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Wendell was relieved when it was time for the council to break for lunch. All morning long there had been nothing but bickering. His council members fought like children, each one dismissing the others' ideas. The real problem was that they weren't able to decide what the real problems were. The 9 Kingdoms were no longer glorious and they didn't know why.

"I'll have my lunch in the East Study today Thomas," he told his manservant.

"As you wish Sire," he said.

Wendell had been expecting some sort of objection. It was proper for the monarch to dine publicly. But Thomas was an old time servant. He asked no questions.

He was able to eat his lunch in peace. Well in silence at least. The problems of his kingdom still troubled his mind. What could be done? He put his fork down and picked up a quill. After a moment of reflection, he wrote down the three major problems facing the 4th kingdom.

1. Overly Restrictive Laws

2. Lack of Security

3. Withering Diplomatic Relationships

"Well," he thought as he looked over his list, "only three big ones. That's not so bad,".

But the more he looked at them, the bigger those problems seemed. He sighed and pushed his half empty plate away. Suddenly he wasn't so hungry. Before he knew it Thomas was at the door.

"Sire, the Council is ready to reconvene whenever you are ready," he said in his perfectly proper voice.

"Yes of course. You may tell them that I will be in directly," he said.

Thomas left. Wendell stood to leave and realized that he had been slouched over the desk. He must not do that again. Kings did not slouch. He straightened himself up and walked in his kingliest manner into the Council room. He was determined that before this meeting was over, they would come up with some sort of plan. Even if that meant staying there all night.