned in charms and then a drying charm Harry got out of his bed; a blush firmly implanted on his face. Harry grabbed his dressing gown and slippers and left the tower to go see Dumbledore. The Headmaster had made him promise to go to him immediately after he had any visions.

The corridors where empty of anyone on his way to the stone guardian, guarding access to Dumbledore's office. When he got there he sighed and started listing off random sweets.

"…fizzing whissbies…blood pops…mars bars…lion bar…pu…" the guardian moved for him and Harry didn't wait for the guardian to open fully before launching himself up the steps. 'I mean really…Lion Bars as a pass word…even for Dumbledore that's just ridiculous.' Harry couldn't resist rolling his eyes. When he got to the door he knocked and waited for Dumbledore to invite him in.

"Come in Harry…", Dumbledore called out. Harry walked in rather timidly when he saw Snape sitting in a chair to the left.

"…sit down. Would you like some tea?" Dumbledore conjured up a tea set and Harry sat down accepting a blue patterned cup.

"Now, Harry, what seems to be the problem my boy?"

"I had another vision sir…" said Harry, glancing at Snape. Dumbledore sat up a little straighter.

"…Voldermort was there with Mr. Malfoy." Harry blushed when he remembered what Lucius had looked like while Voldermort had done that thing with his wand.

"Get on with it Mr. Potter. What happened in the meeting?" Snape all but demanded of Harry.

"Easy Severus…", muttered the Headmaster. Harry gulped.

"Not much happened Professor. When the vision started Voldermort was cursing Mr. Malfoy. He was using the cruciatus…"

"Did you feel it?" Dumbledore interrupted. Harry just nodded his head.

"I'm alright now though. I can't feel it at all." Severus Snape raised an eye-brow at that.

"Go on Harry…", prompted Dumbledore.

"Err…well afterwards he called Mr. Malfoy over to him and asked for his arm. He, Voldermort that is, touched his wand to it…"

"Calling the some more Death Eaters no doubt." Said Severus. Once again Harry blushed.

"Err…no Professor, he did something…I don't know what…he wasn't calling his followers anyway."

"Don't be obtuse Potter. Of course he was calling his followers. The dark mark doesn't do anything el…" Snape paused. He looked at Harry properly for the first time, observing him as though he was a complex potions ingredient, well maybe not complex…

"What is it Severus?" Dumbledore was looking quiet curious now also.

"He wasn't calling his followers sir…" Harry spoke up again, "…It was just Voldermort and Mr. Malfoy before Voldermort dismissed him. I woke up then." Harry blushed again remembering how he had wet his bed. How embarrassing.

"So what did he do then Harry, Severus?" Harry looked at Snape in confusion when he didn't answer Dumbledore instead a blush of his own appearing on his cheeks. Harry nearly fell out of his seat seeing that.

"Sir…" Harry spoke up again, "…I'm not entirely sure what he did to Mr. Malfoy only that it felt *cough* good but Mr. Malfoy eh…*cough cough*…wet himself." Dumbledore looked directly at him for a moment but looked away when Severus had a coughing fit.

"*cough cough*…Lucius…*cough*…wet…*cough cough*…ha…*cough cough*…" Eventually Severus gained control over himself again.

"Well that's one way of putting it." Severus said. Harry was blushing again but this time it was due to his embarrassment of not understanding what was going on.

"What?…sir I don't understand…" both men were looking at Harry now.

"Harry, when you say Mr. Malfoy…eh…soiled himself…did you say that to be polite or…" Dumbledore left the sentence hanging, sending a look to Severus to ensure he would not relapse and have another 'coughing fit'.

"Sir, what do you mean? I don't understand. What's so funny anyway?" Harry was getting touchy about the subject thinking they were making fun of wetting yourself and Harry was pretty sensitive to that at the minute.

"You misunderstood Harry. No one is laughing…" he said shooting another look in Severus' direction. "…I merely want to know if you described Mr. Malfoy's reaction to whatever Voldermort did was out of politeness?"

"I was not being err polite sir. He really did wet himself. I mean there was a wet spot on his trousers…"Harry trailed off.

"Mr. Potter, the only other thing the Dark Mark will do when the Dark Lord touches his want to it is send waves of pleasure through whoever it is he is pointing his wand at." Snape explained.

"Oh…" Harry said.

"Severus I will talk to tomorrow. Harry please stay a moment longer." Snape nodded and left promptly. Harry however, was convinced he heard Snape chuckle as he walked past him. That was annoying.

"Sir?" Harry asked.

"Harry tell me something did your Aunt or Uncle ever give you 'The Talk'?" Dumbledore asked peering over his half-moon glassed to see a squirming Harry.

"The what sir?" Harry looked curiously at his Headmaster.

"They may have called it something different. 'The Birds and the Bees' perhaps." Dumbledore guessed.

"Eh, no sir. They never mentioned anything like that before to me."

"Alright Harry we will try an easier question. Did your relatives ever tell you how babies where made?" Harry blushed Weasley red.

"Oh thaat…yes. My Uncle told me once."

"That's good. Very good. Did you understand it all?"

"Erm…*cough*…not really sir. He just told me not sit stick 'it' near a girl or she would have a fr…err baby and that I'd be responsible for it." Dumbledore who had been smiling frowned again.

"Well that won't do. Okay Harry here's the mechanics of making a baby. When two people who love each other want a baby, or sometimes even when they don't want a child, they will have what is known as sex." Harry wanted the ground to swallow him up hole.

"The man will use his penis to penetrate a woman's vagina. After some time the man will ejaculate his sperm into the woman. There, the sperm will travel to the woman's womb and join with her egg. These two ingredients make a baby. Nine months later a baby boy or girl will be born. Are you following this Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"*cough* eh yes sir…but…well…"

"Ask you question Harry. That's what this talk is all about."

"…eh…I understand most of that but eh…ejaculate? What does that mean?" Harry asked. Dumbledore looked him up and down once again.

"Perhaps I should back up a bit. Okay, when a boy is beginning to mature into a young man his body will make several changes. His voice will deepen, he will start to grow hair over many parts of his body and he will likely have a growth spurt of some kind. These are some of the physical changes you will have noticed yourself. Now inside the body is a different thing entirely. Your penis will now begin to serve a second function to allowing water to pass. Your body will start to form sperm and these will be produced and stored in your testis until you have use of them. You will find that at certain times you will become more aware of your penis than ever before. After awhile you will find it becomes hard. You may experience wet dreams…"

"Eh….wet dreams?" This Harry was curious about.

"Yes these are dreams where you might be imagining an intense pleasure of some kind. Sometimes you will remember the dream, other times you wont."

"Why are they called wet dreams?" Harry asked.

"Well Harry while you a dreaming your penis will become erect, that is it will become hard and may stand away from your body slightly, then at a particularly intense moment you will ejaculate. This is your sperm being released from your testis through your penis. It is a sticky white fluid. In the beginning many boys are embarrassed because they feel like they wet the bed. But this is not the case."

At first Harry was relieved to know he had not wet his bed as he had thought but then he remembered why exactly he had 'ejaculated' in the first place. Harry moaned and put his head in his hands.

"What is it my boy?"

"I've had one. I thought…like you just said, I thought I'd wet the bed…"

"Well then it must be a relief is it not to realise that was not the case." Dumbledore inquired.

"I'd have preferred if I had…" Harry exclaimed.

"Why do you say that my boy?"

"…because, it means that Voldermort gave me my first wet dream!!! I'd preferred to have wet the bed!!"

"Oh Harry, this is not something to be ashamed of. You feel the pain of the cruciatus through your visions it stands to reason you would feel whatever it is that Voldermort did to Lucius Malfoy. It was a reaction, nothing else." Harry looked up hopefully at Dumbledore who was smiling down at him over his glasses. He sat up straight in his seat again and tried to smile back. It came out as a slight frown though, despite his best efforts.

"It's okay Harry. It's not a bad thing." said Dumbledore.

"Alright sir. Alright." Harry whispered. It was obvious he didn't believe it, but, maybe with time he would realise the truth.

"Now Harry is there anything else you want to ask me or talk to me about?"

"No sir…" he gulped, fidgeting on his chair, "…that's it."

"Good good. Off you go then. It is still quiet late."

"Goodnight sir."

"Sleep well Harry. Oh and Harry…" Dumbledore paused while Harry turned back around to face him from standing at the door, "…if you think of any more questions or you just want to talk feel free to come up to me at any time."

"Yes sir. Thank-you sir." Harry turned back around and left Dumbledore's office.


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